Monday, October 30, 2017

QLC Mayoral forum complete from Stevens

Here is last Wednesday's mayoral forum hosted by Stevens at the Debaun auditorium.

The mayoral forum is divided into two approximately one hour segments and features: Hoboken resident Ron Bautista, Councilman Mike DeFusco, Councilman Ravi Bhalla, City Council PresidentJen Giattino, Hoboken resident Karen Nason and Freeholder Anthony Romano.

The entire proceedings come courtesy of the Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition and is moderated by Bob Bowdon.

Ravi Bhalla pay to play NJ Transit connections erupt with weekend Fox News TV ads

The breaking Saturday exclusive where a shadowy PAC is running TV adds on the Fox News Channel urging voters to vote for Ravi Bhalla continues what looks like a daily run heading to next week's Hoboken mayoral election.

The ads fronted by a PAC called "Stronger Foundations Inc." is connected to a major union with strong ties promoting NJ Transit's efforts to develop its property in downtown Hoboken.

For years Hoboken residents have fought against a plan for large scale development at the NJ Transit site featuring towering skyscrapers proposed. NJ Transit had proposed a $1 billion Hoboken and Terminal Yard Redevelopment Plan with residential buildings as high as 45 stories a 70 story commercial tower. 

The proposal if implemented would destroy the character of Hoboken.

Ravi Bhalla Towers? A rendition of the NJ Transit proposed skyscrapers at Hoboken's Lackawanna Terminal.
Commercials for a PAC supporting Ravi Bhalla for mayor have appeared all weekend on the Fox News Channel.
Bhalla is a law partner with Florio Perrucci who features NJ Transit as a client.

NJ Transit is also a client of Florio Perrucci, the politically connected law firm raking in millions in NJ government contracts where Councilman Ravi Bhalla is a law partner.

Previously, concerns of conflicts of interests erupted when Councilman Bhalla was questioned about Florio Perucci's work for another client, Suez water. Bhalla would later recuse himself from participating in discussions about a controversial contract put up for consideration by Mayor Zimmer. The proposed contact saw no sponsor but would rollover a $8.35 million liability into a new decades long contract. 

The Bhalla campaign led by Ravi Bhalla and his council at-large slate of Jim Doyle, Emily Jabbour and John Allen support the proposed Suez water contract. The proposal did not receive a single sponsor on the City Council and has seen no action taken.

Ravi Bhalla's campaign was contacted over the weekend and asked about the PAC TV ads on Fox News its union connections and ties to NJ Transit but declined comment.

Related: The MSV Saturday Exclusive broke the story of the Fox News TV ads urging Ravi Bhalla be elected mayor by a PAC connected to a NJ union with close ties to NJ Transit and its plans for major downtown development in Hoboken:

Council candidate Joshua Einstein debuts video address

Official release:

Joshua Einstein, the independent candidate for Hoboken City Council launched another means of communicating with the voters today – a campaign video. Many campaigns have videos and Einstein’s makes good spirited fun of them by pointing out that they all take place out and about in town as if voters weren’t aware of where they lived. The video, which at a little over 3 minutes is concise and to the point, dives head on into the meat and potato issues facing Hoboken as well as the fact the Einstein has a written record of addressing said issues in depth and in print in numerous newspapers and websites.

In the video Einstein also pokes fun at some of the major mayoral campaigns for conducting never ending polling in order to identify the issues. On this Einstein stated “I believe that everyone running for mayor and the council candidates in their factions have the best intentions, but it is a bit funny that many of these campaigns are so insecure in their knowledge of Hoboken’s challenges that they have had to constantly do mass calls to residents to figure them out.” He continued, “you would think that after so many years living in our town or serving in local government they would have an idea of the issues the people care about.”

On these issues, Einstein highlighted the over-bonding that if continued will lead to tax increases, the sorry state of Hoboken’s roads, the destruction of Washington St, eminent domain abuse, the war on parking, and the high cost of living. To find out more about Hoboken’s independent candidate for City Council visit On November 7, vote 1-I – Joshua Einstein!

Hoboken Proud BoE slate makes their case

Official release:

Election Day is fast approaching!  We have been actively campaigning at soccer fields, community festivals, schools and all around town talking to residents about our desire to give back to our community.  We are passionate that strong schools and a strong community go hand in hand.  As longtime residents and parents of children who attend district schools, we feel that the Hoboken Public School District has what it takes to be our communities' No. 1 choice.  We have included some information below on why we think you should vote 5-6-7 and what makes us Hoboken Proud!

Why Vote 5-6-7!
  • We have a combined 50 years of leadership experience in finance, accounting and internal auditing.
  • Our children all attend the Hoboken Public School District, so we know first-hand about the progress, innovative programs, great teachers and administrators. 
  • Our mission is to raise awareness of the great things happening across the district today and we will work with the administration on further enhancing education in Hoboken.
  • We believe that supporting Dr. Christine Johnson means supporting her with our words and our actions.  We will work constructively with the superintendent and the business administrator to build a fiscally responsible budget that will support district students, teachers, administrators, and facilities.  
  • Our commitment to the district speaks for itself.  Sharyn, serving on the board for the last three years, has displayed through her actions and voting record her wholehearted support for the students, teachers and administration of the district.  Chetali serving as PTO officer for the last three years and Melanie's active volunteerism in school PTO efforts and leadership over the fundraising committee for ad sales for K-12 theater program exemplify their dedication to Hoboken’s children in time and energy.  They both having been regularly attending the BOE meetings for the past three years.  They are eager to take their involvement to the next level.  
What does it mean to be “Hoboken Proud”?
  • We are passionate about our Hoboken Community and deeply committed to the town.  We are proud of the Hoboken District schools and all they have to offer our children
  • Our motivation to become board members is based on our own positive experiences in the district. Plain and simple. This is not a stepping stone to a future in politics, this is a stepping stone to making our district schools Hoboken’s No. 1 choice. 
  • Each of us attended public school for our own primary and secondary education.  We believe that strong public education is the backbone of our society and critical to the success of our community and country.  High-quality public education is the great equalizer, giving every child the opportunity to learn and succeed.
  • We appreciate all the diverse educational options that Hoboken offers to families and we respect parents’ decisions about the school that best meets their family's needs. Be it charter, parochial, private, or the Hoboken Public School District, each offers a unique approach and contributes to the vibrancy of Hoboken.