Thursday, May 25, 2017

City Council votes to move Southwest Park land acquisition ahead

In a unanimous vote, the Hoboken City Council approved the appraisal proposed toward an acquisition of land for an expanded Southwest Park last night.

The following video comes courtesy of John Heinis of the Hudson County View:

For the complete story, please see the Hudson County View:

Hoboken's 2017 Memorial Day Parade

Hoboken hosts the oldest Memorial Day Parade in the state of New Jersey now 119 years.
On this day, America honors all those who made the ultimate sacrifice defending our nation.

Below are some photos courtesy of the Jolly Green Giant.

Assembly of Hoboken Police on motorcycles lead the way

The pipes, the pipes are calling

Hoboken's finest, one of its current active duty firetrucks

Sign of the Times, "Big Red" classic fire truck

Grand Marshal of the parade Joe Mindak

Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano (r) and former NJ State Senator Bernard Kenny

BoE members from left Irene Sobolov, Sheillah Dallara and John Madigan

Council Members Mike DeFusco and Ruben Ramos

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mayor Zimmer: "Tax cut & infrastructure upgrades"

Mayor Dawn Zimmer announces:

Hi MSV readers,

In case you missed it, last week the City Council adopted our budget that includes a 1.25% municipal tax cut, the seventh year in a row we've held the line on taxes.

Thanks to our fiscally prudent decisions and AA+ credit rating, we've been on strong financial footing to make critical infrastructure upgrades to our City. These include:

Washington Street project: Our main commercial corridor will be revitalized with new modernized traffic signals and pedestrian counters, rain gardens, curb extensions, a repaved road and new water mains, replacing the century old mains. 

Water main upgrades: Over the next six years, we'll be investing substantially in upgrading our water main system. In addition to the $7 million for Washington Street and $5.2 million dedicated to other identified priority areas, we will be making more substantial investments in the years ahead.

Construction of three resiliency parks: Our two resiliency parks under construction in the Southwest and at 7th and Jackson are designed to reduce localized flooding with underground stormwater detention systems. Our park in Northwest Hoboken will be the City's largest park and designed with the capacity to store at least 1 million gallons of rain. A temporary pop-up park will open this summer at the Northwest Park while the planning process gets underway for the permanent park.

Flood resiliency pumps: Our new H-5 flood pump, combined with our H-1 flood pump have prevented flooding in 5 of 6 rain storms this year that would have previously resulted in flooding.  Together, the H-1 and H-5 flood pumps can pump out 3.75 million gallons of rain an hour from our streets.  

Finally, thanks to our responsible budget practices and strong credit rating, we've financed these green infrastructure projects by qualifying for low interest loans with principal forgiveness through the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust, saving Hoboken taxpayers over $20 million.

I look forward to touching base again soon!

Dawn Zimmer

Constitutional Criminality

The Fourth Amendment protecting the rights of Americans from improper search and seizure took it on the chin. Again.

New revelations show Americans were subjected to domestic spying in recent years breaking clear protocols set per law.

How was the domestic spying triggered? All an American needed to do was mention a foreign leader and the doors to their life were subject to being opened, re: illicit domestic spying.

The American Civil Liberties Union took notice finally and commented in this breaking story here:

From the article:

“NSA will no longer collect certain internet communications that merely mention a foreign intelligence target,” the agency said in the statement that was dated April 28 and placed on its Web site without capturing much media or congressional attention.

The inspector general also found noncompliance between 0.7 percent and 1.4 percent of the time involving NSA activities in which there was a court order to target an American for spying  but the rules were still not followed.

The FISA Court legal findings after the revelations were admitted in late October before the November election:

Talking Ed Note: Massive criminality against the US Constitution and the American people.
Questions? Who needs the dots connected?

