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City Council President And Mayoral Candidate Jen Giattino Is Endorsed By Former Democratic Majority Leader of the New Jersey State Senate Bernard F. Kenny Jr.

Official release:

Council President Jen Giattino’s response to the news that longtime resident and former Democratic Majority leader of the New Jersey State Senate Bernard F. Kenny Jr. has endorsed her candidacy for Hoboken Mayor. 
“I am incredibly honored and grateful that Senator Bernie Kenny has chosen to support my run for Mayor.   His support over the years has been invaluable to me as a public servant.  As is Bernie’s way his comments are thoughtful and compelling. You can read them here.”

New video strikes at the heart of Ravi Bhalla's conflicted Suez contract heart


Hoboken's contentious mayoral election is red hot. If the trail isn't warm enough for you, there's this commercial looking production flying around town about Ravi Bhalla and the Suez water contract.  Although it's not clear where it originates, there's many opponents who would be so motivated.

Or perhaps a citizen's group is retaliating for Ravi Bhalla's pay to play PAC connections as seen on the Fox News channel commercials connected to the massive proposed NJ Transit development downtown.

Either way, there's more fur flying in the final week of a contentious Hoboken election.


Talking Ed Note: MSV believes it's the first to publish this commercial. If anyone sees this on TV, please alert Horsey @ smartyjones@me.com.
Traffic continues to see double-digit increases week to week meaning voters are tuning in.

Grist for the Mill: Why did Ravi Bhalla throw speakers out of a council meeting?

In October 2015, the last City Council meeting before the election saw then City Council President Ravi Bhalla throw out two well known Hoboken politicos

The first, Perry Belfiore is a long time Bhalla nemesis and DeFusco backer who is hunting Ravi Bhalla conflicts and filed an ethics complaint in 2010 about Bhalla sharing an office with another law practitioner.

The second, David Liebler was a backer of anti-Administration Old Guard candidates and supported the Vision 20/20 redevelopment proposed by the always controversial Carmelo Garcia.

According to a well placed source, the people thrown out of the meeting was decided in advance of the  City Council meeting. Earlier that day, a story appearing on PolitickerNJ recounting emails between the mayor's husband, Stan Grossbard and members of the Hoboken Housing Authority board.

The source, an eyewitness to the drama was astounded as others present by the rash action taken at the council meeting. Perry Belfiore referenced the PolitickerNJ story mentioning the mayor's husband and was promptly booted with the aid of the police. He would later file a lawsuit and settle with the City of Hoboken for an amount north of $50,000.

David Liebler also filed a lawsuit against the City of Hoboken and his civil lawsuit is pending. He was well along in his remarks with less than 20 seconds remaining when he got the boot for his late mention of the mayor's husband. He seemed unaware Belfiore had been kicked out earlier.

The eyewitness described the scene after the meeting where Ravi Bhalla was asked for an explanation. "The mayor called me up and said I should throw out anyone talking about Stan," Bhalla allegedly said. The thinking was the mayor's husband is a private citizen although legal opinions may vary on the matter. (He was featured in emails in the PolitickerNJ story earlier that day.)

While Mayor Zimmer did an enormous amount of good for Hoboken, she's made some mistakes along the way, the Washington Street "detonation" being the most visible of late. This protective move was probably a heated reaction to the leaking of documents to PolitickerNJ which wrote a story about the Carmelo Garcia "Ethnic Cleansing" lawsuit earlier the same day using emails obtained in the litigation.

More recently, Mayor Zimmer has been throwing darts below the belt at City Council President Jen Giattino. Her unfortunately timed letter attempted to denigrate Giattino on her not being "sure" projects would be completed, one being Rebuild by Design. The mayor's letter went out to Hoboken residents after the federal government released $230 million in funding for the project and Jen Giattino who backed the mayor every step of the way publicly extended congratulations to Mayor Zimmer and all involved.

Yikes! Another version of the letter emailed yesterday attempted to tone down the obvious inconsistency and the charged negative attack. Some contrast the two as part of residents' negative reaction with the political play as the mayor winds down her second term.

