Friday, June 29, 2018

Ravi Bhalla fundraiser sees headliner Senator Cory Booker bail

Mayor Ravi Bhalla who held his second fundraiser while holding the executive position for a mere half-year had some explaining to do to guests last night.

The advertised $1,000 a pop affair saw its headliner, NJ Senator Cory Booker bail.

Was there a dire national emergency requiring Senator Cory Booker to appear on TV to falsely allege President Trump is under "criminal investigation" keeping him away or something more local of a radioactive nature making him keep a safe fallout-free distance away?

Oh, and Senator Menendez also said to be making an appearance was a similar no-show.

The four-digit pricetag Bhalla event "honoring" himself with showers of loot claims
a Senate vote kept Booker in DC where an overwhelming vote in favor
of a farm bill passed yesterday.

Here's Sen. Cory Booker following up his late afternoon appearance on MSNBC with another
TV appearance later on CNN. 

Talking Ed Note: Perhaps the reason for Booker's no-show has more to do with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez "foot in mouth" disease" combined with NJ Supreme Court censure affliction

Thursday, June 28, 2018


Mayor Ravi Bhalla sees his remarks against Millenial Hispanic woman candidate backfire

Hoboken's new mayor is facing a new firestorm of criticism after his remarks denigrating a Millenial Hispanic woman from the Bronx running for Congress became public.

The backlash is part of his eye-opening comments and events leading to the upset Democratic primary election Tuesday where Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeated Congressman Joe Crowley, who holds the number four leadership position for the party in the US House of Representatives.

Critics are pointing to Ravi Bhalla's novel habit of siding with Machine power and opposing women candidates and officials including self-declared progressives as he continually seeks higher elected office out of Hoboken to advance his political career.

Of Alexandria Ocasio-Ortez, a 28-year-old Bronx resident, Bhalla said:
It's not amateur hour in Washington. We cannot have inexperienced people in their 20s..."

Earlier this month, Ravi Bhalla sided with HudCo powerhouse State Senator Brian Stack's attempt to take over the county machine against Jersey City schoolteacher Amy DeGise. Reports said Bhalla had refused to even speak to her leading into the contest for county Democratic chair.

Video courtesy of the New Jersey Globe

Last weekend, while Ravi Bhalla was seen cozying up to the big party machine two bodies of water away in Queens on Facebook Live, the Mile Square City suffered a brutal traffic jam downtown on its southern entrance.

Hoboken residents are questioning why a traffic jam over the weekend was not adequately addressed even as the City of Hoboken announced anticipated downtown road delays earlier on Friday.

MSV reached out to Ravi Bhalla's campaign spokesman for comment last night for this story but there was no response. If the mayor's office wishes to make comment, MSV can be contacted at

One of two Bhalla political aides in the mayor's office, Jason Freeman, is 29.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Congressman Joe Crowley stunned in NYC primary upset by socialist upstart

Mayor Ravi Bhalla trashes 28-year-old Hispanic woman upset winner

In a stunning primary result with little more than 10% of the eligible voters turning out, Congressman Joe Crowley a 10 term Queens party boss went down to defeat at the hands of a 28-year-old socialist female challenger in the New York City (Queens-Bronx) Democratic primary.

Crowley, a senior member of the Democratic leadership in the US House of Representative saw a double-digit loss at the hands of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from the Bronx.

Last weekend, Hoboken mayor Ravi Bhalla joined Crowley on a Facebook Live event crossing two bodies of water for the staged campaign finale in what was believed a layup against token opposition.

Hoboken mayor Ravi Bhalla with his former campaign manager Vijay Chaudhuri
on the mic with outgoing Congressman Joe Crowley (D) last weekend in Queens.

The link between Crowley talked about as a possible replacement to Democratic Congressional leader Nancy Pelosi, is his campaign manager, former Hoboken resident Vijay Chaudhuri who served in the same role for Bhalla last year in the Mile Square City's contentious down and dirty Hoboken campaign.

While Ravi Bhalla would see an eventual victory garnering 32% of the Hoboken vote in a major four-way race, Crowley has rarely seen opposition in his 20-year congressional career. Chaudhuri, his campaign manager was quoted only last month and didn't see the hardcore attack from the radical left coming. "The people of Queens and the Bronx have elected Joe Crowley to represent them in Congress by an overwhelming majority each and every time his name has appeared on the ballot," Chaudhuri said, adding, "This year will be no different."

Already, the defeat is being compared to the biggest Congressional election upsets in recent years and Hoboken's perennial national candidate Ravi Bhalla sees another networking effort snuffed in its infancy.

Prior to the controversy erupting over a NJ Supreme Court decision where the Hoboken mayor almost saw his law license suspended for avoiding paying monies owed a former employee for nearly seven years, Bhalla went down with the Hudco insurrection on behalf of NJ State Senator and Union City Mayor Brian Stack.

NY Times, * denotes incumbent.

Related: Hudson County View followed up the MSV story where Ravi Bhalla said of the winner, Ocasio-Cortez, "It's not amateur hour in Washington; We cannot have inexperienced people in their 20s."

This evening in Fargo, North Dakota, President Trump followed statements earlier today saying he wasn't a fan of the 20 year Congressman but said before a cheering crowd of thousands, "Joe Crowley got his ass kicked."

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Statement from Councilman DeFusco on Mayor Bhalla's Arts Bonding Announcement

Official release:

"The city should certainly be doing more to support local artists and Mayor Bhalla's proposal to allocate one percent of the city’s debt to arts is intriguing, but this announcement leaves more questions than answers as to how the program would actually be implemented and administered. This is the first that members of the City Council have heard about this and it's disingenuous how Mayor Bhalla continuously claims that Council members won't work with him and then throws out a completely vague program with no Council or community discussion. The Council takes bonding and the expenditure of taxpayer dollars very seriously and that's why this necessitates a careful review of debt spending, however, I look forward to working with the administration to elevate the arts as a priority across Hoboken."

