Friday, October 6, 2017

Grist for the Mill: Man your phones and beware of the scumbags



Once again the word on the street suggests there's a new telephone poll begun today. It'll likely run through this weekend so prepare to be asked questions on the Hoboken mayoral election.

(See the update below for the MSV Exclusive questions in the poll.)

According to one reliable source, this telephone poll doesn't originate from the Romano or Bhalla campaign. The DeFusco campaign ran one recently and no one knows what the Giattino campaign is up to as they were privy to another recent poll.

So basically, this is a poll there's not much details available on to this point entering the weekend. One reader who got the poll described it this way. "I got a push poll that had slanted questions attacking Bhalla, DeFusco, Giattino and Romano." Who's left? "No one, it was equal parts negative questions on all of them," was the answer. (Not what's going on now from other Hoboken residents. It's a push poll for Ravi "saving the hospital" again!)

Enter the bizzaro election world Hoboken. Hang on, there's more. Things are getting testy as this weekend will pass the 30 day mark on to November 7th, Election Day. The word on the street is there is an APB for the Horse's head, on a stick if possible. Even though Councilman Ravi Bhalla has been hardly grazed, all manners of ugliness are springing up with vicious personal attacks unseen in the worst days of Hoboken411 over on Sybil's Cave.

If you supported most the mayor's initiatives for the past eight years does that mean you can't decide for yourself who is the best candidate for Hoboken in 2017? Wheely?

Some less than stellar people are falling all over themselves trying to dirty up Team Giattino. Anyone and everyone who believes City Council President Jen Giattino is not only the most trusted, on and off the Hoboken City Council but the best candidate dedicated to Hoboken and able to tackle the issues in the coming years is targeted for the most vile personal attacks.

Sybil's Cave, only the most foul and unclean evil may enter. The worst bile since Hoboken411 and then some.

Councilman Ravi Bhalla touts his campaign as being issue based but most of the mudslinging is coming from his fanatical unofficial online HQ at Sybil's Cave. They feed the fuel and dump information there fast and more furious than the gunrunning to Mexico of the same name. There's all manner of whining, crying and foaming that Ravi Bhalla should be the de facto mayor come November. Deviation means you are any number of ugly things or tagged with the crimson letter: racist.

Divorcing himself from all that ugliness is going to get harder as people become more and more turned off by the Bhalla campaign's cynical proclamations of national candidacy victimhood while dealing the race card from the bottom of the deck ala Al Sharpton. The vile personal attacks by cowards in the comments section exceeds the worst ever seen on Hoboken411.

Hobokenites who supported most of the initiatives in the past eight years of Mayor Zimmer apparently implies some sort of lifetime servitude. You are bound by some sort of "loyalty" and religious obedience code. As if.

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher who also serves as the Chair of the Hoboken Democratic Committee is being targeted as is City Council President Jen Giattino herself. Even as Mayor Zimmer did not testify for MSV in 2015 in the frivolous litigation trial, one coward says she did. Other lies reportedly claim some veiled extortion on the mayor's family. What lying cowardly scumbags! No wonder a zombie couldn't look a Horse in the eye only last month. Are you responsible for spreading this?

At the end of the SLAPP-suit trial, Mayor Zimmer was available to testify for the one person who might have seen any issue reach the jury. Let's say it wasn't either of the male defendants and leave it there. If any coward finds his balls, this Horse is available here and they know how to reach me. Let's meet up. Soon. Cuz I would love it!

If anything, there's been next to no public discussion during this campaign on Ravi Bhalla's conflicts with Suez Water and NJ Transit not to mention the First Amendment lawsuits with his ejections of two Hoboken residents during a live council meeting in 2015. One lawsuit is already paid out for over $50,000 as reported earlier this year and the other will likely cost Hoboken much more, not counting legal fees. Who made that call?

It's one thing to be a cowardly crybaby; but to be a total lying scumbag on top of it? When might the Bhalla campaign put an end to it? Well, why should they? Sybil's Cave is the next best thing to hosting your own chapter of Hoboken Antifa. Oh yeah, the Bhalla campaign wouldn't condemn Antifa's political violence either last summer. Something about "standing up" to bigotry.

How much lower will they go? 32 days.

Update: Readers submit the questions in the weekend to MSV (at the jump).

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Quality of Life candidate forums

Official release:

Save the dates – October 12, 16, 19 and 25 – for the Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition’s 2017 Candidates Forums 

Civic Group to Host Series of 2017 Candidates Forums for the Nov. 7 Elections for At-Large City Council Seats, Board of Education and Mayoralty

Hoboken, NJ – October 4, 2017 – The Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition is pleased to announce the dates and locations for its 2017 Hoboken candidates forums for the Nov. 7 elections. These forums give Hoboken voters a chance to hear candidates for office answer the questions they care most about in an even-handed and direct format. 
  • The 14 City Council at Large candidates have been randomly sorted* (see details below) into two groups of seven to meet in two forums, on Thursday, Oct. 12, at Mile Square Theater, 1400 Clinton St., and Monday, Oct. 16, at the Hoboken Multiservice Center, 124 Grand St.
  • The seven Board of Education candidates are scheduled to meet on Thursday, Oct. 19, at the School Hall of the Church of Our Lady of Grace and St. Joseph, at 422 Willow Ave.
  • The Mayoral candidates forum will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 25, at Stevens Institute of Technology’s DeBaun Auditorium, co-hosted by the Stevens Institute of Technology and its Student Government Association. 