Mike DeFusco joins in the hyper partisan divide in Hoboken's non-partisan election

Councilman Mike DeFusco in a new mailer opted not to be left out of the hyper partisan sweepstakes in Hoboken's distinctly non-partisan election. He's been taking shots at his rivals Jen Giattino and Ravi Bhalla of late but this has the flavor of party partisanship the Bhalla campaign has sought to utilize or perhaps exploit would be the better term.

One photo shows Jen Giattino being sworn-in on July 1, 2011 as a caption notes praise for her by a chair of county Republicans. The other photo shows Councilman Ravi Bhalla with Mayor Zimmer and Governor Chris Christie and points to Bhalla considering an endorsement for Christie for Governor.

Another article had appeared on NJ.com where Bhalla weighed endorsing Gov. Christie for re-election leading into the 2013 election. At the time, Christie stood in a strong political position and many Democrats were happy to hug his coattails. The photo with Chris Christie is not the best.

Another photo of Councilman Ravi Bhalla with Chris Christie showed the two far more congenial back in April 2013 for a Hoboken event at the Boys & Girls Club sponsored by the NFL. The appearance by Governor Christie and the NFL saluted the floor rebuilt after flooding and a program advocating kids getting physically active.

The combination of the two led to something of a mosh pit for the media and public in attendance. At the time, Councilman Ravi Bhalla was gearing up for his second run for NJ Assembly, a position he sought in the 2011 election but lost to Ruben Ramos. Later Councilman Bhalla would rethink the second attempt against Carmelo Garcia and withdraw.

However, implicitly seeking any support from the then popular governor seemed a good political decision for advancement at the time. Today, with four major mayoral campaigns, divisive partisan pandering holding up Hoboken to a national light is seen as a good strategy. A week before election day, Bhalla's controversial negative attacks focused against Jen Giattino are more radioactive than uranium being shipped out of the US.

Hoboken will only need to wait a week to see how the selective politically poison pill of partisanship fares. For now here's a better picture from the 2013 event when Ravi Bhalla sought a picture with Governor Chris Christie.

Partisanship, what partisanship? A photo of Governor Chris Christie and Councilman Ravi Bhalla in 2013.
Bhalla was a second time Assembly candidate at the time who later withdrew from the race.

One last rare personal note. Many are coping with the Reform divide. You're not alone. However the truth shall set you free or if not, the calendar will in a week. Many of us are disappointed in how politics and power has been put up above all by some. The stakes are personally high with hundreds of thousands collected and being expended.

However, Reform principles have not changed. Transparency trounced, back room deals and flooding the zone with pay to play PAC interests should not prevail. Please act accordingly on November 7th. That's the best way for Hoboken citizens to be united.

Grist for the Mill is MSV's rumor column. Got a tasty carrot for Da Horsey? Send it to smartyjones@me.com. All email is kept confidential and is protected by Da Horsey's proven Reporter Privilege upheld under the NJ Shield Law in Hudson County Superior Court. In farm animals we trust.

Photo courtesy Jhnny Newman, MSV roaming at-large photographer. Copyright 2013-2017

Ravi Bhalla Unveils Infrastructure Improvement Plan

Official release:

Ravi Bhalla Unveils Infrastructure Improvement Plan
Councilman Ravi Bhalla, candidate for Mayor of Hoboken, today unveiled his Infrastructure Improvement Plan, together with his at large Council slate of Jim Doyle, Emily Jabbour and John Allen.  Bringing the City’s aging infrastructure into the 21st century is the single most important challenge facing Hoboken in the years to come, according to Bhalla.
Ravi Bhalla said,   “As Mayor, I will act to upgrade our aging infrastructure, fixing our water mains, roads, sewers and piers as well as providing regular maintenance.”
Among the other components of Bhalla’s Infrastructure Improvement Plan are completing Rebuild by Design, the comprehensive federally-funded flood prevention project, strengthening the electrical grid and pushing NJ Transit and the Port Authority for expanded bus and rail service as well as more affordable Ferry service.
Bhalla stated that he will develop a detailed 10 year infrastructure improvement and maintenance blueprint in the first 90 days of his term in order to ensure the most important improvements are prioritized and that the goals are accomplished cost-effectively.
The plan is provided below:

Sign of the Times: Former NJ Democratic Senate Majority Leader Bernard Kenny appears at Jen Giattino's final campaign event

Last night was the final campaign event for Team Giattino with one week before Hoboken's key mayoral and council at-large election. A surprise appearance among the dozens of revelers: the former NJ Democratic Senate Majority Leader Bernard Kenny.

The former NJ Democratic Senate Majority Leader Bernard Kenny joins the Hoboken mayoral candidate and City Council President Jen Giattino, BoE trustee Irene Sobolov and Hoboken reform activist Deirdre Wall at Wicked Wolf.

Monday, October 30, 2017

QLC Mayoral forum complete from Stevens

Here is last Wednesday's mayoral forum hosted by Stevens at the Debaun auditorium.

The mayoral forum is divided into two approximately one hour segments and features: Hoboken resident Ron Bautista, Councilman Mike DeFusco, Councilman Ravi Bhalla, City Council PresidentJen Giattino, Hoboken resident Karen Nason and Freeholder Anthony Romano.

The entire proceedings come courtesy of the Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition and is moderated by Bob Bowdon.

Ravi Bhalla pay to play NJ Transit connections erupt with weekend Fox News TV ads

The breaking Saturday exclusive where a shadowy PAC is running TV adds on the Fox News Channel urging voters to vote for Ravi Bhalla continues what looks like a daily run heading to next week's Hoboken mayoral election.

The ads fronted by a PAC called "Stronger Foundations Inc." is connected to a major union with strong ties promoting NJ Transit's efforts to develop its property in downtown Hoboken.

For years Hoboken residents have fought against a plan for large scale development at the NJ Transit site featuring towering skyscrapers proposed. NJ Transit had proposed a $1 billion Hoboken and Terminal Yard Redevelopment Plan with residential buildings as high as 45 stories a 70 story commercial tower. 

The proposal if implemented would destroy the character of Hoboken.

Ravi Bhalla Towers? A rendition of the NJ Transit proposed skyscrapers at Hoboken's Lackawanna Terminal.
Commercials for a PAC supporting Ravi Bhalla for mayor have appeared all weekend on the Fox News Channel.
Bhalla is a law partner with Florio Perrucci who features NJ Transit as a client.

NJ Transit is also a client of Florio Perrucci, the politically connected law firm raking in millions in NJ government contracts where Councilman Ravi Bhalla is a law partner.

Previously, concerns of conflicts of interests erupted when Councilman Bhalla was questioned about Florio Perucci's work for another client, Suez water. Bhalla would later recuse himself from participating in discussions about a controversial contract put up for consideration by Mayor Zimmer. The proposed contact saw no sponsor but would rollover a $8.35 million liability into a new decades long contract. 

The Bhalla campaign led by Ravi Bhalla and his council at-large slate of Jim Doyle, Emily Jabbour and John Allen support the proposed Suez water contract. The proposal did not receive a single sponsor on the City Council and has seen no action taken.

Ravi Bhalla's campaign was contacted over the weekend and asked about the PAC TV ads on Fox News its union connections and ties to NJ Transit but declined comment.

Related: The MSV Saturday Exclusive broke the story of the Fox News TV ads urging Ravi Bhalla be elected mayor by a PAC connected to a NJ union with close ties to NJ Transit and its plans for major downtown development in Hoboken:

Council candidate Joshua Einstein debuts video address

Official release:

Joshua Einstein, the independent candidate for Hoboken City Council launched another means of communicating with the voters today – a campaign video. Many campaigns have videos and Einstein’s makes good spirited fun of them by pointing out that they all take place out and about in town as if voters weren’t aware of where they lived. The video, which at a little over 3 minutes is concise and to the point, dives head on into the meat and potato issues facing Hoboken as well as the fact the Einstein has a written record of addressing said issues in depth and in print in numerous newspapers and websites.