Related: The Jersey Journal published a story on Mayor Ravi Bhalla's latest executive order diverting bond ordinance funding to "the arts" up to a million dollars in his term.

The Bhalla executive order is available here.

'First Amendment expression for the rule of law is no crime'

The following guest pieces comes from Hoboken resident and 2017 City Council candidate Joshua Einstein.

Councilman Ruben Ramos is abusing his position on the City Council. His public attempts at bullying a member of the community for having a point of view he disagrees with is infantile and his willingness to leverage his position as an elected representative is demonstrable evidence he lacks an understanding of the basic rights all elected officials swear to uphold. Even worse is the fact that his chosen target is a community volunteer who spends his private time on an unpaid public board serving the most underprivileged residents of our city. This man is Hovie Foreman and juxtaposed his apolitical service-driven commitment to the community is Ramos’s taxpayer-supported quest for greater attention - now at the expense of freedom of speech.
Forman is being persecuted for expressing his views on illegal immigration on his personal Facebook page. Ramos has stated that Forman has “decided to echo false Trump talking points and attack children.” Yet, were Ramos aware of recent history he would know the national discussion on child immigrants crossing the border illegally, and only declaring asylum once apprehended, has been struggled with prior to the Trump administration. In fact, despite Ramos’s attempts to deploy illegal immigration as a wedge issue dividing American’s, there are many Democrats who know how complex of an issue it is. As a Democrat, Hoboken City Council member, and former NJ State Assemblyman, Ramos should remember the words of former Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, who in a 2014 interview with Christiane Amanpour, argued both for amnesty for longtime illegal immigrants who are integrated into American society and against letting child immigrants stay in our country because “we don't want to send a message that is contrary to our laws or will encourage more children to make that dangerous journey.”
Not one to let an opportunity to divide Hobokenites go un-abused, Mayor Bhalla chimed in that Forman’s perspective on illegal immigration, shared by 54% of likely voters according to a recent Rasmussen poll, “calls into question his ability to represent the constituency he serves as a commissioner. Hoboken is and remains a fair and welcoming city for all.” This is despite the fact that illegal immigrants are prohibited from living in public house projects such as the Hoboken Housing Authority unless they have a legal resident or citizen family member living there. 
Surely, if the immediate former leader of the Democratic Party believes the topic of illegal immigration is one both of nuance and deterrence, Ramos and Bhalla should back away from totalitarian tantrums aimed at fellow citizens over a difference of opinion. Moreover, attempting to claim a simplistic moral high ground rejected even by their party’s most recent standard-bearer, shows how out of touch and hyper-partisan Ramos and Bhalla are. In their respective anti-free speech word vomits, both elected officials purposefully conflate support for immigration law with being anti-poor and ignore the fact that the unskilled labor illegal immigration provides, often at below the legal minimum wage, economically knee-caps the underprivileged Americans they pretend to care for.

Both Ramos and Bhalla may claim to be defending the Hoboken Housing Authority (HHA) residents but the reality is that they both voted Forman onto the HHA board not very long ago in 2016. Since then, Forman has served both the HHA residents and the Hoboken community by volunteering his time to make people’s lives better. Both Bhalla and Ramos should be admonished for their hysterical and counterfactual attempts to caricature Forman, a community leader who believes in public service, into a strawman they can huff and puff against in order to earn cheap political partisan points. Ramos, in particular, should be ashamed of his fascistic demand that one either agree with him or be purged and should be embarrassed for taking advantage of his political position to attack free speech.

Related: Today the US Supreme Court affirmed the presidential travel ban and the rule of law.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Ravi on the brink?

The revelation of how Ravi Bhalla subjected a former employee to years-long abuse as the NJ Supreme Court wrote he failed to take "any substantial steps" to see the employee paid over $6,200 shocked many.

Among those shocked are the hardest core supporters, Ravibots!

Is this failure to keep a promise and return the money until 2016 and 2017 the following year after an August 2015 grievance was filed to see the monies returned a mere symptom due to lacking a bookkeeper or something closer to a harsher reality?

The latest Ravi Bhalla scandal comes on the back of the City Council seeking transparency on the mayor's second job.

The Jersey Journal further covered this aspect of the story:

Political clash continues over Hoboken mayor's second job

Members of Hoboken's council want Mayor Ravi Bhalla to report regularly on his earnings and clients at his second job. 

On Friday, the mayor released a memo stating "in the spirit of transparency and collegiality," he announced delivering one new client to the Republican law firm, Lavery Selvaggi, Abramovitz & Cohen this year.

According to Mayor Bhalla, he hasn't been paid any commissions to date for the one client landed. He, however, failed to point to the employment contract of the second job where he has not covered in new business delivered to date the $60,000 base salary before commissions are paid as stipulated in the agreement.

The mayor's memo listed a dozen items - what he called his "track record." The first item listed is "paving and rehabilitating Washington Street to 9th street "by mid-July," a date in the future. The memo then stated Bhalla has "not required the participation of the City Council," a shot likely to only further alienate most on the nine-member body that has approved the vast majority of Administration requests to date.

The City Council does not appear likely to end its efforts seeking a formalized process of quarterly updates on Bhalla's commissions, earnings and client contracts in the face of his sudden announcement after months of obstinacy to their previous requests.

Bhalla voter regrets

While many in Hoboken are only learning of Bhalla's NJ Supreme Court censure and don't know the complete unseemly details, insiders have and several voiced strong displeasure.

Their answers range, depending on confirmation bias to completely overlook the implications of Bhalla's former employee not paid monies requested and owed for almost seven years to outright "disgust," and worse.

