Saturday, July 15, 2017

Competing weekend polls?

Readers continue to share details in their receiving telephone polls on this beautiful summer Saturday. It's July and four major campaigns are out vying for your vote come November.

Some readers say it's the shinny penny, Councilman Mike DeFusco running another poll. (His earlier version was a push poll.) This one has some choice questions on Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano but is a tamer version than the last.

Ryan Yacco, the campaign manager for Councilman Mike DeFusco is running a poll for his candidate in Hoboken this weekend according to some reader responses. Here he is back in the day recording a public speaker circa 2011 when he  worked for former councilwoman Beth Mason. Some think she ran a poll last weekend. Hoboken is already polled out.

Councilman Ravi Bhalla apparently has a push poll out with an anti-Trump and anti-Big Tent Reform message trying to damn his opposition, Council President Jen Giattino as a suspect Trump voter. Her campaign calls this untrue and says it's not an unanticipated low blow from her friend Ravi Bhalla. 

Hey, giant ambition is at stake.

The Ravi Bhalla push poll appeal confirms what some suspected coming: Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, etc. are second class citizens and need not apply. They are like the City Council President, all outcasts, no matter their contribution to the Reform Movement, Hoboken or as in the case of Giattino, a sparkling six year record on the non-partisan City Council.

Talking Ed Note: Does anyone in the Mayor's office and the Bhalla for mayor campaign care to name which executive of the federal government must sign off on the $230 million Rebuild by Design flood prevention plan?

Think about it; we'll wait until you find a clue.

Team Jen: Ways to Support the Jen Giattino for Mayor Team!

Official release:

Dear friends and neighbors, 
It is 2.5 weeks in and Jen’s campaign continues to build momentum!  And we are excited about Monday’s kick-off fundraiser at Moran’s that we hope you will all attend to hear Jen's vision for Hoboken's future!  Click here for more details:
A number of people have asked us how they can help and there are so many ways:  
  • Sign Jen’s Petition so Jen can get on the ballot on September 5th – attached (registered voters please print and sign, then email us and we will come pick it up).
  • Donate to Jen’s campaign –
  • Spread The Word via Social Media -  
  • Hang Jen’s Campaign Sign in your window – email us, tell us how many and we’ll deliver!
  • Volunteer for Her Campaign – reply to this email and tell us how you want to help!
    • Go Door Knocking with her in your neighborhood – meeting voters in person is the MOST IMPORTANT!  
    • Send A Letter To Your Neighbors with your endorsement – we can provide address labels!
    • Host a meet and greet and introduce Jen to your Hoboken neighbors and friends and help fundraise
  • Offer In-Kind Donations to her campaign like photography, graphic design, and printing services, food and beverages, office supplies and anything else you can think of!  
  • Register To Vote if you haven’t already -
And throughout the campaign the most important way to help is being her ambassador and helping us inform voters to vote for her on Election Day November 7th!  It’s vitally important that reform-minded voters not only vote for Jen for Hoboken Mayor, but also help get out the vote!  
Asking for support is humbling, but knowing what we can do together with your support makes it worthwhile!  Thank you in advance for your support and your generosity!  
Best regards,
Team Jen Giattino for Mayor

Ravi Bhalla push poll alert: are you more likely to vote for him because he saved the city hospital?


Another weekend and another political telephone poll, this one of the push poll variety on behalf of Councilman Ravi Bhalla.

Among the dazzling questions for those telephoned:

Are you more likely to vote for Ravi Bhalla because he saved the city hospital?

Are you more likely to vote for Ravi Bhalla because he's a champion for civil rights?

Well, the push poll matches up well with the Bhalla for Mayor campaign literature which hit the streets within hours of Mayor Zimmer's withdrawal from the November election and her endorsement of the eight year councilman last month.

A telephone push polls matches up a campaign message
Councilman Ravi Bhalla "saved the hospital."

Another notable feature of the telephone push poll is the City Council President Jen Giattino who is missing in a question among the list of names to offer feedback but is later described as someone who will not stand up to President Trump, unlike Ravi Bhalla.

Imagine a phone call between Mayor Ravi Bhalla and federal officials on the $230 million dollar Rebuild by Design flood plan for Hoboken.

How would that go?

Talking Ed Note: Wait, I thought we needed elected officials in a non-partisan municipal election of 54,000 citizens in a state of 9,000,000 who will work with all elected officials at the county, state and federal level.

So a would be mayoral candidate in Ravi Bhalla apparently prefers his personal agenda to make war on President Trump and see eradicated any chance Hoboken be awarded almost a quarter of a billion dollars of federal monies in flood prevention funding, re: Rebuild by Design.

Is Councilman Bhalla running for the wrong office? If he wants to join say a Senator Booker to fight against President Trump, that's the place to have those partisan battles. 

As for the hamlet of Hoboken; it will only hurt it. Sad.

The repeated campaign habit claiming you "saved the hospital," - that won't go over well among those in the nine member City Council who played a significant role in voting to save Hoboken University Medical Center. Nor will the members of the hospital board who were instrumental in coming up with the plan to save it be too pleased to see this campaign gimmick.

Oh and by the by, the fifth critical vote needed and executed to save the hospital in 2011 came courtesy of Councilwoman Jen Giattino.