Saturday, September 16, 2017

BREAKING: Hoboken Candidate Poll Positions

Locations on the Hoboken Municipal Ballot in the 2017 non-partisan municipal elections were drawn at City Hall earlier today.

Here are the candidate appearances for the upcoming November 7th Election Day ballot.

For Hoboken Mayor:

Karen Nason

Ravi Bhalla

Mike DeFusco

Jen Giattino

Ron Bautista

Anthony Romano

For the Hoboken City Council (independent and slates):

Josh Einstein

Angelo Valente

Michael Flett, Andrew Impastato, Vanessa Falco

Dave Mello, Laini Hammond, Charles "Buddy" Matthews

John Allen, Jim Doyle, Emily Ball Jabbour

Jim Aibel, Jason Ellis, Sal Starace

The Ballot (lower half, mayoral candidates left, council candidates right):