One close observer who thought Bhalla the best among the mayoral choices last fall noted, "if people knew about this during the election, no one would have voted for him."

Other insider comments were harsher and are not published due to foul language. No one wanted to be quoted on the record either way.

At Sybil's Cave, Ravi Bhalla's fanatical paid political operative host avoided addressing any substance of the NJ Supreme Court's censure of Ravi Bhalla. When a reader asked if anyone would comment about "the lasted Ravi scandal" they were urged to stay on topic and stick to an attack on council members.

Former Hoboken mayor Dawn Zimmer, who last year declared Ravi Bhalla the "only" mayoral candidate she trusted has not been heard from since the news broke last week of the NJ Supreme Court's censure of Ravi Bhalla.

During the mayoral race, Zimmer actively campaigned for Bhalla and offered him her unqualified endorsement. Her husband, Stan Grossbard worked on the Bhalla for Mayor campaign. Neither responded on the record to the substance of the Bhalla censure by the NJ Supreme Court or when they learned about the case.

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher: LOTS Up & Coming Including 7/4th Festivities!

Official release:

Dear friends and neighbors:
Happy first official Monday of summer!  Hoping the rest of the summer weather follows today’s – sunny, high of 82 and zero chance of rain!  So much is happening that I am going to break this update into a couple of parts – Up and Coming & What You Should Know.  Let’s begin with Up & Coming because there is a lot starting with TONIGHT!
6/25 – MASTER PLAN RE-EXAM 2nd and Potentially Final Public Hearing.  124 Grand / Multi Service Center 7-9pm
This is singly the MOST IMPORTANT DOCUMENT for Hoboken and sets the stage for potential zoning changes including building heights, density, uses.  Included in this plan are some of the more controversial changes: recommendations for up-zoning and 4 structures over 200 feet on the top of the hill for Stevens and changing the designation of the residential areas south of 4th street from R1 to R2 to increase density (ability to build more units & taller structures) and add more ground floor commercial.   My main criticism of the plan are threefold:
  • The City Council was specifically excluded from the process which is astounding.  And again, if you ask anyone, anywhere involved with city planning and governance about what and who should be involved in such an important process, the governing body is at the top of the list.  
  • The re-exam is incomplete on important elements.  Instead of incorporating a review of important elements (official sections) in the plan like Education, Community Facilities, Housing, and Transportation/Circulation needs, the plan recommends that the city undertake these reviews separately, in the future (at additional cost and time that is currently not budgeted).  
  • The plan all but ignores the conclusions and the impacts on everything in our community of the 2018 build out study that suggests that currently, under existing zoning and approved plans, our housing units and population will increase 20+%.  This increase is BEFORE up-zoning contemplated in the plan and any additional residential development approved as part of the North End redevelopment process.  
  • Those who responded to the survey do not reflect the demographic make- up of our community and those more disadvantaged are under-represented.
Click HERE to find links to the Re-Exam and the Land Use element documents.  I plan to attend this important meeting again tonight and I hope you do as well.   If the plan is approved tonight, the council then determines what, if any, actions it will take to codify recommendations and make official zoning changes.  The council did not codify recommendations under prior undertakings (2004 Masterplan and 2010 re-exam).  

Friday, June 22, 2018

City: Weekend Road Closures Begin at 8 p.m. Friday

Official release:

Due to construction work being done to upgrade the underground water meter facility, the following roads in southwest Hoboken will be closed this weekend beginning 8 p.m. Friday and reopening at 5 a.m. Monday:
  • Harrison Street will be closed at Paterson Avenue not allowing southbound traffic from Paterson Avenue to Observer
  • Harrison Street will be closed at Observer not allowing southbound traffic from Observer to Newark Street
  • Newark Street from Monroe to Harrison Street will be closed to both east and westbound traffic
Additionally, westbound lane of Newark (between Madison and Monroe) will be tapered with traffic cones two left turn only lanes onto Grove Street.

Councilwoman Emily Jabbour declines to vote yea or nay on Patty Waiters

Outside of the bombshell scandal unveiled before the City Council meeting involving Mayor Ravi Bhalla and his non-payment abuse of an employee pushing a decade leading to the NJ Supreme Court action against him, two Hoboken Housing Authority seats were filled.

One with zero controversy came by unanimous vote on behalf of Aaron Lewitt, a founder of the Elysian Charter school. He was sponsored by City Council Vice President Jen Giattino and Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher.

The second planned vote for Eduardo Gonzalez was pulled immediately at the start of the meeting and replaced with bomb thrower Patricia Waiters.

Wait, Patricia Waiters? This Patricia Waiters?

Waiters who has taken race-baiting performance art at the microphone to Al Sharpton-like levels for years in Hoboken, is also the former Assembly aide to ethnic ethics-free cleanser Carmelo Garcia and appeared at the council meeting to remind them she's an HHA candidate. She also insinuated to the nine-member body she won't be far to repeat her allegations they are all racist and launched a bizarre rant at Councilwoman Vanessa Falco who happens to be African American. No assault on Councilwoman Jen Giattino at this meeting; let's call that progress.

The vote for Eduardo replacement Waiters went exactly as MSV predicted and exactly opposite to what Ravi Bhalla's Queen Ravibot and paid political operative propagandist Nancy Pincus claimed. Councilman Jim Doyle unceremoniously voted "no" to installing Patricia Waiters on the HHA board joining the good government trio of Peter Cunningham, Jen Giattino and Tiffanie Fisher.

Councilwoman Emily Jabbour
On the Waiters vote, 'I'm here, present'

Then the critical moment with four votes aligned to approve Waiters as Emily Jabbour was up on the roll call.  City Clerk Jimmy Farina called her name to vote.


"Present," as in I wish to indicate I'm here sitting in a chair on the dais of the City Council. "Present," as in sorry running mate Jim Doyle, you take the heat and get called nasty names because I'm not going to walk that plank with you and the good government council colleagues. Jabbour who is five months into an elected position she had little knowledge and less history on local townhall issues perhaps gets a little slack with a primer from the MSV archives back to 2009 on the "The Art of Abstain."

Elected representatives being who they are, can sometimes forget the chief purpose of their presence in an elected body: representation.  Almost always, a vote of abstention requires an explanation, either in the political body where cast but certainly to the public at large. 

When someone chooses to vote present or abstains on a vote, they alienate all the other voting participants of a body and their own supporters, not to mention the entirety of their constituents in one fell swoop.

What's Councilwoman Jabbour's reason for the passive-aggressive action against her colleagues, the good government trio and her running mate Jim Doyle? MSV reached out twice for comment and received no reply.

Meanwhile, Waiters, who reportedly is verbally assaulting officials at BoE meetings with her trademark bomb throwing will only feel empowered to return with her signature performance art at council meetings.

She'll 'be bach' but maybe this time the next assault will be on a different council member. Nothing should be scrubbed from the recording of the council meeting this time.

Update: Minutes after publication, Councilwoman Emily Jabbour offered this comment via email:

"I do not feel that the Council should have moved forward on the second seat for the HHA Board because we didn't publicly notice the names up for consideration. We received Andrew's application at 12:35pm along with another qualified applicant and had received several other strong applications the day before. I had many residents reach out to me in support of Aaron's application because his name was noticed publicly. I did not feel comfortable voting on individuals who had not received the same due process and opportunity for public comment.

I would also note that James Sanford asked us to postpone the vote in order to properly vet all of the applicants. He commented as such during public comment and emailed the Council with this request."

Talking Ed Note: Voting "yea" to a Patricia Waiters on the HHA board: Mike DeFusco, Michael Russo, Vanessa Falco and Council President Ruben Ramos.  Voting nay: Peter Cunningham, Jim Doyle, Tiffanie Fisher and Council Vice President Jen Giattino.

Not voting but "Present" - Emily Jabbour.

The resolution to install Waiters on the HHA failed on a 4-4-1 outcome. Council President Ruben Ramos later nominated former council candidate Andrew Impastato. He submitted his application a year back and is known for working with children at the HHA. His nomination passed easily 7-1-1 with Councilwoman Emily Jabbour voting "abstain."

The HHA board is heaving a sigh of relief. Members Dave Mello and James Sanford both appeared before the council asking for new members. While neither asked that Waiters be nixed, it was implicit as both have been on the receiving end of Patricia Waiters verbal abuse in HHA meetings.

Related: Carmelo Garcia's paid aide goes on racial rant at HHA meeting

Municipal Republican Committee Elects New Leadership

Official release:

Municipal Republican Committee Elects New Leadership

The Hoboken Municipal Republican Committee held its biennial re-organization meeting, June 18, 2018, at Willie McBride’s in Hoboken at 6:30pm.

The meeting was chaired by former Hoboken Republican Committee Chair, Diana Davis, well known in the “Mile Square City” since 2000 for having revitalized the local Republican Party and for building a strong Hoboken Republican presence.
The main item on the agenda was to elect a new executive board. The meeting, comprised of a majority of Hoboken elected municipal committee members, unanimously elected Chris Carbine to the office of Chair, Dolores England as Vice-Chair, Joshua Einstein as Secretary, and Kathy DeRose as Treasurer.

“We are looking forward to building upon the already tremendous growth of the Republican Party in Hoboken”, said Mr. Carbine.

The new executive board and committee members are energized for the upcoming election season, particularly in supporting and getting out the vote for United States Republican Senate candidate, Bob Huginand the entire GOP ticket.

MSV publishes official releases from local and elected officials of government related interest to the Hoboken community with no editorial comment, the longest running and widest seen service in Hoboken. Submissions may be made to

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Councilmembers Ramos & DeFusco: Ravi Bhalla must disclose clients or resign second job

Official release:

In Wake of Bhalla’s Supreme Court Censure, Ramos & DeFusco Call on Mayor to Disclose Clients or Resign from Second Job

Hoboken, NJ – Just hours after it was revealed that Mayor Ravi Bhalla had been censured by the State Supreme Court for an ethics violation, Hoboken City Council members Ruben Ramos and Mike DeFusco's proposed ordinance that would mandate that the Mayor disclose his clients and compensation from his controversial and unprecedented second job was scheduled to be voted on at last night's meeting. That vote was tabled, however, after Corporation Counsel Brian Aloia publicly declared that he would not enforce the ordinance. This shocking refusal by the city’s attorney to hold Mayor Bhalla accountable for potential conflicts of interest related to his business development job with a politically connected law firm leaves the city open to serious liability and undercuts the public’s trust in the Office of the Mayor.

"It's appalling that after months of the Mayor ignoring the City Council and refusing to accept any oversight regarding his second job that he would then send Corporation Counsel out to publicly threaten Council members last night for simply trying to bring sunshine to this unprecedented situation,” said Council President Ramos. “Transparency is essential to protect the city and taxpayers from potentially damaging conflicts of interest due to Mayor Bhalla's employment at a politically connected law firm, and if the city attorney won’t enforce this then the Mayor needs to do the right thing and disclose his clients voluntarily.”

Ramos and DeFusco are calling on Mayor Bhalla to voluntarily disclose his clients and compensation from the law firm in order to ensure that no conflicts of interest with his role as Mayor occur. If Mayor Bhalla refuses, the Council members are calling on him to resign from the law firm and they will continue to pursue all options to ensure outside employment doesn’t create a conflict with Bhalla's role as Mayor, including but not limited to the formation of an ethics board.