In the video Einstein also pokes fun at some of the major mayoral campaigns for conducting never ending polling in order to identify the issues. On this Einstein stated “I believe that everyone running for mayor and the council candidates in their factions have the best intentions, but it is a bit funny that many of these campaigns are so insecure in their knowledge of Hoboken’s challenges that they have had to constantly do mass calls to residents to figure them out.” He continued, “you would think that after so many years living in our town or serving in local government they would have an idea of the issues the people care about.”

On these issues, Einstein highlighted the over-bonding that if continued will lead to tax increases, the sorry state of Hoboken’s roads, the destruction of Washington St, eminent domain abuse, the war on parking, and the high cost of living. To find out more about Hoboken’s independent candidate for City Council visit www.Einstein4Hoboken.com. On November 7, vote 1-I – Joshua Einstein!

Hoboken Proud BoE slate makes their case

Official release:

Election Day is fast approaching!  We have been actively campaigning at soccer fields, community festivals, schools and all around town talking to residents about our desire to give back to our community.  We are passionate that strong schools and a strong community go hand in hand.  As longtime residents and parents of children who attend district schools, we feel that the Hoboken Public School District has what it takes to be our communities' No. 1 choice.  We have included some information below on why we think you should vote 5-6-7 and what makes us Hoboken Proud!

Why Vote 5-6-7!
  • We have a combined 50 years of leadership experience in finance, accounting and internal auditing.
  • Our children all attend the Hoboken Public School District, so we know first-hand about the progress, innovative programs, great teachers and administrators. 
  • Our mission is to raise awareness of the great things happening across the district today and we will work with the administration on further enhancing education in Hoboken.
  • We believe that supporting Dr. Christine Johnson means supporting her with our words and our actions.  We will work constructively with the superintendent and the business administrator to build a fiscally responsible budget that will support district students, teachers, administrators, and facilities.  
  • Our commitment to the district speaks for itself.  Sharyn, serving on the board for the last three years, has displayed through her actions and voting record her wholehearted support for the students, teachers and administration of the district.  Chetali serving as PTO officer for the last three years and Melanie's active volunteerism in school PTO efforts and leadership over the fundraising committee for ad sales for K-12 theater program exemplify their dedication to Hoboken’s children in time and energy.  They both having been regularly attending the BOE meetings for the past three years.  They are eager to take their involvement to the next level.  
What does it mean to be “Hoboken Proud”?
  • We are passionate about our Hoboken Community and deeply committed to the town.  We are proud of the Hoboken District schools and all they have to offer our children
  • Our motivation to become board members is based on our own positive experiences in the district. Plain and simple. This is not a stepping stone to a future in politics, this is a stepping stone to making our district schools Hoboken’s No. 1 choice. 
  • Each of us attended public school for our own primary and secondary education.  We believe that strong public education is the backbone of our society and critical to the success of our community and country.  High-quality public education is the great equalizer, giving every child the opportunity to learn and succeed.
  • We appreciate all the diverse educational options that Hoboken offers to families and we respect parents’ decisions about the school that best meets their family's needs. Be it charter, parochial, private, or the Hoboken Public School District, each offers a unique approach and contributes to the vibrancy of Hoboken.      

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Anju Starace on Ravi Bhalla: 'Leaders unite they don't divide'

The following are excerpts of a letter appearing on Hudson County View from Anju Starace wife of council at-large candidate Sal Starace.

With each successive mailer from Ravi Bhalla I become a little sadder. It astonishes me that someone who shared the same experiences I have faced of being judged based on color would run this type of campaign.