This breaking story is highlighted as it will be not given the attention due by the Fake News.
In Hoboken, MSV highlighted instances of illegal search and seizure against a local resident in the story featured atop the homepage: Saga of Jessica Coco. MSV turned over bonafide electronic evidence to authorities. No arrests were ever made.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

State of the Hoboken mayoral race: Mike DeFusco's entry better late than never

There's elections all around Hudson County this year. If you call almost all of the unopposed candidate elections celebrations you'd have more in common with the typical Soviet model where 99% of the vote went to the slate of approved candidates.

It's not quite 99% in Hudson County. For most of the designated HudCo winners, tallies will be in the ballpark of 85%. They judge winning by how much higher the percentage of dwindling voters showing up for the one party farce are nailed down.

So come November, much attention will be on Hoboken as one mayoral race in Hudson County will at least be a contested election. Councilman Mike DeFusco finally pulled the trigger getting in an announcement he's running for Hoboken mayor before the Memorial Day holiday weekend and the unofficial start of summer.

Mayoral candidate DeFusco got the announcement in under the wire but sans a three person council at-large slate. He's running stark naked for the moment and can't lay claim to any additional support a slate of candidates would bring.

Councilman Mike DeFusco is trying a Reform Lite platform but
will this peel off Zimmer votes sufficient to win in November?

The plan didn't start out this way. Councilman DeFusco backed into the race without a slate as efforts seen in his Reform-Lite video indicates where he'd like to take the campaign. It's been designated as an Alt-Reform ticket. Finding people to join the concept however has been harder than originally thought.

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Monday, May 22, 2017


Councilman Mike DeFusco announced he's a candidate for Hoboken mayor just earlier:

Councilman DeFusco's new website:

Talking Ed Note: All the months of speculation are put to rest and now it's fairly certain a race for mayor will square off with major candidates.

Councilman Mike DeFusco raises some questions here in his first term as councilman but some in this polished video announcement where he appears solo with no council at-large slate is what's most notable.

For the moment, that's the big takeaway behind Councilman Mike DeFusco's announcement.

Related: For more on this breaking story, see the breaking coverage at The Hudson County View.

HudCo hits Hoboken with 6% tax increase

It's that time of year when Hudson County, the reigning champion of your Hoboken tax bill bequeaths you with their latest increase.

For Hoboken taxpayers anticipating the hit, Hudson County predicts it will be 6% for Mile Square taxpayers this year.

Among the three portions of the bill, HudCo took top honors surpassing both the municipal (City) and schools two years ago. It's not letting go of the top taxing position.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer announced a tax cut of about 1% showing over seven years an effort to keep the tax bill bite for Hoboken residents down - unheard of in the land of HudCo.

Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise broke the news writing:

Under the proposed budget, Jersey City residents would see the largest county tax increase, up roughly 9 percent from last year. West New York, Weehawken, and Hoboken could see about a 6 percent hike. East Newark would see about a 3 percent jump, and North Bergen would see just over a 1 percent increase.

For the first time in memory the Hudson County budget is not increasing but seeing an actual $2 million decrease but the tax levy will increase 4.2%. The total Hudson County budget is anticipated in the ballpark of $538 million when it sees a final vote of the County Board of Freeholders.

Talking Ed Note: If you thought this might be tied to an election year, you wouldn't be wrong. HudCo has its mostly unopposed slate of candidates up for re-election this year. Most of the unopposed candidates will be all but confirmed in the upcoming June 6th primary.

The November general election will similarly see token opposition.

It's great to live in a democracy. Do we need elections anymore? We can have our overlords decide everything for us locally and and nationally. They're shown they're motivated to do it whether we like it or not. 

Mayor Zimmer on Southwest Park expansion purchase

Mayor Dawn Zimmer announces:

Hi MSV readers,

I am writing to let you know that the City is moving forward to buy the second parcel of land (Block 10 as shown in this map) to expand the Southwest Park at a special meeting next Wednesday, May 24th at 7:30 pm after the Memorial Day parade.

