Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Jen Giattino: Our campaign is 'on the road to victory'

The following report comes courtesy of the Hudson County View:

Hoboken Council President/mayoral hopeful Jen Giattino certainly wasn’t lacking confidence at a private fundraiser last night, exclaiming that “I know that we are on our way to the road to victory.”

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Talking Ed Note: Before a crowd at 10th and Willow, City Council President Jen Giattino voiced her confidence Team Giattino is on the road to victory. She urged voters to vote for her and her council slate of Jim Aibel, Sal Starace and Jason Ellis to "get things done" on the City Council with her as mayor.

Kurt Gardiner, a commissioner on the North Hudson Sewerage Authority and an officer on the Hoboken Democratic Committee in attendance said, "For a private event, I was impressed with the turnout and the new faces to get out the word about Jen. It' s indicative of real grassroots momentum in the Jen Giattino campaign."


Official release:

Strong schools. Strong community.

Hoboken Proud 567’s candidates for the Board of Education, Melanie Tekirian (5), Sharyn Angley (6) and Chetali Khanna (7) have officially kicked off their campaign.

The candidates, who are longtime residents, active-volunteers and parents of Hoboken Public School District students, said they have the required energy, knowledge, commitment and ability to serve the Board at their campaign kick-off event on Monday evening.

“It’s with much excitement that we ask for your vote and support at the Hoboken Board of Education election,” said Melanie Tekirian at the event. “As parents, we can speak first-hand about the many great things happening across the district and are passionate about further enhancing Hoboken public schools.”

Hoboken Proud said it would work constructively with the Administration to serve the diverse needs of all students and develop a stronger relationship between the district and the public it serves.

“Our goal is that our elementary and middle schools be urban schools of excellence and Hoboken High School to be our communities’ No.1 choice for grades 9-12,” said Chetali Khanna.

“We believe that quality education is the result of strong leadership and high quality educators.”

Active school volunteers through the K-12 theater program and school PTO efforts, Melanie Tekirian and Chetali Khanna, join Sharyn Angley on the Hoboken Proud 5-6-7 slate.

“I am very excited to be running with Melanie and Chetali,” said Sharyn Angley, who has served on the board for the past three years. “Together, we believe that strong schools and a strong community go hand-in-hand. Strong schools bring pride and value to our community. And community support will help our schools continue to thrive.”

“We bring an important understanding and valuable talents from our professional and educational experiences that will benefit the board of education’s oversight responsibilities, and help deliver greater opportunities to our district’s children.”

If elected to the Board, Hoboken Proud said it will:
  • work with Dr. Christine Johnson to provide innovative programming necessary to make district students college and career ready
  • work with Dr. Johnson and the District Business Administrator to build a fiscally responsible budget that will support district students, teachers, administrators and facilities
  • work cooperatively with the other six members of the Hoboken Board of Education

Images are available upon request.
For further information, contact: - Facebook @HobokenProud – Twitter @HobokenProud567

Grist for the Mill: The Jen Giattino Surge

Hoboken's mayoral and council at-large election is creating a schism and fracture along fault lines new and old. Establishment power and money being what they are, the belief in power exceeds all rationality and the obvious signs, pardon the pun.

As the Hoboken election season heats up, Jen Giattino signs continue to spring up across town. Unlike most of her competitors, they find themselves not mostly in the windows of local businesses but nestled in the windows of residents. The epicenter is where the fever is highest in central Hoboken and it spreads out further more points north from the heartland of midtown. Based on the reaction of Giattino's opposition, you'd think it's the Hoboken dog population putting up those window signs not voters. They're of course deluding themselves into thinking those Hoboken residents don't represent actual voter sentiment.

There's one exceptional residence sporting Jen Giattino for mayor signs that is creating quite the buzz across town.  Take a gander at this.

Above the lobby of Church Towers, the stronghold of the Russo base
are two very prominent Jen Giattino for mayor signs.

Although mentioned previously, many did not take note of the earlier report and in that peculiar human capability for rationalization, avoided the topic entirely. 

MSV has previously written about the candidate with the strongest crossover appeal being Jen Giattino. As a ward councilwoman, she's known for rolling up her sleeves and helping others. She doesn't care what their views are on local issues, state or national. She accepts the responsibility to represent everyone. After six years, people notice. Hoboken people notice and people in need don't forget.

One story recounted tells of a Hispanic municipal worker overheard on the job discussing the mayoral race. The person was not expressing their view to influence anyone else but having a casual conversation. They mentioned they would be voting for Jen Giattino for mayor. They also said all their friends in the fourth ward and HHA would be voting for Giattino. Reasons point to some quiet humanitarian efforts there on behalf of a resident by Jen Giattino spread word of mouth.

Independent sources say the grassroots Reform resistance is taking shape with significant numbers of volunteers getting involved for Team Giattino and making an impact reaching out to friends, neighbors and engaging voters across the Mile Square.

Mayoral candidate and City Council President Jen Giattino
speaking at the home of former BoE trustee Ruthy Tyroler.
Rear right is former councilman Tim Occhipinti.
Who has crossover appeal and respect of friend and foe alike?
Who among the candidates is winning hearts and minds?

Where does the Jen Giattino surge end? No one knows at this point as many Hoboken voters are not decided and others not engaged. The other campaigns are making significant efforts and gaining headway too.

With just over 40 days and campaigns escalating their efforts, political divisions in the Mile Square are being overturned and tossed on their head. Hoboken has not seen any election quite like this. For some, there's never been a mayoral candidate with crossover appeal quite like Jen Giattino.

Catch the wave!

photo courtesy Jhnny "to the butter" Newman