“With Mayor Bhalla now being censured by the State Supreme Court for an ethics violation, in addition to his other past and ongoing ethical issues, Council oversight on this unprecedented situation is more urgent now than ever,” said Councilman DeFusco. “Given Mr. Aloia's refusal to act, we feel that there are only two valid options at this point: either Mayor Bhalla must voluntarily disclose his clients and income generated from his second job, or he should resign and return to his broken campaign promise of serving as a full time Mayor."

NJ Supreme Court: Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla just shy of law license suspension

New Jersey Supreme Court finds Hoboken mayor Ravi Bhalla didn't pay employee for six years!

What happened to the money?

It's the day after and a reading of the New Jersey Supreme Court censure of Ravi Bhalla reveals the full gory details.

The Hoboken mayor was an eyelash, one vote from seeing his law license suspended!

Worse, Ravi Bhalla didn't pay his former employee monies owed over years from 2008 and 2009 until a grievance was filed years later in 2015. Only then, in 2016 did he pay over $6,200 in retirement monies owed.

Within the NJ Supreme Court findings:
  • Ravi Bhalla's "nonchalance" regarding his employee's missing monies occurred over SIX YEARS
  • The stated nonchalance occurred while Ravi Bhalla was "under investigation and then disciplined in another matter..." He was reprimanded in that instance
  • The narrow 4-3 NJSC vote came within a vote of suspending his law license for three months
  • 3 votes sought to have Ravi Bhalla's law license suspended; two members didn't participate
  • The decision to censure not reprimand Ravi Bhalla was compounded by his repeated behavior
  • Ravi Bhalla failed to take "any substantial steps" to rectify not making payments to his former employee for "nearly seven years"
  • Ravi Bhalla "despite his promises" did not "return the funds" until 2016 and 2017
  • The employee's funds were not paid until after a grievance was filed in August 2015
  • Ravi Bhalla also failed to make proper Social Security payments for the same employee
  • Ravi Bhalla issued W-2 forms showing payments made to the IRS not made
  • "The question of what happened to the monies is unanswered." NJSC Page 9
  • Ravi Bhalla must reimburse the Disciplinary Oversight Committee for associated costs "in the prosecution of this matter." 
In an official statement on behalf of Ravi Bhalla, his campaign spokesman Rob Horowitz attempted to cover up the actual series of NJ Supreme Court findings saying:

"This was an inadvertent payroll mistake... The employee never informed Mr. Bhalla and then waited seven years and filed an ethics complaint. As soon as Mr. Bhalla realized there was an underpayment, he immediately paid the amount due."

But the NJ Supreme Court's findings differ sharply with that claim. 

Despite his promises, respondent did not review his records, follow up with (Alexander) Bentsen, or ensure that the funds were credited to Bentsen’s IRA. Although Bentsen made numerous requests of respondent to rectify the matter,.. he did not... return the funds to Bentsen until 2016 and 2017, only after Bentsen had filed a grievance against him, in August 2015.

The NJ Supreme Court came within a single vote of suspending Ravi Bhalla's law license for three months.

The complete legal decision rendered by the NJ Supreme Court:

Related: The Hudson County View covered this late-breaking news yesterday and tied it into the City Council's efforts for transparency on Ravi' Bhalla's second job. He is resisting providing their requests for quarterly reports on his outside earnings and client contracts with a Republican land use law firm.

The City Council held off on a final vote on the ordinance for transparency as it explores a possible option for re-establishing a local ethics panel.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 Hoboken mayor Ravi Bhalla censured for 'unethical' conduct by N.J. Supreme Court published a breaking story about Hoboken's mayor, Ravi Bhalla and it's not good.
From the late afternoon breaking story:

From the story:

Ravi's campaign spokesman has risen from the 2017 campaign grave to state:
"Ravi Bhalla accepts, but respectfully disagrees with the ruling," said Bhalla spokesman Rob Horowitz. 
The story ties into the pending ordinance up for a final vote on Ravi Bhalla's second job stating:
Wednesday's council action involves a proposed rewrite of the city code that would require the mayor to submit quarterly reports on any outside employment listing all income and a list of all clients and or contracts. Brian J. Aloia, Hoboken's corporation counsel, recommended to the council in a six-page memo that it not adopt the ordinance, calling the change "invalid and unenforceable."
Bhalla's critics on the council — there are six — have said they believe the mayor's part-time job with the Lavery firm raises potential conflict-of-interest issues.
Talking Ed Note: On behalf of all Hoboken good government advocates, Horsey says:


Grist for the Mill: Ravi to council: 'Shut up about my second job"

Tonight's City Council agenda features a second reading on a demand for transparency surrounding Mayor Ravi Bhalla's second job with the Republican land use law firm: Lavery, Selvaggi, Abromitis & Cohen.

The law firm employment contract, effective back to February turned Hoboken on its ear with Bhalla's broken promise exposed to leave his previous law firm and make Hoboken his singular work focus.

The Corporation Counsel, Brian Aloia, a political contributor to the Bhalla for Mayor campaign approved a legal analysis on the City Council's transparency request calling it illegal.

As a result of that obvious conflict, no one's persuaded.

The City Council, undeterred, went ahead at its last meeting and approved the ordinance 7-2 on first reading seeking details on Bhalla's earnings to date and who his clients are. The only two council votes against transparency in the public interest were Jim Doyle and Emily Jabbour. Both were running mates with Bhalla last November.

Ravi Bhalla is quite unhappy with this attention on his second job as he has been throughout. City Council members are on the receiving end of his alleged complaining phone calls today in a last-ditch bid to flip votes.

We get it Ravi, almighty dollar.


Talking Ed Note: The City Council should hold firm and seek the minimum transparency on Ravi Bhalla's second job. The public has a right to know, end of story.