At the special meeting next Wednesday the City Council will be asked to authorize the City's appraisal, so the City can then make an updated offer on Block 10.

The City is also introducing a redevelopment plan that would require further expansion of the Southwest Park if and when the development in that subarea of the plan is built.

The plan envisions a vibrant neighborhood with retail amenities including more restaurants.  Given the traffic concerns, the permitted residential density is limited to the lowest density possible while still allowing the plan to be feasible.

Your voices were crucial in persuading the Council to support the acquisition authorization for an expanded park.  It is important that you continue to make your voices heard loud and clear on May 24th and again at the hearing on June 7th.

For more information on the park and redevelopment plan, please click here. Additionally, please click here for more information on our Southwest Traffic Circulation Plan, which will help reduce traffic delays and improve pedestrian safety in the area.


Councilman Bhalla: Update on Vape Van

Councilman Ravi Bhalla announces:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I write to provide you an update on the community response to the troubling hate incident involving the proprietor of the Vape Van.

I am happy to report that over 250 residents, schools and businesses have requested "We Welcome Everybody" decals. I have been able to mail a decal to each person or business who has requested one. I am not surprised that our community is coming together to reaffirm its values.  If you would like me to send you a free decal, please email me at

I am also pleased to report that this past Wednesday the city came to an agreement with the Vape Van's proprietor to help him become a better business owner and a better citizen. He has agreed to take a minimum of 10 anger management and diversity classes immediately. He has also voluntarily agreed not to operate his business for approximately one month or until the completion of his anger management and diversity training.  Thereafter, he may operate his business and source of his livelihood. I view this resolution as a positive means of addressing this matter that moves towards making both our community and the individuals involved better.

I hope we can all keep working together to continue Hoboken’s growth as a vibrant, diverse and welcoming community.

Thank you again,

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Ines Garcia Keim in bizarre rant must resign for false and defamatory criminal accusations

Democratic Committee official Ines Garcia Keim makes false and defamatory 
criminal accusations against MSV; claims of stalking and bullying 

The feature here includes MSV analysis/opinion on issues of public concern in Hoboken with the upcoming Democratic committee election races set for June 6th between Mayor Zimmer's Line E & The Russo Clan with Ines Garcia Keim on Line F.

Ines Garcia Keim (r) is the attempted shield for former councilwoman Beth Mason (c) in this 2012 photo during the Sandy emergency after  repeated assaults on this editor in broad daylight on Washington Street

The remnants of the loathsome Beth Mason crew are lingering in Hoboken like reruns of the Walking Dead. Since 2009, Mayor Dawn Zimmer has pushed Hoboken ahead through some of the foulest political operations seen in Hudson County history after defeating Beth Mason's 2009 mayoral runs. Mason's numerous political operatives with her never say die well-funded political operations against Hoboken, its residents and good governance slog zombie-like to the present.

The Hoboken public, victims of Masonista underhanded politics survived an attempt to subvert the 2011 Hoboken University Medical Center sale thereby bankrupting the City of Hoboken. Later the Hoboken public would learn of additional dangers when emails obtained in the Masonista backed frivolous lawsuit exposed their registrations on Hoboken411 handed out like candy to Mason political operatives.

Enter, the last of the Masonista zombie rejects and what some second ward residents say was a plan to see Beth Mason hand down her ward council seat after the latter's climb to power. Beth Mason's political career however spiraled down the toilet when the frivolous lawsuit against Hoboken residents led to sanctions issued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars pulverizing her political operatives (in Bajardi v Pincus) in the process and followed with Mason herself slinking away out of the public eye in shame.  The hoped hand off never happened to the everlasting bitterness of her long time lackey, Ines Garcia Keim.

On Thursday, Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher's Facebook page saluted an up and coming Hoboken filmmaker, Frank Gigante's film, "Breaking the Silence" about the rise of bullying and the dire impact on youth.

