Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Ethical Empire Strikes Back - Carmelo Garcia gets sued by the HHA!


The Ethical Empire Strikes Back....

and Mr. Carmelo takes it 
right in the kisser!

In this, Episode IV, the Hoboken Housing Authority has struck back!

Finally, someone has acted to show in kind the karma due for suing the agency he dragged down into the dirt.

The HHA which never approved millions in payments to vendors Carmelo Garcia took back room donations in the thousands of dollars from is finally hitting back.

More on all this come!

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Talking Ed Note: Legal Beagles are already saying the shameless Mister Carmelo will now come begging on his knees asking the agency he crippled to pay for his lawyer.

He's getting sued!

Carmelo Garcia: If you fail, sue again, and again and yes again!


Carmelo Garcia, the controversial and former Executive Director of the Hoboken Housing Authority is suing the mayor, the City of Hoboken and the agency that terminated what he apparently believes is a lifetime contract.

Known by many as "the ethic cleanser" for his original 2013 notorious ethnic cleanser lawsuit thrown out of court by the Hon. Judge Lawrence Maron soon after in Hudson Superior Court, Mister Carmelo's back for round three.

He's backkkkkk! Carmelo Garcia (l) is back suing yet again with version three of his infamous "ethnic cleansing" lawusit. The first thrown out in 2013 saw mostly a repeat the second time and now he's back for Round III.

MIA since his former Chief of Staff in the NJ Assembly Chris Campos was arrested for bank and wire fraud last March, Garcia added three more ethic cleansing victims from the Hoboken Housing Authority.

The three added names are James Sanford, David Dening and Judy Burrell. The latter completed her term of service.

Mister Carmelo has thrown in a RICO conspiracy claim to his long list of political accusations (with no evidence per usual).

Louis Zayas once again is the person seeking to squeeze Hoboken and the HHA federal taxpayers for what can be squeezed.

But will the lemon see a grip squeezing too?

Stay tuned!

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Mr. Carmelo may want to sleep with one eye open. Apparently, he's about to get it back - right in the kisser.

There's more to come!  

Where is the FBI!

Sign of the Times: Hudson County Das Bus

Here's a view of the Hudson County bus featuring some advertising as it cruised into Hoboken yesterday. Apparently, HudCo figured it was a good way to add to the revenue stream.

Should Hoboken do likewise on its Hop Bus system?

Some hate advertising and fear the roving spectacle but others are more critical and hate the garish sidewalk paint slippery when wet by sewer grates.

Decisions, decisions...