Does he think so little of the voters of Hoboken that he believes this will help him get elected? Does he think so little of himself that he is willing to stir up hatred and divisiveness and partisanship just to advance his own ambitions?
Jen Giattino has been my dearest friend in Hoboken for more than a decade. She is godmother to my youngest daughter and our kids have grown up like siblings. The Jen I know unites people she doesn’t divide them.
Facebook photo of Sal and Anju Starace

For the entire letter, please see Hudson County View:

Midnight flyers appear slamming Mike DeFusco


It's not an official election in Hoboken until midnight flyers make their appearance.

Guess what, it's that time. Here's what's getting soggy out there on a Sunday, a little more than a week before the big dance and Hoboken goes to the polls to select a mayor.

Since there's rain in the forecast today, you may not get to see these gems under your windshield before mother nature takes its toll. Horsey delivers the exclusive goods here.

Here's the North Bergen connection to Uncle Nick Sacco (the mayor and State Senator in north Hudson County) and a list of characters infamous in local politics Joey Muniz, Perry Belfiore, Camelo Garcia, Frank "Pupie" Raia and Chris Campos among others. They're otherwise known on the street as being with Team DeFusco.

Friends, friends welcome to election season. Let's see who can fling the mud furtherest. Give it some time Ravi Bhalla is going to go for the record!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

The time for slumber is over

Hoboken Reform, are you woke?

We've seen this routine before.

Shadowy PAC appears advertising on Fox News for Ravi Bhalla


PAC ads for Ravi Bhalla
appeared on the Fox News
Sean Hannity show.

A shadowy entity, Stronger Foundations Inc. is flooding Hoboken's cable airwaves and prowling for votes this weekend.

Showing photos of Mayor Zimmer and Councilman Ravi Bhalla, the ads are being blasted over the airwaves on Fox News this weekend asking viewers to "Vote Bhalla for Mayor."

The  TV ads appeared on Fox News Channel through the overnight Saturday hours and on Friday evening in prime time on the Sean Hannity show.

Once again the flood of foreign monies invading the Mile Square City come through the shadowy PAC, "Stronger Foundations Inc." There's no real disclosure on the PAC as to its policy objectives however it's linked to the Union of Operating Engineers Local 825.

These are the kind of engineers closely involved with transportation. Can you guess which transportation entity is looking to get a foothold for massive development in downtown Hoboken?

NJ Transit

Councilman Ravi Bhalla is a law partner in the NJ connected firm with millions paid in state government contracts of Florio Perucci. Among his conflicts in Hoboken necessitating a recusal due to those business connections with Suez is another prominent law client:

NJ Transit

Here's how the related union depicts its relationship with NJ Transit. LCORE is the name of the entity acting on its behalf.

From their website, they tout the anticipated success of the LCOR Hoboken Redevelopment. The actual plan has not been finalized in Hoboken.

The next Hoboken mayor will likely decide the agreement affecting the entire town. Ravi Bhalla as a councilman is likely conflicted from acting on any city business with NJ Transit same as the required recusal from Suez Water. Should he win the election in November, he will resign from Florio Perucci and then maintain his political relationships unimpeded from the mayor's chair at City Hall.

Mayor Zmmer is featured in the ad on the Fox News Channel backing Ravi Bhalla. None of this happens in a void. Monies from outside Hoboken don't flow into the Mile Square because they "believe" in you.

A TV ad promoting Ravi Bhalla appears on Fox News funded by another
outside group, Stronger Foundations Inc.

For those who prefer diagrams, the Soprano State washes money via PACs as seen in this example:

Politically connected law firm > NJ Transit > NJ Union > Political Action Committee > Candidate

This flood of outside money by a PAC from outside Hoboken is not Reform. This is a principle of the late Reform Movement, relying on local grass roots support. Spin away cave dwellers, spin away.
The PAC promoting Ravi Bhalla

Talking Ed Note: The Bhalla Campaign was not immediately available for comment. All monies spent for this TV media blitz will not be appearing in any post election Bhalla campaign report. The entity itself is separate and those expenditures will not be appearing there.

Is the picture getting clear on the last hope for saving Hoboken sovereignty?

Who can be most trusted to tackle and get development right??

