Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Good government advocate Kurt Gardiner announces application for Sewerage Authority seat

Long Time Hoboken Reformer Kurt Gardiner applies for the
North Hudson Sewerage Authority Seat Expiring February 2016

From the desk of NHSA candidate Kurt Gardiner:

Dear Hoboken City Council members and Hoboken residents:

I have submitted my application for the North Hudson Sewerage Authority as a Commissioner for a vacancy on the board that comes up next month. For over 10 years I have been active in Hoboken political and civic affairs. I have served as a member on People For a Open Government in support of pay to play reform, Hoboken Revolt a tax watchdog group, ran a good government pro reform website called the Hoboken Journal actively until 2011 on local  issues and participated in numerous public meetings including Sewerage Board, City Council, School Board, Hospital Authority and many others over the years. I also ran for Freeholder in 2011 to give voters a choice and highlight the County taxation issues that find Hoboken getting the short end of the stick.

As a dedicated reformer and good government advocate for many years I have a skill set that I know can contribute to the sewerage board's continued progress. With an extensive background in project management, budgeted for multimillion dollar projects, I am familiar with procurement processes given my Enterprise Resource Planning experience, and a passion for policy as it pertains to infrastructure improvement such as traffic management  and flood abatement to name a few. For those reasons I am a strong candidate to serve on the board. I believe that this vacancy should go to a supporter of good government and to someone who is willing to communicate effectively with the public and current administration and I posses the desire and capabilities to do so. It is time Hoboken capitalized on the political capital that the good government movement has earned fairly at the ballot box and bring some fresh ideas to the board to address sewage issues comprehensibly, cooperatively and openly.

For those reasons I am asking support from the City Council for this upcoming appointment to the North Hudson Sewerage Authority as Commissioner. If any member of the City Council, public, or press has any questions you can reach me at

Frank "Pupie" Raia (r) is the decades long occupant of a Hoboken commissioner seat on the North Hudson Sewerage Authority. He withdrew from the third ward City Council race last November allowing Councilman Michael Russo to run uncontested due to what he called health issues. Raia's health is said to have miraculously returned in time for him to seek more years on the NHSA where he alone receives taxpayer paid health benefits.

Is a Hoboken board seat a lifetime entitlement backed by good government "diversity?"

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In November 2013, MSV exclusively reported on an alleged vote payment operation a day after the election outside a Raia office on Jefferson street.

Grafix Avenger weighs in with instant analysis on the critical upcoming vote on the Hoboken City Council possibly next week and addresses more elephants in the room and why the legislative body should come out strong and vote for Kurt Gardiner: