Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sign of the Times: Pupie is pooped

Sources indicate the NHSA come-out-of-retirement Pupie party is officially dead

Frank Raia who was catapulted off the North Hudson Sewerage Authority last year with a late, upstart run for the commissioner seat by reform stalwart Kurt Gardiner is officially withdrawn from contention.

Only last week sources said the Pupster was telling people he had the five council votes needed for appointment. The five year term of the current open seat would give Raia over 30 years on the authority.

Over the weekend, reliable sources say that support and votes on the council collapsed with at least one council member admitting he would reverse course and inform Pupie he would no longer be providing a vote.

Emnet backer Ed Freidrich is anticipated to have the council votes behind his candidacy for the five year appointment to the NHSA.

Late last week, MSV published its Horse Sense editorial, 
Pupie is pooped out. Enjoy retirement Frank.

Council meeting is available at the link after closed session post 7:00 pm:

End of an era?

Tonight the Hoboken City Council will hold its second regularly scheduled meeting and on the agenda is an appointment to the North Hudson Sewerage Authority.

The campaign to see over 30 years on the board for one Frank "Pupie" Raia weighs in the balance.
Will we witness the end of an error in Hoboken public institutions?

One Hoboken sans Pupie?
Last weekend our man Sully, re: Al Sullivan, who is actually more a Bayonne-Jersey City beatnik lauded Pupie indirectly by vociferously complaining again about the 2013 One Hoboken ticket he underwrote with the noxious Beth Mason. According to the political columnist, the ticket was part of some phony campaign and Hudson Sludge he deemed a swerve.

The mayoral and council at-large ticket's investment seeking power under the campaign name Beth Mason ran for mayor under in 2009 can hardly be described by any rational human being as intending to aid and abet Mayor Dawn Zimmer's re-election. The idea Beth Mason invested in the ticket with Pupie to help Dawn Zimmer is as absurd as the Russian hooker "dossier."

Who knows, maybe the Hudson Reporter columnist will find some shred of evidence to support his conspiracy theory. Then again, evidence of any kind is no longer required for many these days. Putting anything into print is deemed sufficient to posit the craziest conspiracies for the masses who aren't only brainwashed but demand more material to show off to their friends.

In the interim, a friendly suggestion for Sully. Pick up the phone and speak to the people you're writing about and you may actually find a clue. At least if there's any interest in accuracy.

MSV will have more on all this in short order. One Hoboken, one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

For now, Hoboken awaits the council meeting tonight and the end of an error. Jolly good show Council President, call the vote!