Each forum begins at 7 pm and lasts about 2 hours, with a brief intermission.
This year’s candidates forums will follow the established format that the Hoboken QLC has maintained for over a decade, with questions submitted on index cards by members of the audience and posed to each of the candidates in turn by moderator Bob Bowdon, a professional interviewer and longtime resident of Hoboken. Each candidate will have a minute and a half to respond, and the order of response will be randomized each round. John Heinis, Chief News Correspondent at, will moderate the Board of Education forum Oct. 19.

This format has consistently presented a lively exchange of policy ideas, opinions and comments on issues that the voters themselves consider the most important. The QLC is grateful for the support of Mile Square Theater, the City of Hoboken’s Multiservice Center, the Parish of Our Lady of Grace and St. Joseph, and Stevens Institute of Technology and its Student Government Association, along with many volunteers who will help to run these events.

*Sorting Out the City Council Candidates
Due to the large number of candidates for the three open at-large City Council seats, the QLC used a software program to randomly assign the 14 into two groups of seven on different nights. A video of the sorting process is posted on the QLC Facebook page. The candidates assigned to October 12 are Hammond, Einstein, Flett, Falco, Impastato, Mello, and Valente. The candidates assigned to October 16 are Matthews, Starace, Aibel, Ellis, Jabbour, Allen, and Doyle.

About the QLC
The Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition (QLC) is an all-volunteer organization concerned about the air, earth and water, about the density of development, the need for open space, the lack of parking, the flooding, and the host of difficulties that militate against a good and healthy living environment in this densely populated urban city. Since 2000, we have been actively advocating for these causes. The QLC was designated as a 501c3 organization by the IRS in 2000, and all contributions to the QLC are tax deductible.

Horse Sense Redux: Blowback!

The following MSV Horse Sense editorial was published on September 29th. It's being reposted with an updated entry atop for an end of week close. It's that good.

Note the line: "Two council votes will be available to the mayor: Ravi Bhalla and Jim Doyle. After that it's dicey. There's not likely to be much enthusiasm to undertake such a radical action without serious efforts to negotiate first with the owners."

Despite the foolish attack relayed from Sybil's Cave and the repeated whining by the lead resident of the institution how could MSV know Councilman Bhalla would be backing the administration's call for immediate eminent domain action on the Union Dry Dock, MSV was proven 100% correct.

Ravi Bhalla along with Jim Doyle's name showed sponsoring the ordinance for eminent domain to seize the property. Doyle is widely known for his lack of interest previous to making such a costly move on the privately held business.

What changed? There's this thing called an election.

Councilman Mike DeFusco who came out blasting the mayor over the sudden call for eminent domain flipped on a dime and changed to an initial "yes" vote on first reading. He'll have a full month with others to consider the second reading and the binding vote.

Any view of the Wednesday council meeting on the subject will allow the viewer to hear City Council President Jen Giattino state her interest in learning more about Union Dry Dock and how the business may be relocated first. Unlike lame duck Mayor Zimmer, the council president has some "consensus" pull with her colleagues.

First reading is not a done deal and there's a month before the issue of eminent domain will be fully considered but not until after the election. The climate will be different then, markedly different.

The Hoboken public's reaction to the immediate news with nothing short of blowback. Claiming otherwise is simply the spin of the Bonkers for Bhalla Brigade who saw a political operation disrupted and decimated leaving them feeling frothy, foaming and triggered. Wot a shame.

See the City of Hoboken Facebook link below for more and the numbers clicking "like" tearing the sudden land grab request apart. Here's some of the top comments on the Hoboken Facebook page:

Some of the blowback from Hoboken residents to the sudden call to seize Union Dry Dock by eminent domain.
Note the number of likes to the residents' anger.
More Hoboken resident anger about the failures to address the pressing business of Hoboken with the political move to seize Union Dry Dock before an election by a lame duck mayor. Don't call it blowback? Then what?

Any who dares to venture in Sybil's Cave, ask when the prediction of Beth Mason running for mayor is going to happen? How'd that work out again? If you want spin and whining of the crybaby liars head over to the dank, dark cave where the anonymous cowards there spin all kinds of lies in legal sounding twisted advocacy for Ravi Bhalla's candidacy. It ain't pretty. Entitlement attitudes for political power never are. It's too bad for them we actually have this thing called elections.

Sybil's Cave main dung thrower.
Looking good Nancy but maybe try a new workout routine.

Horse Sense: Blowback!  - originally published September 29, 2017

Mayor Zimmer's late bid at the end of her term to eminent domain the Union Dry Dock isn't getting a great reception.

Angry residents have sprung up on the City of Hoboken Facebook page with some threatening to show up at the City Council meeting and speak against a vote for the land acquisition applying the ultimate in government power over an individual business.

Two council votes will be available to the mayor: Ravi Bhalla and Jim Doyle. After that it's dicey. There's not likely to be much enthusiasm to undertake such a radical action without serious efforts to negotiate first with the owners.

Mayor Zimmer speaking at the City Council on the Suez water matter. Her latest attempt to launch a bid to eminent domain Union Dry Dock on the waterfront as her term expires has all the earmarks of a political power grab.

While the memo from the City mentioned some vague effort at discussions and the unsubstantiated need to move "expeditiously," others say there hasn't been any real negotiation effort at all. Councilman Mike DeFusco mentioned as much in a strongly worded rebuke yesterday. Several or more council members will see this as both a last gasp power grab by the administration and a very political bid nullifying their support.

Others point to the City Council's repeated efforts to have a meeting on the North End to discuss the Union Dry Dock. Meetings have repeatedly been set and then cancelled by the mayor's Administration. The sudden urge to approve eminent domain has all the worst features of politics being combined with the most radical government tool at hand. The public is rightly aghast.