Monday, March 28, 2016

Ping! POW! the FBI is back in action at MSV with love for the Mile Square City

It's the love that keeps bringing them back. Or is it the corruption?

The FBI missed Hoboken over the Easter holidays if their visits to MSV today are any indication.

The boys of summer and our newest friends from the US Attorney's Office, the Southern District of New York have been pinging up a storm visiting MSV dozens of times today alone.

Das Feds are enjoying many of the related articles, the beloved Grist for the Mill edition: Carmelo Garcia in hiding as federal heat stirs merely one among others.

Grafix Avenger celebrated her fondness for the Boys of Summer with a special Easter visit edition:

In its March 9th release, the US Southern District of NY offered contact information if you believe you were a victim of this car loan crime ring and are entitled to payment as a result.

If you wish to provide information to law enforcement as a victim or witness who hasn't provided all the complete information on the alleged bank and wire fraud please contact the Victim/Witness Unit at the US Attorney's Office at:

(866) 874-8900.

Talking Ed Note: MSV interviewed our law enforcement friends across the Hudson and will be doing a special premium release this week. You won't want to miss it.

Stay tuned.

Councilman Ravi Bhalla: Water Mains and Budget update

From the desk of City Councilman Ravi Bhalla:

Dear Friends and Neighbors – 

Here are a few updates on what’s going on in Hoboken City Government and some fun happenings around the city as Spring is finally here!
Mark Your Calendars: Arts & Music Festival and More
music festival

The Hoboken Arts and Music Festival will be held on May 1 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. I will be sponsoring a table to meet with constituents and register new voters. I find this day to be a great opportunity to meet new people and hear any concerns our residents have about Hoboken. Please make sure to stop by and say hello!
I want to call your attention to the newly formed Hoboken Democratic Social Club, which was initiated by Dana Wefer, who also serves as Chair of the Hoboken Housing Authority. The Club is free to join and serves as a great way to meet other like-minded individuals in our community.  I encourage you to join the group on Facebook by clicking here and coming out to future events!
With the warm weather on its way, the City began the registration process for outdoor activities and classes. These include sunrise yoga classes, family yoga, zumba, and more. Click here to learn more or sign up. 
Update on Water Main System
As you may be aware, the City and Suez Water have been dealing with more water main breaks. I can assure you that the City is working to find a solution to the lack of significant infrastructure improvement to our water system, which is over 100 years old. The City is financing upgrades to the system, preparing to re-bid the contract to maintain and operate the water distribution system, and renegotiating the current contract.
Please click here to read important information from the City that will hopefully answer some questions you may have.
Budget Update
This year’s municipal budget was presented to the City Council for introduction at our last meeting, and includes a slight increase in municipal taxes, largely due to increases in health insurance premiums for city employees.  Between now and April 11, the City Council is holding budget workshops, which members of the public are invited to attend, to learn more about the budget and consider amendments to the budget as introduced. On April 20 at 7 p.m., you are invited to speak on the budget during a public hearing at City Hall.
I’ll always be working hard for you and I hope you’ll reach out to me by e-mailing me at if you have any concerns! Feel free to follow along on my Facebook for more community news and updates.
Councilman Ravinder S. Bhalla