Grist for the Mill is MSV's rumor column. Got a tasty carrot for Da Horsey? Send it to All email is kept confidential and is protected by Da Horsey's proven Reporter Privilege upheld under the NJ Shield Law in Hudson County Superior Court. In farm animals we trust.

Horse Sense: Going OG for the HHA

Or how many seats does it take to control the Hoboken Housing Authority Board?

Tonight is the last City Council meeting before summer recess. It's loaded for bear as the Nanny State Cometh. Businesses have it too easy in this small mile square municipality, courtesy of geography, so plastic bags must be banned in the Republic of Portlandia Hoboken.

Then there are the open seats on the HHA and fears by some about one jawboning accusation of racist as the tool to get an HHA board seat going back to the bad old Carmelo Garcia days. That little problem about the wild anti-Semitic statements at public meetings with doing "the right thing not the white thing," yeah, that's a problem too.

Which brings Hoboken to the latest First Amendment controversy as the Council President Ruben Ramos has decided one HHA commissioner has gone a bridge too far. Or rather, he's gone too far supporting the US Constitution and American law endorsing common sense with the run on the border.

Hoboken Housing Authority commissioner Hovie Forman shared the humorous thought above on his personal Facebook page. The concept of mocking the literal run on the border is apparently offensive and Ramos is calling for his seat to be vacated.

How Forman can't serve the HHA constituency is said in this typical jargon of code where upholding American law is overlooked even as elected officials swear to uphold the law, American law mind you, must go unsaid. Hoboken and by extension America must be a "welcoming city" to any illegal entrant for any reason. How else can you overthrow the local rabble who resist the globalist "progressive" light upon them? Get those voters here pronto!

No one will find odd the political class here or in Washington's swamp, both Republicans and Democrats are highly supportive of "transforming" American with a replacement population. It's not news but there's an industry with billions of dollars at stake annually. The cries of "for the children" are not actually supportive of the pre-election narrative.

The vast majority of children arriving on the US southern border are not entering with any parent. They are being used as a cover for drug cartel smugglers and worse, HUMAN TRAFFICKERS. Entire domestic business models are dependent on an industry where each child arriving in the US through illicit means is worth over $50,000 in related business.  

The industry dependent on this entire system of maintaining and increasing illegal immigration using children is deemed "Faith Based Immigration Services." Some would call it code for legalized human smuggling and of course, there's the slave labor benefit. Hard to distinguish who is the coyote on each side of the border.

If you abused kids inside the US like this, you'd be charged with child abuse and see the child removed. But there's an entire business model for this going on and it's dependent on the political racket which is dishonest and being resisted by a real resistance against the open borders rabble: the American people.

Hovie Forman is in the sights as a targeted local political flavor. Should he lose his board seat because he dared post a meme on his Facebook page in support of American law all local elected officials take an oath to uphold?

As if.

Two Hoboken Housing Authority seats are up for a vote tonight. The HHA board consist of seven members with four making a majority. There are already whispers with a desire to replace the board with a majority to then fire the current Executive Director Marc Recko.  He's had to take over an agency beset with financial problems and bring it back to life. This before a scam civil lawsuit saw a settlement of $700,000 to the former ED, Carmelo Garcia.

You know who is paying for most of that? The residents of the Hoboken Housing Authority. Not their insurance carrier, the HHA itself, the residents.

The more you know...

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

BREAKING: Councilwoman Emily Jabbour expected 5th vote blocking Eduardo Gonzalez's return to HHA


Fifth vote preventing Carmelo Garcia supporter Eduardo Gonzalez from returning to Hoboken Housing Authority Board found in Emily Jabbour

Hoboken good government council trio of Peter Cunningham, Jen Giattino and Tiffanie Fisher joined by Councilman Jim Doyle with fifth swing vote from Emily Jabbour expected to be decisive

Nancy Pincus of Sybil's Cave busted in another fabrication in latest attempt to denigrate good government trio in fanatical attack

A former Hoboken Housing Authority board member, Eduardo Gonzalez, who backed Carmelo Garcia in his controversial tenure as Executive Director of the HHA is expected to be rejected tomorrow in seeking another five-year term at the agency.

The fifth and decisive vote is anticipated from Councilwoman Emily Jabbour. The Hoboken City Council consists of nine members.

Gonzalez who also has been a failed candidate for the City Council, most recently in 2015 against Councilman Peter Cunningham in the fifth ward was a consistent rubber-stamp vote for Carmelo Garcia who led a controversial reign over the HHA and left it in financial tatters.

Earlier this year, Garcia cashed a settlement for $700,000 after filing several civil lawsuits against the HHA, City of Hoboken, Mayor Dawn Zimmer, her husband Stan Grossbard, the HHA board and several of its members going back to 2013. The civil lawsuit alleging discrimination and "ethnic cleansing" was thrown out the first time, mostly on a second attempt and then refiled a third time before the payout was agreed.

Gonzalez publicly praised Garcia in a letter while an HHA commissioner calling the agency's financial standing solid. After Garcia saw his contract terminated in 2013, information withheld from the board showed its financial situation dire.

The Hoboken Housing Authority has been the scene of controversial efforts targeting its vulnerable population for vote harvesting over years and been the focus of federal law enforcement investigation in the last decade.

The vote harvest has often centered on the alleged purchase of HHA resident votes using Vote by Mail.

Council Vice President Jen Giattino along with Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher are sponsoring Aaron Lewitt for an HHA commissioner seat. (CL2)

Council President Ruben Ramos and Councilwoman Vanessa Falco are sponsoring Eduardo Gonzalez to another open HHA commissioner seat. (CL3)

Both sponsored candidates are found readily available on the City of Hoboken council documents page.

Nancy Pincus, busted again in latest false attacks on the good government council
trio of Peter Cunningham, Jen Giattino and Tiffanie Fisher.
She claimed yesterday they were voting for Eduardo Gonzalez to return
for another term on the HHA.
Where is her apology to the Hoboken public and her latest victims?

