Thursday, July 7, 2016

7th and Jackson project passes City Council 7-2 (video report)

The following report comes courtesy of Jeannette Josue at the Hudson County View:

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Mayor Zimmer's statement on the 7th and Jackson project

Office of the Mayor announces:


Last night, the Hoboken City Council voted 7-2 in favor of a series of resolutions and ordinances to authorize the redevelopment agreement for the 7th and Jackson project, which includes the community benefits of a new two acre park, public gymnasium, affordable housing, and flood resiliency measures.

"I am thrilled the City Council voted 7-2 to approve the 7th and Jackson project that will add over two acres of open space, construct a much needed new public gymnasium, add 42 units of affordable housing and improve our flood resiliency," said Mayor Dawn Zimmer.  "Thanks to the excellent teamwork of my Administration led by Director Forbes working with the subcommittee members including Councilman Mello, Councilman Doyle, Councilman Russo, and Councilman DeFusco, we have achieved these tremendous community benefits for Hoboken.  This means in addition to the new Southwest Park, Hoboken will see a new two-acre park and gym in about 18-24 months after final approvals.  I am proud that the new gym and park will be constructed first before any other aspects of the project, and for the very first time in Hoboken’s history that I, together with the City Council, have committed to an equitable share of the PILOT proceeds with the Hoboken School District.  Thanks very much to the community members for providing their input and expressing support for this important project."  

FBI Director James Comey appears before Congress on decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton

Appearing live on C-SPAN 3, this is a congressional hearing with FBI Director James Comey on the decision to not prosecute Hillary Clinton for her gross negligence circulating government classified-top secret emails on her private server.


Talking Ed Note: Yeah, this and the Clinton Foundation is in the wings.