Friday, September 15, 2017



The Waiters v Romano complaint filed on behalf of whoever is behind Patty Waiters was heard earlier today in Hudson Superior Court.

The legal effort to see an injunction keeping Freeholder Romano from appearing on the ballot for Hoboken mayor and freeholder was denied by Administrative Judge Peter Bariso earlier today.

The complete legal decision follows:

Talking Ed Note: The injunction is denied but the matter may be fully briefed for further court review. Let's see what people decide to do on the issue. Based on the story that followed on Hudson County View, attorney Eric Dixon will make an emergency application with the NJ Appellate Court.

As it stands, the Hoboken November ballot will see Romano appear for mayor and freeholder.

Update: The Hudson County View confirms today's legal election news:

Grist for the Mill: All rise before Judge Bariso

Word this morning is the dual ballot appearance legal challenge against Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano is scheduled for today.

Romano is set to appear on the November election ballot as a candidate for Hoboken mayor. He's also the candidate on the Democrat line as he won the primary for re-election freeholder back in June.

All rise before the honorable Administrative Judge Peter Bariso in the case of Patty Waiters, re: the Shinny Penny Mike DeFusco vs. Anthony "Stick "Romano.

The hearing is said to be set for 11:30 this morning.

Update: This gristy chewable item is confirmed with the hearing set for 11:30 am.
Word is Mike DeFusco campaign manager Ryan Yacco is in attendance.


Update: 12:55 pm

According to one reliable source, the Administrative Judge Peter F. Bariso has ruled against the Patty Waiters - Shinny Penny Mike DeFusco complaint to remove Anthony Romano from the ballot.

As a result, Romano may run for the office of freeholder and Hoboken mayor this November. If he should win both; he'd have to select and hold one office.

There may be more wrinkles. Another party not at the courthouse claims the request for an injunction holding up the ballot is denied but says the matter isn't over. Trying to get details and see what's what. Lots of jumpiness on this one.

The post hearing results remain a gristy item. More to come.

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