Talking Ed Note: Councilwoman Emily Jabbour was contacted by email earlier this morning for comment on this story. An update will be published with any response.

As common last year during and after the thorny Hoboken mayoral election, Nancy Pincus is busted in her latest fabrication against the good government trio on the council. 

She's "updated" her earlier story without providing any correction on her false allegations admitting Eduardo Gonzalez does not have the votes. Pincus falsely alleged Gonzalez would get approving votes from the good government council trio of Cunningham, Giattino and Fisher.

Where is the evidence for her allegations?

Pincus is now claiming her "sources" told her "Jen Giattino requested the agenda item" for Gonzalez. But Council Vice President Jen Giattino is sponsoring a different HHA commissioner candidate: Aaron Lewitt. Her administrative function working with council colleagues is not indicative of her vote. Why would Councilwoman Giattino ever consider voting for Eduardo Gonzalez as she is well aware of his track record on the HHA and reliable alliance with Carmelo Garcia? (Gonzalez was also on a council ticket with Carmelo Garcia who ran an ugly campaign against Jen Giattino for the sixth ward council seat in 2015.)

Of public interest, who fed Nancy Pincus this bizarre, twisted lie which she published without confirming with her victims and targets of her latest foaming attack? The "administrative" misinformation had to come out of Ravi Bhalla's mayoral office.

Did Nancy Pincus speak to Jen Giattino? Did she speak to Tiffanie Fisher? Did she speak to Peter Cunningham before she made her latest false allegation misinforming the public they were all voting for Eduardo Gonzalez? Of course not. No one in their right mind will speak to Nancy Pincus as she is busted yet again in her latest political operative lies and known not to be trusted.

Who told her Eduardo Gonzalez had the votes of Giattino, Fisher and Cunningham? Her "sources" are the political aides out of Ravi Bhalla's mayor's office; no confirmation on actual facts is required.

Where is Nancy Pincus' public apology to the Hoboken public and her latest victims?

Monday, June 18, 2018

Summer of indictments and escape from Hoboken

Even as the "Summer of Indictments" is arriving, Hoboken never wearies of drama, controversy and non-stop politicking.

Our colleague at the Hudson County View highlights the coming campaign to influence Hoboken voters on their decision revisiting runoff elections this November and how "rumors persist" Mayor Ravi Bhalla "has inquired about the possibility of joining" State Senator Brian Stack in the NJ legislature.

Reference is made to the NJ Assembly seat under Stack currently held by Hoboken's Annette Chaparro. She's publicly voiced interest in continuing for a two-year term beyond her existing one but the mayor's political aide made a point of saying nothing had been discussed with her.

Historically, HudCo municipal mayors choose who they would like to run for their respective NJ Assembly seats.

What if Ravi Bhalla chooses himself as many close political observers believe he's maintaining a top tier list of me, myself and I.

To offset the "persistent rumors" over months first published on MSV, some will point at the difference in salaries for Hoboken mayor and Assembly. However, most members of the NJ Assembly hold outside full-time employment.

Doesn't Ravi Bhalla already hold a second job with a prominent politically connected NJ land use law firm?

Imagine how much Bhalla could earn as a member of the NJ Assembly while generating unlimited fat commissions with that employment contract and/or another politically connected law firm.

On Wednesday, the Hoboken City Council will look to finalize an ordinance mandating Ravi Bhalla turn over details of his 2018 earnings from his second job and list the clients involved. Currently, it's Bhalla's political contributor leading the Corporation Counsel's office who is "overseeing" the matter for potential conflicts. It's more like Silence of the Expanding Ravi Bollards than transparency.

It's an Rx for more conflicts than the numerous ones seen in the recently released DOJ IG Report.

A storm is seen in the distance with the "Summer of Indictments," after the release of
the first IG Report last week. A second IG Report on FISA abuse is pending.

Talking Ed Note: For those interested in corruption, massive conflicts of interests and the operation how to make America a police state, the recently released DOJ IG Report from Michael Horowitz is mandatory reading. (The authors/investigators in the body of the report are select and distinct from the summary/conclusion. Expect more revelations on that front too.)

A quick search for the DOJ IG Report is found here:

#TheStormisHere #TheStormIsUponThem #SummerOfIndictments

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher: Coffee with a Cop on Tuesday at Choco Pain

Official release:

Dear friends and neighbors:
Tuesday, June 19th from 730am-9am at Choco Pain at 15th and Washington.
Please join me as I host Mayor Bhalla, Hoboken Police Chief Ferrante, Captain Campbell, Lieutenant Miskulin, Sergeant Butler and Officer Montalvo on Tuesday morning for a great conversation and a cup of coffee and a delicious pastry from new to the 2nd Ward Choc O Pain Bakery.  
Come to discuss any and all public safety concerns you may have and / or thank our Hoboken Police for all that they do to ensure our safety.  Based upon feedback from last year's event at La Isla, we made it earlier this time at 730am (it started at 830 last time) so that you can stop by on your way to work or before or after taking your children to school.  As a council member, I would say that the number one issue I hear about the most are safety related concerns.  So if any of the following (or others) are areas where you have questions and / or would like to know more, please join us!  
  • safety and traffic enforcement at our intersections and cross walks
  • bicycle and pedestrian safety on our streets and sidewalks
  • package thefts  
  • parking garage thefts 
  • how they see and are handling our local opiod issues
  • the state of those homeless in our community
  • safe installation of car seats (a service HPD do that many do not know about)
At the same time, I also hear people tell me how lucky and how secure they feel in our community.  And this is because of our many public safety teams and in particular our Hoboken Police.  So even if you don't have any immediate concerns, please also join us to say hello, meet our Police Chief, introduce your children, or to just say thank you for keeping us all safe.