Ines Garcia Keim arrived whining about the illumination of her political activities in Hoboken in what she alleges is bullying. Keim, who seeks re-election to the Hoboken Democratic Committee next month complained the councilwoman voiced support for this website and in turn pointed to the almost five year frivolous litigation publicly supported by Beth Mason against this editor. Keim wrote:

"You are soliciting funds for the legal defense 
of one of the biggest bullies in Hoboken."

- Ines Garcia Keim attacking this MSV editor in support of 
the five year frivolous lawsuit of Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi 
publicly supported by Beth Mason

Tiffanie Fisher who succeeded Beth Mason with her decisive 2015 election noted this editor among others are victims of a years long frivolous litigation in an earlier Facebook post. The councilwoman pointed to becoming a council candidate in part after becoming a MSV reader replying, "I see his site (MSV) as just one of many public sites that provide information about our community..."

Ines Garcia Keim lashed out responding with criminal accusations:

How does an elected official not understand the basics on public vs private persons and valid public issues of concern?

It's one thing to be utterly clueless as an elected official unable to distinguish the difference between public issues, public people and private citizens but accusing someone of a crime; in this instance stalking and bullying, is a false and defamatory accusation and completely unacceptable.

Ines Garcia Keim didn't stop there. She called the the First Amendment and the protections of political speech under the NJ Constitution a mere "guise." For good measure, Keim further called long range photos taken for use in potential news stories "bullying at the very least." 

Of course as one former head of the People for Open Government pushed back writing in an email of Hoboken411 where iron-fisted censorship is the norm, "that's where Lane fries his eggs." There's never been any lamenting of the actual bullying there by Keim and her fellow Masonistas who were silent to the bullying and censorship where victims were prevented from replying.

As an elected official of the Hoboken Democratic Committee, even if it's an election Keim can only win running unopposed as she is set to do next month after Beth Mason's lawyer, Steve Kleinman  knocked off the ballot her opposition, Sheillah and Aaron Dallara in court for a late filing is one thing.

However, accusing this editor in a false light with a defamatory accusation of criminality by Keim, a failed City Council and Freeholder candidate, that's quite another.

When pathological lying becomes a family affair

It didn't end there. The Facebook comment thread would see over 70 comments with appearances by John Keim, Paul Keim, Grafix Avenger, Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher and eventually MSV.

John Keim weighed in to offer a fabricated defense of his fellow Masonista's frivolous litigation against numerous Hoboken residents writing:

Well what's one more lie when you're urinating all over the First Amendment to support your frivolous litigant friends repeating the canard of "threats to their child" and calling the easily debunked fabrication "bullying?"

For the political lunatic fringe in Hoboken, repeating a lie crushed in court by Hudson Superior Court Judge Patrick J. Arre who issued sanctions of more than $276,000 against Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi for their frivolous litigation didn't get through their zombie skulls. 

This editor highlighted the hoax of bullying a child responding with simple fact:

To the vapid lie John Keim offered of a threat to a kid, an offering on real world bullying is illustrated in multiple years of abuse of the courts against almost a dozen Hoboken residents oppressed with a very tangible and bullying frivolous litigation filed in July 2012.

More facts about the Masonista backed SLAPP-suit attempting to destroy the First Amendment in Hoboken followed:

John Keim and Ines Garcia Keim get a response to their Facebook lies and about their friends, Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi publicly backed by former councilwoman Beth Mason in the SLAPP-suit against
Hoboken residents

Political operation photographing City Council President Jen Giattino's home after Hurricane Sandy witnessed

MSV has previously raised the question on Facebook to John and Ines Keim about the political operation where they were allegedly observed taking photos of the flood damaged home under repair of Council President Jen Giattino after Hurricane Sandy.

What political operation do you think the Masonistas had in mind? Hint: swiping a council seat using the courts.

