Monday, March 27, 2017

State Senator Brian Stack endorses Mayor Zimmer's Re-Election

Senator Brian P. Stack Endorses Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer for Re-Election

Earlier today, New Jersey State Senator and Union City Mayor Brian P. Stack announced his enthusiastic endorsement of Hoboken Mayor DawnZimmer’s re-election campaign.
State Senator Stack said, “Mayor Zimmer has been a strong and effective advocate for Hoboken and a great partner, working with me to support our region and our State.”
Stack added, “Mayor Zimmer has held the line on property taxes while achieving an AA+ bond rating, implemented real solutions to flooding, created many acres of new open space and so much more.  She has led by example, setting a strong example for other local leaders.  I’m proud to offer my support.”
“I thank Senator Stack for his important endorsement,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer.  “We are honored to have him represent our City in the State Senate and I look forward to continuing our work together, as we make Hoboken an even better place to live.”
Senator Stack’s district includes the municipalities of Hoboken, Union City, Weehawken and sections of Jersey City. 

Hoboken Budget Hearings

Police presentation:

Corporation Counsel presentation:

Parking & Transportation presentation:

Talking Ed Note: Most of the City Council in attendance led by Finance Chair Tiffanie Fisher with council members Peter Cunningham, Dave Mello, Jim Doyle and Ravi Bhalla.

Council members not present: Michael Russo, Ruben Ramos, Jen Giattino and Mike DeFusco who left after the first presentation on the police department to attend a fundraiser at the Dubliner.

Hoboken budget hearings begin tonight

From the desk of Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher:

Dear neighbors - 

At the City Council meeting on 3/15, Mayor Zimmer introduced the 2017 Municipal Budget which includes a proposed 1.5% DECREASE in the Municipal Tax rate.  Effectively this is a result of combined financial discipline which has kept our budget flat vs. last year and an expansion of our ratable base in Hoboken due to recent development.  You can find the budget here:

There will be 3 public hearings on the budget STARTING TONIGHT!  The directors of the various departments in the Administration will present a more detailed version of their department budgets.  So please plan to attend, or at the very least watch live here:  

Tonight's hearing covers three areas that are always on the forefront of everyone's minds when they think about taxes and our city - Police, Legal and Parking. So don't waste this opportunity to learn more and ask questions about these important topics!   Do you think we need more police? Do you think we spend too much on legal fees? Do you want to know more about all these new parking meters? Then tonight is your night!

As the Chair of the Finance Subcommittee meeting I will be presiding over the hearings. So feel free to email me in advance with any questions you may have at

The next two hearings are as follows:
Wednesday, March 29th
- Planning and Development – 6pm
- Parks, Recreation, Senior and other Human Services – 7pm
- Environmental Svcs (Garbage/Recycling, Street Cleaning) – 8pm

Monday, April 3rd
- Fire – 6pm
- Admin and Finance (Healthcare / Debt / Bonding) – 7pm
- City Clerk (Elections/OPRA requests) – 8pm

Hope you can join!


Tiffanie Fisher
Hoboken 2nd Ward City Councilwoman

Engage. Inform. Advocate.
"More Voices are Better"

Battle of the fundraisers, round two

Last month, council members Ravi Bhalla and Mike DeFusco held opposing fundraisers on the same evening. It was more accidental than incidental but the overtones were none too apparent.

This time, the respective council members who recently clashed on the 901 Bloomfield resolution are again banging the tin cup a mere business day apart. Councilman Bhalla, the  Mile Square reigning Sikh official held a breakfast Friday with NJ gubernatorial whirlwind Democrat candidate Phil Murphy, the former US ambassador to Germany.

Councilman Mike DeFusco holds a "Pride Night Out" fundraiser this evening at the Dubliner. It's two consecutive months of fundraising for the first term councilman who officially points to his reelection prospects in 2020. Everyone else is pointing to the monthly fundraisers as an indication to marshall resources and unseat Mayor Dawn Zimmer this November for the mayor's office.

The fundraising push on each side comes with an eye on a March 31st deadline. In the middle of April, NJ ELEC reports will be submitted showing results for various campaign committees statewide. There'll be more than a little interest in not only the fundraising totals and who ponied up but the actual committees where the money is heading.

Will Mike DeFusco unveil a mayoral committee making a run for mayor official?

If DeFusco is a candidate for mayor, interest in who will be on his council-at-large ticket follows. Two names seeing some speculation are former councilman Tony Soares and Cheryl Fallick. Both were seen at the Cadillac Cantina event for DeFusco last month.

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