Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Freeholder Stick Romano fundraiser strictly a HudCo affair

Reform websites proven correct as NJ Senator Cory Booker will not attend Romano fundraiser 

The fundraiser set for Freeholder Anthony "Stick"Romano next month lost its star power appeal when the previously announced headliner, NJ Senator Cory Booker disappeared off the speaker list.

Romano is potentially slated to run for mayor next year against Mayor Dawn Zimmer as the Old Guard candidate although some voices suggest the Hoboken Board of Education election results will be determinative to that decision.

Previously, Romano had announced the NJ Senator as attending and saw a number of people listed who would be attending including Parents United BoE candidate Jessica Nelson.

The replacements for Senator Booker include the Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise and State Senator and Bergen mayor Nick Sacco.

It's unclear how the revised headliners will do generating Hobokenites attending but would it be unkind to say the thrill is gone? Well, perhaps not for Jessica Nelson.

The revised November fundraiser for Stick Romano
sees NJ Senator Cory Booker removed as the special guest speaker.

The embarrassment for Romano began almost as soon as the original event was announced when Grafix Avenger said it would never happen as word filtered out publicizing Senator Booker's appearance.

MSV had reached out to politicos on both sides who quickly confirmed the popular NJ Senator's appearance was a no go as Romano himself backpedalled last Thursday night saying of Booker's appearing at his fundraiser, "that's what I've been told."

Mayor Zimmer counted Senator Booker among those in her corner in recent years and saw him headline an event for her downtown back in 2010. When word got out Freeholder Romano was touting Booker star power for himself, the phone lines began burning down the house.

As Romano is trying to mobilize a victory for the Board of Education Parents United Ticket next month, his momentum is harmed by this fiasco.

Could it become the first fatal blow in the unannounced 2017 mayoral campaign? First, there's the newly minted and some say "thugged out" BoE race to decide. Word is the thugs are mounting quite the Vote by Mail sausage factory across town in the usual locales.

As for the several dozen who ponied up the loot to attend Stick Romano's fundraiser with NJ Senator Booker, the questions are being raised, "How do I get a refund?"

The NJ Gambling Gambit

From the desk of Trenton's Bad Bet committee:

Concerned About Unemployment & Economic Impact To New Jersey, Betty Lewis Joins Casino Expansion Opposition 

Newark, NJ – Today, Betty Lewis, the Atlantic City Chapter President for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), spoke out against casino gaming expansion in New Jersey by endorsing Trenton’s Bad Bet. A longtime leader in South Jersey’s African-American community, Lewis voiced her concern that new casinos would lead to unemployment and economic loss for the state.

“I stand with the thousands of residents across the state in opposing Question One and protecting New Jersey taxpayers,” said Lewis. “We know gaming expansion in North Jersey would lead to increased unemployment, the loss of billions in economic activity and leave taxpayers responsible when these projects fail.”

The referendum to expand casino gaming into North Jersey will be the first question voters are asked to consider on the November 8 ballot. Lewis’ endorsement is another in a long line of influential New Jersey residents, activists, community leaders, unions and associations committed to seeing the referendum defeated.

Lewis continued, “I support the businesses, unions and community groups across the state dedicated to defeating Question One on Election Day.”

For more information about the Trenton’s Bad Bet, or to follow the group’s social channels, make donations, and find other opportunities to get involved, visit the group’s web site:
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About Trenton’s Bad Bet:
Trenton’s Bad Bet is a diverse collection of concerned New Jersey community leaders, unions, businesses and residents that will work to oppose the New Jersey Casino Referendum that seeks to expand gaming into North Jersey.