Grafix Avenger showed up to emphasize the question on the political operative behavior against the Giattino family home vacated for repairs after Hurricane Sandy. She'd seen enough of the rank hypocrisy of lies and unloaded writing:

This immediately followed with Ines and John Keim heading for the hills as no answer was forthcoming. For good measure, Grafix Avenger pointed out the lack of response with additional background on the political doings in Hoboken of Ines and John Keim re: the suspect activities hosting the continuing political committee, "Friends of Beth Mason."

Shadowy PAC "Real Democrats for Hoboken" and theft of MSV's copyrighted photograph

There's other problematic political activities more recent. In 2015, the illegal use of a copyrighted photo of Council President Jen Giattino from this website by the "Real Democrats for Hoboken" a PAC hosted at the address of.... wait for it... 

Ines and John Keim.

The use of the Jen Giattino photo seen below without authorization (or compensation) was part of a slimy series of fabrications in mailers against the City Council President in a last ditch bid to aid and abet one of the most noxious political pariahs in Hoboken: Carmelo Garcia.

Which part of the commandment "Thy shall not steal" isn't clear?

At present, Carmelo Garcia is suing Hoboken taxpayers and the Hoboken Housing Authority in the third iteration of a lawsuit originally filed in 2013 many describe as frivolous. His suspect actions in the HHA as Executive Director are legendary and he's been countered with a lawsuit by that agency after seeing terminated the remainder of his contract in August 2013. The orchestrated political protests in the City Council chambers almost led to a full-scale riot, deemed in the video seen here, "The Fracas." 

This lying mailer, no. 4 in a last ditch effort to see the noxious Carmelo Garcia installed into a Hoboken council seat.
The photo of Jen Giattino was stolen from this website. Those behind that illicit action are seen in
the PAC"Real Democrats for Hoboken."
 Real Hoboken Democrats are cringing.

Epilogue: The Masonista Lunatic Fringe Regurgitates Its Pathology of Lying

If you think any answers are forthcoming to any of these facts, you're not familiar with the epic narcissism among the last of the Masonistas. After the factual responses to the phony bullying and criminal accusations, Ines Garcia Keim retreated to her Facebook page to honor herself again alleging she had been "bullied."

You can't make up this kind of lunacy up on the very same day:

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher however saw the comment and decided a little truth serum would follow Keim back to her Facebook page writing:

Ines Garcia Keim needs to resign not run for re-election unopposed for a seat on the Hoboken Democratic Committee. 

Her presence on the Hoboken Quality of Life Committee and Fund for a Better Waterfront is nothing short of a disgrace and a black mark on both those organizations.

Ines Garcia Keim's presence on the Fund for a Better Waterfront is a reason some adamantly refuse to financially support that organization. Who can blame them?

Ines Garcia Keim needs to publicly apologize, issue a retraction for her false and defamatory accusations and resign from the Hoboken Democratic committee.

Any organization with any self-respect wouldn't have as a member someone who betrayed them to the Hoboken political lunatic fringe as seen in the Bench SLAPPed SeriesHoboken Quality of Life Coalition betrayed.

The hilarity of the betrayal of QLC board members ends with Ines Garcia Keim sending their group's private email exchange to the Masonista loons where she calls her colleagues there "a bunch of Kool-Aid drinkers" for Mayor Zimmer. 

Believe it or not, Ines Garcia Keim concludes the email claiming her standards are "too high."

Talking Ed Note: On June 6th, registered voters in Hoboken will go vote in their respective primaries. 

Mayor Dawn Zimmer's Democratic Committee will appear on Line E while the Russo Clan opposition will appear with Ines Garcia Keim on Line F

Please act accordingly.

Related: There's no censorship on MSV and in 2010 John Keim submitted a guest piece published in its entirety. The article claimed Beth Mason and her family were victims of child stalking:

Friday, May 19, 2017

Gristy chewables: Defusco money men not "enamored"

It's time to walk the walk or go away. That's the endgame reached with the on again off again mayoral candidacy of Councilman Mike DeFusco.