Official release:

Friday, October 27, 2017

Correcting the Cave: another fabrication against Jen Giattino

Next week is the last council meeting prior to the November 7th election. Some are not handling the concept of a free and fair election gracefully and over at the cave, it's an open market and free-wheeling plethora of personal attacks, defamation and lies.

As but another example, a reader sent over this curious fabrication from earlier this week against Jen Giattino. There's likely to be no retraction as the truth is the first victim there nowadays.

The head lunatic at Sybil's Cave claimed the other day Jen Giattino "lied" on a pulled resolution for the October 18th City Council meeting. According to the diatribe seen below, it was another opportunity to pump out more fabrications attacking City Council President Jen Giattino.

Lie piled upon lie from Sybil's Cave in another example of the unfortunate eagerness to attack Jen Giattino
with false allegations one after another. Notice the pattern coming from the Bhalla campaign?

The truth? An administration official wrote to the City Clerk's Office on October 16th writing, "The resolution to restore a safe climate (A4) was submitted by the administration prematurely so we would like to pull it."

The resolution will be on the agenda at the next City Council meeting next week. MSV understands City Council President Jen Giattino offered to sponsor it.

Talking Ed Note: With less than two weeks to go the ugliness in personal attacks against Jen Giattino and apparently anyone who publicly deviates from backing Ravi Bhalla in favor of Jen Giattino's mayoral bid is amping up or rather down into the gutter.

Will we see a retraction and apology for these latest unfortunate misstatements directed against Jen Giattino? Don't ask as you'll likely get a foaming cave dweller response along the lines of "go to hell."

"Loser" can no longer comment at MSV after multiple violations and three timeouts breaking the short simple rules. More recently, a charge was made of perjury against this editor by Loser resulting in a permanent ban. Send in the zombies but keep it clean. The simple short rules apply to everyone, even your friendly neighborhood zombie.

Team Giattino Rally tomorrow at 152 Newark Street

Official release:
Dear Supporters,

Election Day November 7th is just 10 days out! Bring your family and friends and join Team Giattino for a Get Out the Vote Campaign Rally on Saturday October 28th. We’ll have food and music and you can get your t-shirts, buttons, and signs for Election Day. I am humbled by the outpouring of support we’ve received and it’s your continued support that will make the difference on Election Day.
Saturday, October 28th
Team Giattino Campaign Office
152 Newark Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030

If you can’t join us on Saturday please volunteer to Get Out the Vote on Election Day -- just an hour or two of your time will make a difference.

Also, please consider donating today as every $1 = $2! Donations made today, Friday the 27th, will be matched 100%. You can donate online here. Every donation, no matter how big or small, helps.

We've knocked on over 15,000 doors and received contributions from over 250 donors. Unlike the other three large campaigns, over 90% of what we have raised has been from Hoboken. But we still need to reach our fundraising goal. Every donation, no matter how big or small, helps.

Thank you again -- it’s because of you that we have made it this far. We just need a little more to get to victory! See you on Saturday,

- Jen

Dawn Zimmer launches personal attack on Jen Giattino

Letter from Mayor Zimmer desperately seeks to stop Ravi Bhalla's mayoral rival Jen Giattino

The Bhalla campaign's negative attacks against Jen Giattino's surging mayoral campaign has reached nuclear status.

Following the Ravi Bhalla hyper partisan attack mailer earlier this week, the latest in a series mailed to only registered Democrats in Hoboken's non-partisan election, a new front in the war against the popular City Council President opened yesterday.

Mayor Zimmer spearheaded this attack in a signed letter ripping her fifth vote ally on the council since 2011 stating repeatedly she is "not sure" she'll finish projects, starting with Rebuild by Design.

Think of the Zimmer letter as a new front in a disinformation war.: nuclear hyper partisanship from the Ravi Bhalla side and a chemical/biological attack on Giattino by Zimmer on the other.

Can a zombie apocalypse in Hoboken be far off in the distance now?

In the letter, Mayor Zimmer alleges Jen Giattino isn't on board with Rebuild by Design and impact to any climatic risk factors Hoboken faces. This clashes with reality where Giattino worked supporting Mayor Zimmer for years on the pending project.

