Thursday, December 22, 2016


City of Hoboken announces:


To encourage local shopping this holiday season, the City of Hoboken is offering up to 4 hours of free garage parking in municipal garages B (28 2nd St), D (215 Hudson St), and Midtown (371 4th St) from December 22nd through December 25th and on Saturday, December 31st and Sunday, January 1st for visitors who come to Hoboken to shop or dine. Parking meters are free on Sundays.

“Skip the mall and shop local this year,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “It’s easy to get to Hoboken by public transportation, and if you’re driving, we are offering free parking in our garages for holiday shoppers in addition to three convenient valet parking locations.”

To receive up to 4 hours of free garage parking, visitors must present to the parking attendant receipts totaling at least $25 on food and/or retail purchases from any Hoboken business(es) that same day. Any time beyond 4 hours will be charged at the regular rate.

As another convenient parking option, valet parking is available year-round for a flat rate of $15 on Fridays (5pm-3am), Saturdays (11am-3am), and Sundays (11am-8pm) at three locations: 1) River Street & Newark Street, 2) 3rd Street & Washington Street, and 3) 5th Street & Sinatra Drive.

Additional parking information for visitors is available at

Mayor Zimmer: 'Six acres officially ours'

Hi MSV readers,

I'm incredibly proud to announce that Hoboken has officially acquired 6 acres of land in Northwest Hoboken to build the City's largest park!  My administration, together with the City Council, has worked tirelessly to complete this acquisition and I'm thrilled residents will soon have access to much needed park space.

Like the new parks currently under construction at 7th and Jackson and in the Southwest, the new Northwest Park will be designed to reduce the impact of localized flooding. The park will be built with an underground detention system that can capture up to 1 million gallons of rainwater. We are also partnering with North Hudson Sewerage Authority to separate out the sewer system around the new park which will also reduce the impact of heavy rain events. Additionally, a new parking garage will be built on one of the parcels of land adjacent to the park, which will be the first municipal parking garage in Western Hoboken.

Now that the land acquisition is complete, there will be a robust community process in place to determine the permanent park design and uses of the open space.  But, in the near future, I am committed to creating a temporary "pop-up park" so residents can have access to recreation activities and other amenities by the summer of 2017!  The City is conducting a community workshop where the potential uses of the temporary "pop-up" park will be discussed on January 19 at 7:00 pm at the Jubilee Center (601 Jackson Street).

I hope you'll join me at this meeting to celebrate this important milestone for our City and also to provide your ideas for Hoboken's new park!

Dawn Zimmer