Next week is the unheralded deadline and not all the people who ponied up the big bucks are necessarily thrilled with the prospect of his mayoral campaign going forward.

The money men however are reportedly stuck.

The financial interests behind a Councilman Mike DeFusco
mayoral run may not be feeling so lovey dovey after all.

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hoboken public speaks out on Vape Van and against First Amendment government overreach

Members of the public spoke out last night, some quite eloquently on the issue of the First Amendment and the ugly altercation over a parking spot involving the owner of the Vape Van.

Most did not want to see First Amendment rights infringed or connected to any action whatsoever with a revocation of the Vape Van's business license.

Among those speaking, Hoboken Housing Authority commissioner Dana Wefer and many other Hoboken residents including friends of Vape Van owner Joe Ruggiero.

This video comes courtesy of John Heinis at The Hudson County View

For the full story, please see The Hudson County View.

Talking Ed Note: Hoboken politico Perry Belfiore settled with the City of Hoboken after being thrown out as a public speaker during the public portion of a City Council meeting by the sitting Council President Ravi Bhalla back in October 2015.

Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

MSV predicted the eventual lawsuit after the early ejection reported in this story.

Hoboken Vaped as First Amendment concerns take center stage

The drama of the Vape Van and the verbal altercation between a Hoboken resident and a Hispanic delivery driver is over after the City Council approved a settlement agreement last night.

The agreement will allow the owner of the Vape Van to retain use of a Hoboken business license upon completion of an anger management and diversity class schedule.

Vape Van owner Joe Ruggiero

Some details emerging from the discussion came out about the incident and succeeding criminal disorderly person complaints have apparently been filed by both parties. The owner Joe Ruggiero appeared with his family and scores of friends many of them Hispanic. He said the mother of his two children is African-American and Puerto Rican and the comments were said in the heat of an altercation over a parking spot.

Not captured on the video where a Hispanic driver was seen being called "immy," is an allegation where Ruggiero claimed those inflammatory comments came after the driver called him and a friend "blanquitos pendejos," Spanish for "dumb white boys."

The outcome was more surprising not in the effort to retain the business license with the City of Hoboken but in the public reaction at the meeting and details surrounding the controversy when part of the street altercation was captured on video.

The Hoboken public who turned out to speak on the matter were First Amendment focused. Much of the comments not connected to the friends and family of Ruggiero however were displeased with both the remarks on the video and the public pronouncements by city officials. Residents felt the First Amendment issue of speech even offensive speech should not be connected to the business license.

Talking Ed Note: Political correctness took it on the chin last night. The settlement eliminated much of the glare over the altercation but the Hoboken public was clear where it stood. Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher proposed an amendment narrowing the settlement and resolution to the parties and eliminating reference direct and indirect on the issue of speech of the public.

Another story will follow on this today.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hudson County Young Republicans Chair: "In Defense of the Indefensible"

The anti-Vape Van crusade being pursued by Mayor Zimmer and councilmen Bhalla and Ramos is as indefensible as the bigoted language which prompted it. In a classic example of the big government game – “Let’s Make a Bad Situation Worse,” Zimmer and the councilmen are attempting to profit politically from the disgustingly bigoted language choices of a member of the Vape Van team in order to appear as defenders of the public good.

There is no moral excuse or reason for bigoted language. That most humans will occasionally engage in stereotyping, deploy what they falsely believe to a humorous double entendre, or use derogatory language about a presumed group identity or outwards feature of another is irrelevant to our societies desire to move past the language of irrational hate and fear.  Education is the key to fighting bigotry because it brings to light to the shared humanity, similar aspects, and history of different persecuted groups. Hounding hate by stomping down on it, for example, by revoking the permit of every business with an owner or employee who says hateful statements, pushes it into the dark where it may fester, can grow quietly and unnoticed, and eventually boil over into mass movements or bias crime.