Then there's the ironic and uncomfortable timing with the US Department of Housing & Urban Development's announced release of funds for the Rebuild by Design project. Both Dawn Zimmer and Jen Giattino made announcements saluting the landmark action only yesterday. Giattino publicly offered her personal congratulations to the mayor in noting her support.

After years of working together with others to bring Rebuild by Design to Hoboken, Mayor Zimmer has suddenly developed amnesia. She's suddenly so unsure about so much.

She's suffering form a bout of not being "sure" Jen Giattino will follow through on this project or most any other if you believe the contents of the letter. If only Dawn Zimmer could have found a way to be "sure" before she signed off on this Bhalla campaign letter to Hoboken residents.

Being so unsure and not sure what century it is, even using a telephone wouldn't come to mind.

Apparently, the only remedy to all this unsureness is to issue fabricated personal attacks against Jen Giattino on all of it beginning with the Rebuild by Design project.

Talking Ed Note: She's not sure?

Mayor Zimmer sure was sure about Jen Giattino when she saved her bacon becoming the fifth vote on a City Council reversing the nightmare of the Mike Russo - Beth Mason hydra. This eyewitness recalls the bear hug Dawn Zimmer gave Jen Giattino on election night. Sure was a lot of critical Jen Giattino votes saving the hospital, obtaining the SouthWest Park and keeping taxes stable.

Would it be too much trouble for the mayor to be sure about when Washington St. will see some work again? At the council meeting last week, the discussion about the lack of progress saw many of the council members showing more than a little frustration. They were told the construction efforts would resume "next week."

Has there been sight of a single construction worker so much as buying a cup of coffee on Washington St. since?

Maybe the mayor can finally be sure identifying an answer when she learned of the mounting millions in debt owed to Suez in the $8.35 liability (and counting)? Perhaps that may remain a permanent case of being unsure.

What we can be sure of is that the fusillade of hyper partisan attacks on Jen Giattino is continuing. The next friend to unleash on Giattino? Jim Doyle.

One can suspect the negative attacks against Jen Giattino won't be ending this week. To think all of these thousands and thousands of dollars being spent against a hapless inconsequential mayoral candidate less than two weeks before Election Day.

For those arriving late to the scene or smell of all this political desperation, MSV published the exclusive results of the Bhalla campaign poll the previous week. The poll showed Jen Giattino had surged into a statistical tie for first place.

Others have been selling you a bag of goods how Jen Giattino was no threat, a mayoral candidate of no import. Now why do you think you were fed all that propaganda?

No effort by the Bhalla campaign is being directed at the Romano and DeFusco campaigns whatsoever. There's whispers unconfirmed the Zimmer-Bhalla groupthink finds Romano an acceptable alternative to a Jen Giattino mayoral victory.

Well, at least they hold the same party affiliation in a non-partisan election. Say bye to Reform.

Related: The Bhalla campaign has released its latest ammunition fire against Jen Giattino. This one from Councilman Jim Doyle published on Hudson County View. From the same people who brought you the Bijou Behemoth at 7th and Jackson.


Team Giattino Rally this Saturday - 10am at Campaign HQ 152 Newark Street

Official release:

Dear friends and neighbors, 

Election day Nov.7th is just around the corner and this is a great opportunity to talk with Jen Giattino for Mayor of Hoboken and Team Giattino James AibelJason Ellis, and Sal Starace. I'll be joining in after running the HoBOOken 5K Race and Scary Scurry Kids' Run with my daughter. 

If you can't make on Saturday check out the upcoming events: https://www.facebook.com/pg/JenforHoboken/events/ and please consider a contribution to help Jen & Team Giattino meet their fundraising goal: https://www.teamgiattino.com/
#jenformayor #teamgiattino


Councilman Peter Cunningham

Thursday, October 26, 2017

"To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a little better whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. 
This is to have succeeded. "

            Ralph Waldo Emerson