Tuesday, August 22, 2017


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Mayor Dawn Zimmer announced that Transportation and Parking Director John Morgan will be resigning from his position effective Friday, September 1st, 2017 to pursue other professional opportunities and that her Chief of Staff Vijay Chaudhuri will be serving his last day tomorrow, Wednesday, August 23rd

“I thank Director Morgan for his years of service to Hoboken,” Mayor Zimmer said. “He played a key role in helping our team advance the Washington Street redesign project, Southwest traffic circulation plan, Newark Street safety improvement project, Sinatra Drive shared use path, pay-by-phone parking option, bike share program, upgrades to the Hop shuttle, and many other projects that have improved the safety and quality of life of our community. I wish him continued success as he takes his next steps in his career.”

Mayor Zimmer will be appointing Ryan Sharp as Acting Director of the Department of Transportation and Parking. Mr. Sharp has served as Principal Planner in the department for the past 6 years.

“Vijay has seen Hoboken through many challenges and has been a valuable team member in many of our accomplishments for our City’s residents,” Mayor Zimmer explained regarding his decision to move on to other opportunities at this time. “I thank him very much for his strong dedication to our City and wish him the very best in the future.”

Mayor Zimmer Chief of Staff resigns; named campaign manger for Bhalla for Mayor

Official release:

Bhalla for Mayor Names Vijay Chaudhuri as Campaign Manager 

Ravi Bhalla, candidate for Mayor of Hoboken, today named Vijay Chaudhuri, who is leaving his position as Chief of Staff to Mayor Dawn Zimmer, as his Campaign Manager. Chaudhuri brings an in-depth understanding of Hoboken politics as well as demonstrated political and organizational skills to the task. Before serving as Zimmer’s Chief of Staff, Vijay Chaudhuri worked in a number of capacities for US Representative Joe Crowley (D-NY), including serving as Campaign Manager on one of his re-election campaigns. Chaudhuri has also served as Campaign Manager of Edison Mayor Jun Choi’s re-election campaign.

Vijay joins Christian Duffy, who is serving as Field Director, on the campaign staff. Duffy served as Deputy Field Director for Jim Johnson in his Gubernatorial campaign, and as a Regional Organizing Director for the Hillary Clinton for President campaign, among other campaigns he has worked on around the nation. In 2015, he was the Get-Out-The-Vote(GOTV) Director for the Zimmer-backed Council candidates in Hoboken.

 Ravi Bhalla said,“ I am pleased that Vijay is coming on board full time. Together with Christian, he gives us a strong ground team to lead us to victory on November 7th.”

INSIDERNJ: Jen Giattino - "I'm going to win!"

In INSIDERNJ interview, City Council President Jen Giattino says "I'm not splitting the vote; I'm running for mayor and I'm certain I'm going to win."

In an story released on INSIDERNJ, Council President Jen Giattino is looking toward the November 7th Hoboken mayoral election and sees good things for her mayoral candidacy.

With three other mayoral competitors in the mix, the three time and current City Council President sees her six year record on the City Council of consensus building with others as one reason her mayoral candidacy will be propelled to victory.

Three time and current City Council President Jen Giattino predicts
a great November with a victory in her mayoral bid.

Giattino's record of working with others and constituent service is emphasized.  The article also highlights how an overview of approaching the City is missing. "Our biggest problem is planning and not looking at the city holistically," and points to Hoboken's north end.

For more see the INSIDERNJ article:

Talking Ed Note: Although Jen Giattino is up against three other mayoral candidacies likely all better funded, much if not most of that support comes in money from outside Hoboken. "Jen Giattino's support comes from the grassroots in Hoboken," one well-placed source close to the Giattino campaign said. Even with vacation season in full swing for many Hoboken residents the source added, "Jen's campaign is a locomotive picking up steam and it's rolling."

Over the weekend the Jen Giattino mayoral campaign opened a new campaign office at 152 Newark Street. The campaign office downtown means all four major mayoral campaigns are set up for a big push toward November.

Kurt Gardiner, a long time Reformer in Hoboken and the current Sargent-at-Arms for the Hoboken Democratic Committee endorsed Jen Giattino for Mayor on Monday. After reading the INSIDERNJ article compared her to Joe Namath the famous NY Jets Quarterback who predicted a Super Bowl victory.

City Council President Jen Giattino's new campaign office at 152 Newark Street as pictured here courtesy of Kurt Gardiner who also supplied the Joe Namath meme. 

Peter Cunningham: Join me and meet Jen Giattino & her council slate tomorrow at the Pilsener Haus

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Good evening Friends and Neighbors, 

Come meet Jen, and her council slate Wednesday night at the Biergarten.

Thanks, Peter