The statements by the mayor and councilmen Bhalla and Ramos bring to the forefront many questions. By revoking a business permit because of the speech of an owner or employee, is our local government supporting the public good? Constitutionally, is not hate speech free speech? Can government really protect us from everything offensive in the world or even our town? Should it even try? How is the line drawn for what speech is considered so intolerable that it requires the shuttering of a business? Who draws this line and why?

As a conservative Republican, I don’t always agree with the ACLU, but when they defend the right to publicly state offensive beliefs and correctly argue that this protects the ability of everyone to proffer our own beliefs without worry that government thought police will come knocking or kill one’s business, I stand with them. As a Jew (and a normal human), I clearly dislike the West Boro Baptist Church and the KKK, but protecting their legal right to posit their warped hateful beliefs without government interference keeps the dam of civil liberties buttressed against government censorship and stops the persecution of all individuals and groups.

Unlike the seemingly homophobic recent text that Irene Sobolov, Hoboken School Board Trustee, sent to her fellow School Board Trustees and the Hoboken Superintendent, the Vape Van team member is not a public figure, nor elected leader who some believe should be held to a higher standard. In that case, a public figure supported by the Zimmerite political faction was essentially given a pass because of her factional affiliation - in this case a private business is under threat because of the hateful words of a private citizen. No one expects all business people to be the role models many expect the Board of Education Trustees (and other who deal with education) to be, yet neither Mayor Zimmer nor councilmen Bhalla or Ramos called for Sobolov’s resignation or even admonishment.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the Wednesday meeting of the City Council as a prior commitment to a local political dialogue group of Democrats and Republicans being held in Jersey City takes precedent, but it is my hope that the council will take a stand both against censorship and for the freedom of speech, even when the content of that speech is indefensible.

Joshua Einstein is the Chairman of the Hudson County Young Republicans, a member of the Hudson County Regional Jewish Council, and a candidate for New Jersey Republican State Committeeman.

MSV welcomes guest pieces of 1,000 words or less. Submissions should be sent to Please include contact details for verification purposes.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

DeFusco Downer

This gristy chewable will be drowned out in the wake of former FBI Director Comey's exit and the attempted drowning of a Seth Rich blockbuster with a federal investigator admitting 44,000 emails and over 17,000 attachments went from the DNC staffer to a UK based WikiLeaks contact.

There's no emails or email attachments for this grist but for the Mile Square City and those vainly awaiting news Councilman Mike DeFusco entering the mayoral race; it's a big downer.

Reform aligned folks speculate the Defusco poll didn't produce big smiles there as an earlier one connected to the mayor showed strong numbers in her third term re-election bid.

Word however from inside the DeFusco camp says their candidate is experiencing a real downer.

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Ransomware hits Windows 7

For those who are using the Windows 7 operating system, a plague of ransomware using tools recently stolen from the US government has struck globally with no small impact.

The name of the new malicious software is Ransom:Win32.WannaCrypt.

Tens of thousands of users have been afflicted globally with the ransomware and other are advised to take precautions to update protections to the present or risk seeing their computers commandeered and worse, the contents of their hard drive deleted.

For everyone else, it's probably a good time to back up your hard drive and include at least one off site copy as part of your regular maintenance.

For an automated removal, use:
Spyhunter Anti-Malware + Reghunter Registry Cleaner

For more on this personal cyber threat, see this story at The Intercept:

The speed of the ransomware's spread has been slowed by the efforts of a blogger as reported on The Guardian:

Users of Windows 7 are seeing their computers hijacked with a vicious ransomware seen above.
If no action is taken to make payment, the hard drive is deleted.

Talking Ed Note: On occasion MSV covers issues of national import. If this had been an actual cyber, Fourth Amendment or Deep State Constitutional coup threat, a bulletin will be published here courtesy of the Horsey Emergency Broadcasting System.

We now return you to the confines of the hysterical Deep State Corporate Media "news" coverage.
Be careful out there. There's a war for your mind.

