Monday, June 26, 2017

Sources: City Council President Jen Giattino to toss hat in and run for Hoboken mayor

City Council President Jen Giattino to announce decision to run for mayor tomorrow night

Hoboken councilwoman Jen Giattino, a three time and current City Council President will be making an announcement tomorrow night near fourth and Bloomfield St. at 7:30 pm.

Sources say she will throw her hat in the ring and vie to become Hoboken's second female mayor.

City Council President
Jen Giattino
Giattino, the current City Council President learned early last week Mayor Dawn Zimmer reversed her decision in choosing not to pursue a third term. The mayor simultaneously offered her endorsement to Councilman Ravi Bhalla. Many in Hoboken were taken aback by the simultaneous announcements and to learn no consultative conversations took place with the Reform team members on the City Council.

The suddenness of both decisions led to long time local reform activists asking who would be the most effective candidate to carry the mantle of Reform. Discussion began and continued through last weekend showing broad citywide support for the City Council President.

In 2011, Giattino won her first term on the City Council and immediately made an impact voting to approve updated pay-to-play laws and later that year, a crucial fifth vote to back the plan to save Hoboken University Medical Center, the local hospital, in a sale. She's played an important leadership role in other votes crucial to Hoboken's flood pumps and fiscal responsibility holding the line on taxes.

In 2015, Giattino won her second term to the council defeating the controversial Carmelo Garcia who filed a civil lawsuit in 2013 against Mayor Dawn Zimmer, her husband and the Hoboken Housing Authority after the remainder of his contract at the agency was terminated in August 2014.

The three other major declared mayoral candidates Giattino will face include Freeholder Anthony Romano who is announcing tomorrow morning, Mike DeFusco and Councilman Ravi Bhalla.

A Giattino entry in the mayoral sweepstakes means there will be four major candidates vying to succeed Mayor Dawn Zimmer as Hoboken mayor come November. She is a resident of Hoboken since 1998 and is married with three sons.

Years before becoming a candidate for the City Council in 2011, Giattino worked aiding the Hoboken Homeless Shelter.

HCV Sunday whispers: Stick announces mayoral run on Tuesday

Monday Update: Freeholder Anthony Romano makes his announcement to run for Hoboken mayor official Tuesday morning.

Sources suggest the announcement will take place outside Romano's office on Washington St.

Romano will enter the race for Hoboken mayor with Councilman Mike DeFusco, Councilman Ravi Bhalla, local businesswoman Karen Nason and local activist Ronald Bautista previously announced.


According to a Sunday report on the Hudson County View, Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano will make it official on Tuesday he's a candidate for Hoboken mayor.

Perhaps those negotiations reportedly taking place with Councilman Michael Russo sorted out, or maybe not. Either way, it's Tuesday for Stick's much anticipated announcement.

For the full report, please see:

Anthony "Stick" Romano dives into the Hoboken mayoral race on Tuesday.

The Giant Ambition Tour

The following is a guest piece submitted by long time Hoboken reformer Kurt Gardiner. 

Giant Ambition brings a reformer into the race 

Ambition - if there is a word that describes the Hoboken 2017 election that is it. 

Dawn Zimmer after two terms as Hoboken Mayor decided to move on up and fight global warming. That is ambition. 

Mike Defusco after only a year and a half as an at times petulant, uninformed and unprofessional City Council person with little name recognition decided to run for Mayor because anything Dawn could do he could do faster without displaying the executive function necessary to do the job. That is ambition. 

Also taking money from FBW phoney Jim Vance and being against the flood wall after voting for it takes a special brand of person. Bipolar is not just a trendy Arctic sexual preference, it is a state of mind for Defusco. Saying anything to get elected is ambition Cammarano style. 

Anthony Romano wants to run for two jobs at once. He wants to Stick it to the Hoboken taxpayer twice. Once is not good enough; he wants to screw us in more ways than one. That is ambition Hudson County style. 

It has been reported that Mike Russo will not run only if his numerous demands are met. Not sure if that is more of a shakedown but that could be a form of ambition. 

My good neighbor Ravi Bhalla, known more as a Zimmer loyalist than a true reformer bided his time, got the passing of the baton from the dearly departing and before the campaign literature is even dry was out campaigning. That is both a super Sikh political **** block and ambition rolled into one. 

Karen Nason appeared to run to critique the now departing Mayor. Now that the Mayor is gone, where is the impetus to continue to run? Maybe her only ambition now is to make a point to stay in race to take votes away from Defusco. 

Jen Giattino may or may not run but will talk it over with family and friends before deciding. It won't just be ambition for her if she decides yes. It will be to continue the reform movement in her opinion. Having a goal to a cause is a form of collective ambition. 

I Kurt Gardiner am a job seeking job seeker and have a limited base and not much money but feel I can add a lot to the continued progress of Hoboken and my platform is simply one word: Ambition. 

I have more ambition than any of these other candidates so I am throwing my hat in the ring for Hoboken Mayor in 2017. I would announce a slate but they can't handle my ambition. Look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail. I will ambitiously be pursuing your vote, if I don't cut a deal first.

Councilman Ravi Bhalla 'Join us Wednesday at the Turtle Club'

Hi MSV readers,
This Wednesday evening, please join me at the Turtle Club as we host an event to thank Mayor Dawn Zimmer for her years of service to Hoboken, and celebrate 8 years of good government. 
What: Thank you celebration for Mayor Zimmer and good government
When: Wednesday, June 28, 7:00 pm
Where: Turtle Club, 936 Park Avenue
Who: All members of the Hoboken community
Please click here to RSVP on Facebook.  The event is free of charge, we look forward to seeing you Wednesday!
Ravi Bhalla