Monday, July 24, 2017

DeFusco for mayor campaign pops with campaign reaping $115K

Councilman Ravi Bhalla nets over 23K in second quarter
Late entrants Anthony Romano and Jen Giattino don't have to file yet under NJ campaign law

The campaign fundraising sweepstakes are in for the second quarter and Councilman Mike DeFusco is the easy winner.

According to a story on Hudson County View, the DeFusco for mayor campaign raised over 115K in the quarter.

Among the names of his donors are several unions and one prominent Hoboken resident with a major election activity history: Frank "Pupie" Raia

Councilman Ravi Bhalla with the backing of his national network raised more than 23K.

Both the Anthony Romano and Jen Giattino mayoral campaigns are not required to file a campaign report on their respective fundraising figures at this time due to their late entries in the mayoral race under NJ ELEC law.

MSV can however report that the Giattino campaign in its single event held at Moran's last week has already brought in an undetermined amount in the tens of thousands of dollars in early efforts.

Unlike some of the other campaigns, most of the Giattino for mayor fundraising reportedly comes from grassroots efforts via Hoboken residents.

The Romano for mayor campaign is reportedly making strenuous efforts to replenish its campaign funding after the freeholder election held last month. Early efforts are seeing campaign staff brought in for the mayor's race.

The breakfast spread last weekend at the Romano for Mayor headquarters. The office was staffed up for weekend
campaign duty. They won't be running low on fuel. 

For more on the actual fundraising numbers, please see the Hudson County View:

Grist for the Mill: Beth Mason is kaput

Hoboken being rumorville in the slowest of days is seeing all kinds of wild rumors, wild attacks and besieged with the craziest notions.

It's election season and for those who have not really been a part of a wide open election in these parts, you best be prepared.

A siege on Hoboken from upper Hudson Street at the House of Mausoleum Horrors however isn't one of them. The recent Beth Mason poll or rather the FinBoy fishy poll to see Ricky's wallet have the jaws of death opened for evacuation to Weehawken isn't happening.

Beth Mason checked out of Hoboken back in July 2015 when a Superior Court legal decision issued hundreds of thousands in sanctions against her political operative friends who yelped about online commenters making all kinds of imagined threats against a child. As most of those commenters never even mentioned anyone by name other than the Old Guard glitterati, let alone the frivolous plaintiffs, the court would see the case at trial for what it was; a political operation with an eye to illicit riches courtesy of the defendant victims. 

The notorious former councilwoman doesn't exactly have the fortitude to face the tens of thousands of emails being put out further into the light of day obtained in the SLAPP-suit. Nor does she have access like in the past to the wallet. She's been spending more time in Richmond where she was bestowed a new toy in a 11 room inn purchased in 2015. The inn isn't full and you can check in any time you like but you can never leave.

Back in Hoboken, campaigns are making furious plans among the big four mayoral campaigns. Filling out council slates, platforms and petitions are motoring ahead. Tomorrow the Bhalla for mayor campaign will hold a launch of its office on Washington Street. You can go meet the heir to the heir to the mayoral throne if you want. No, not Councilman Ravi Bhalla, the next in line with the law firm pedigree in millions of dollars in NJ government contracts: John Allen. Long live the contracts king!

People gasped when the DeFusco campaign released the contract total tied to law firms' government contracts combining $3.8 million in the Soprano State twice over. Let's admit this will come up again and discussion of the issue is inevitable. Gin up the personal attacks against MSV for admitting reality, a horse can handle the truth. Can you?

The Romano campaign is anticipated to join in the council slate announcement sweepstakes. At least one woman is being whispered on the ticket and another more prominent uptown resident who already expressed an interest in rejoining the council. Angelo Valente may be finding a new home other than independent council candidate. MSV hasn't reached the Romano campaign on the question of its council slate but then again, they'd want to make a big bang of it. Will a professional Hoboken resident fill out the three council at-large ticket?

Want to convince people your website is the place to go for funny pictures and the cray-cray? Make up a plot out of whole cloth someone asking questions on their personal Facebook page is a conspiracy by the Giattino for mayor campaign to offset the Bhalla campaign's recent push poll. Shaking my head, when you go that far out there in July, where do you go for medication in the ward with the padded cells in September?

An occasional speaker at council meetings dared to ask his friends on Facebook this:

With no contact, no questions to its author or any other unnamable "reform campaign," the conclusion was made this is a conspiracy against the recent Bhalla campaign push poll. Egads! This can not stand and the treachery of asking your friends their opinions must be stopped and revealed for what it is. A resident can't ask their friends on Facebook questions "on their own" for opinions without being personally attacked in a kooky conspiracy theory? Wheely?

Was this little Hoboken411 mockumentary some satire on savagery against Hoboken residents? One can only wish as it looks like the Mel Gibson Conspiracy Theory sequel is being test marketed right here in Hoboken. More popcorn, we're gonna need more popcorn.

Paranoia to protect your candidate and his push poll is all the rage but it will dee destroy ya. When you can't even mention what reform for mayor campaign it is in your made up conspiracy because that too is really bad for business of your candidate; you've reached meltdown stage part deux. You can't make up this kind of zany entertainment anywhere but in Hoboken.

Oh and by the way, her name is Jen Giattino. She like Anthony Romano, Mike DeFusco, Ravi Bhalla are the four major candidates running for mayor. Refusing to mention her name won't make her go away. Thank you very much Grafix Avenger!

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