Thursday, July 13, 2017

Joshua Einstein: 'Parking, flooding and local business'

Official release

Hoboken has a plethora of options for mayor, the partisans of which extol their virtues and never forget to mention the vices of the others. Yet underneath the cacophony that is the politics of personal destruction and aside from the previously closed-door battles in the (formerly united) Zimmerite organization, the public skirmishes between the DeFusco and Freeholder Ramano camps, and apart from the principled independent campaigns of community leader Karen Nason and bicycle supremacist Ronald Bautista, is the question voters are asking - is Hoboken on the right road?

Though many friends (including the editor of this site) in the Zimmerite camp celebrate Mayor Zimmer for helping bring Hoboken out of the dark ages of fiscal mismanagement and governance this question remains unanswered and ignored. Instead there is the de facto policy of stumbling through governance that has brought us a program of parking problems rather than solutions, flooding prevention measures that fails to prioritize the regular rain caused flooding, an antiquated POV on local business that has prevented the growth of eateries in neighborhoods across our Mile Square City, and more.

This is why I am running - because Hoboken deserves better. We deserve, and I will fight for a fair city government that understands every new business brought to our town means a lessened tax burn on our citizens and enriches our community. I will fight for more flood prevention pumps in the low-lying areas so that none in our city have to worry about coming home after a long day of work only to find a flooded car. I will fight for those who do not have the luxury of going car-free because they need to commute to the suburbs and those that know putting meters on residential blocks changes the character of our neighborhoods.

We have an amazing array of positive opportunities to make life in our Mile Square both more affordable and more enriching.  From allowing smaller buildings to add one to two levels for added rental stock to permitting the north west of town to become the mix of cultural spaces, restaurants, residences, and parking solutions it could be; from a proposal such as the shot down 2014 project that would have included a bowling alley and rock climbing gym to expanding the official business district from between Observer and 4th on Wash to all the way up Washington St., these are some of the answers to the substantive questions that many of the mayoral candidates have failed to yet answer and that I will pursue when elected to city council.

Joshua Einstein

Joshua Einstein is a member of the New Jersey Republican State Committee and the Hudson County Regional Jewish Council. He co-founded a Democrat-Republican Dialogue group which alternates meetings between Hoboken and Jersey City. He writes a regular column for a north Jersey community newspaper and has been published in over 14 sites and newspapers. He walks dogs in town and is an Executive Board member of the New Jersey State Young Republican Federation.