Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hoboken Proud meet and greet tomorrow night

Official release:

Fire in the hole! Hoboken Fireman slams Ravi Bhalla over his integrity assaulted

The president of the Hoboken Fire Officers Michael Stefano appeared in public portion at the last City Council meeting to share his objections to what he called an attack on his integrity.

His criticism was directed at Councilman Ravi Bhalla who he felt had disrespected him at an earlier meeting. Stefano says the population in Hoboken has grown from 38,000 and there's a safety need for more manpower in the Hoboken Fire Department. The current population is estimated over 55,000.

Stefano said that after leaving an earlier meeting where he expressed the need for more manpower, Councilman Ravi Bhalla denigrated his remarks by saying, "You're suppose to believe him?"

Stefano remarked he deserved better after his decade plus service as a Hoboken fireman.

Here's the unedited video with Stefano blasting Ravi Bhalla.

Talking Ed Note: Comment from the Bhalla campaign is requested. We'll see if they offer a response.
The Bhalla campaign offered "no comment" to this story.

Stick on the stump

Here is a video of last night's Romano for mayor event. Pablo Fonseca who is the campaign manager makes the introduction and urges their supporters to push hard over the remaining weeks to victory.

Freeholder Anthony Romano talks about the importance of his team and the long hours and sacrifice they are making. "We have a chance to grab the brass ring" adding we have to get to the finish line.

Councilman Dave Mello talked about his 20 years in Hoboken and how a divide in town has been distressing but Romano "brings people together.

Former Hoboken baseball coach Buddy Matthews says he is accustomed to winning and expects to win this election.