Friday, May 12, 2017

And away we go....

On the agenda for next Wednesday's Hoboken City Council meeting:

To revoke or not to revoke; that is the question.

Prayers to the litigious gods

At least one lawyer is literally praying for the Hoboken City Council to act and revoke the business license of one Vape Van next week.

The City Council agenda will be out later today and the unfortunate mess is on the desk of the Hoboken Corporation Counsel Office.

It's really not fair to expect any legal beagle there to fix the muddle.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Vape Van criminal probe investigation underway


An investigation into the ugly street vendor verbal altercation last Saturday is underway and may lead to a criminal complaint filing as soon as the end of this week.

No arrests or charges have been filed to date and law enforcement is seeking additional facts after the Hoboken Police Department was called to the scene.

The status of the investigation could change by week's end as both parties involved in the verbal exchange decried as "hate speech" by several Hoboken officials are identified.

A reliable source familiar with the investigation's status said any determination on criminal conduct by any of the involved parties is not concluded.

Other independent sources point to the controversial almost two minute video and question its completeness. Some believe there is a far longer video of ten minutes capturing more of the verbal altercation than its conclusion.

The near two minute video captures the end portion with one man seen near the Vape Van yelling and cursing at another man to leave and repeatedly calling him "immi." The other man responds by giving him the finger.

Any law enforcement investigation would require a review of the entire dispute if available where two street vendors sparred over a parking spot on lower Washington Street.

The Vape Van owners reportedly have obtained legal representation in the hopes the Hoboken City Council will revoke its business license next week and then lob a First Amendment litigation at the City of Hoboken.

After the Saturday incident, Mayor Dawn Zimmer and council members Ravi Bhalla and Ruben Ramos lambasted one of the parties thought connected to the Vape Van. The mayor called on the City Council to revoke the Vape Van's business license at its meeting next week and council members Bhalla and Ramos announced they would co-sponsor a resolution seeking that outcome.

Legal analysts, civil libertarians and Hoboken residents responded contending any conclusive action by the City Council in light of a limited video of the altercation is a First Amendment litigation waiting to happen.

Other residents celebrated the government declarations and the promised resolution revoking the business license of the Vape Van.

Any criminal complaint filed prior to the City Council meeting may however spare the City of Hoboken from litigation costs freezing potential action on the Vape Van's business license.

Vape Van criminal conduct? An investigation underway may see a complaint
filed prior to next week's City Council meeting. 

Yesterday both local publications, MSV and Hmag joined others urging caution before the City of Hoboken finds itself in a prolonged and costly litigation. Yesterday Hmag joined MSV with an editorial, "Let Freedumb Vape - Do We really Want to Make THIS Guy The Hero Here???"

Law enforcement has a year to file any complaint with completion of its investigation.

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Councilman Ravi Bhalla hails "Business Against Bigotry" initiative

Councilman Ravi Bhalla announces:

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

I am sure many of you have heard about the disturbing incident this past weekend involving the owner of the Vape Van vendor truck.  The video has gone viral online.  In Hoboken, we know this behavior does not reflect the character of our community and the many small, local businesses that make Hoboken special. 

While the City Council will consider action at our next meeting, this incident also challenges us to assert our identity as a community.  To that end, small businesses in Hoboken are joining the nationwide “Business Against Bigotry” initiative to reaffirm Hoboken’s strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, and to treating all people with civility and respect.  I write to urge you to join in this campaign.

The initiative is easy: simply request the decal below by emailing me at, and I will send you the decal, free of charge, to display at your business, non-profit, church, school or home. Please feel free to forward this message to any friends or neighbors who would be interested in this initiative. 

I firmly believe that the most effective response to ignorance is education.  The most effective response to hate is love.  When presented with a challenge, we must come together and send a positive message that will ring throughout Hoboken and beyond.  Thank you for joining me in this journey.

Ravi S. Bhalla
City of Hoboken