And as always, if you have any questions or want to discuss this or anything else, please feel free to call me at 201/208-1674.  Please also forward to anyone you know who might like to learn about this or other important updates!
Hoboken City Council, 2nd Ward
Engage. Inform. Advocate.
“More Voices are Better”

Friday, June 15, 2018

And the HudCo winners

The HudCo civil war is unofficially over but the payback for the insurrection will likely go on for years.  So, here are the winners who can count on benefiting as they hold the reins of the machine.

HudCo - the biggest winner is the machine itself. One party rule is assured for years to come with no significant challenge from anyone daring to show up on Line B. Transparency, good government initiatives and cutting taxes will never make it atop the agenda. Ever.

Amy DeGise - she broke the glass ceiling by winning the post of HudCo Democratic Chair. She's making some changes bringing on new faces as she gets underway but what real change will it mean? That's an open question but there's not going to be any significant change in the system's methodology. What's next for her? Her name is going to show up on something in an election.

Tom DeGise - the 18 years long County Executive is beaming with pride the family's political name will continue on and he's locked in for another term in office next year with no viable opposition. It's a HudCo tradition living on and on. He's making all the right calls and working with all the mayors to continue long-established relationships. Some calls will be returned slower than others. "Ravi, I just got your voicemail from last week.... No, we can't send you more police for SantaCon but you can get Westfield police with their double-overtime rates I hear."

Nick Sacco - the status quo means the song remains the same and Uncle Nick has an original album pressing of the Led Zepplin classic. He's vowed to play it every single day as he decides who's up and who's down. He'll be sorting this out for some time while he's rocking out. No longer on the Brian Stack birthday card list.

Ruben Ramos - the biggest factor in undercutting Ravi Bhalla's count out of the Hoboken Democratic Committee was his efforts reaching out to its members. He won't admit it but that's the word on the street and the double-digit numbers delivered proved significant. Combined with the dozens who defected in Jersey City, the Brian Stack insurrection was doomed from the start. The insiders all know it and now so do the readers here.

Mike DeFusco - reportedly worked supporting his council colleague Ruben Ramos in the HDC vote efforts. Making the effort as he did publicly puts him in the winners column. It also salves a bit of the pain with the phony "terror flyer" used against him in the closing days of the Hoboken mayoral election. Maybe Ravi Bhalla could have been a bit nicer to him after the election about that.  

Michael Russo - the ultimate Hoboken politician, it's Russo who put his chips on the counter and said "I do for you, you do for me" and is slated to win two chits. He's up to get County Freeholder and Executive Director of the North Hudson Community Action Corp. Oh wait.... Uncle Nick will remember Russo at Christmas and he's got the most gnarly bags of coal with his name on it.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Winners and Losers in the HudCo Civil War

With an annual budget more than half-a-billion strong, HudCo is a massive patronage slush fund where the trough keeps many fed.

Let's start with the losers because they are the ones who won't be getting their beaks wet, courtesy of HudCo.

Brian Stack - coexistence and a decade-long detente with his arch-rival Nick Sacco became untenable in his mind. He opted to go for the gold and seize the reins of the HudCo Democratic Chair as a path to winning the HudCo County Executive with his man (Steve Fulop) in 2019.

A massive mathematical error ensued as his main allies, Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop and Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla did not hold his boss like control over their local Democratic committees. The results were fatal as Fulop saw dozens of key defections and Ravi Bhalla saw approximately 25% of the HDC refuse to toe the line.

Other HudCo municipalities had no problem turning opposition out as everyone agrees Brian Stack only takes care of Union City and Brian Stack. A gauntlet bussed in to create an atmosphere of intimidation had no discernible impact other than strengthening the resolve of Amy DeGise's voters. Like watching a Boss Hague black and white documentary on political bosses fast-forwarded to present Technicolor without the tools to back it up.

Stack has already thrown in the towel on the HudCo civil war and confirmed he isn't going to put up a candidate for HudCo County Executive without controlling the line. Vote Line A, Senator Bob Menendez hopes HudCo delivers numbers as he faces a tough re-election bid this November. That corruption thing.

Steve Fulop - The Jersey City mayor is taking a beating before and since the election and gets the bulk of the blame on a numerical basis for lost committee votes. MSV sources outside Hoboken detailed a number into triple figures of Jersey City Democratic Committee members who held their seats over years and were not closed to DeGise. Fulop had no way to force them to toe the line since there was going to be an actual election with voting machines and a curtain.

Combined with confirmed double-digit defectors in Hoboken, they guaranteed Stack's defeat. Fulop's name is mud in HudCo and his stock has fallen rapidly since he bowed out of the NJ governor's race last summer. He's gone from being HudCo's savior to reach the promised land of the Trenton trough to disfavored stepchild.

The words recall and vendetta come up most around his name along with inert. HudCo may allow him to bleed out and then see him go away. Either way, he's a nowhere man.

Ravi Bhalla - Mr. 32% redeemed himself with Brian Stack by diving into a losing cause and trying to produce his allotment of 60 votes for the boss' ascension. He got in the ballpark so Stack is happy but his HudCo boss won't be able to deliver on all aspects of the deal. No US Congress seat for Ravi after Albio Sires retires in two years but Brian will send his crew down in 2019 to help in the council ward races. Aspiring to be a party boss has its privileges.

The downside and it turned out to be a big one; among the magical 80 theoretical Hoboken Democratic Committee votes, double digits did not go along with the "Vote Stack for Ravi/Hoboken Plan." The question, "What has Stack done for Hoboken?" was answered with "A vote for Stack is good for Ravi" and that wasn't cutting it. For some, that was an incentive to get down to Kearny and vote Amy DeGise.

MSV confirms the Hoboken defectors numbered well over a dozen in the range of 20 or more of HDC voters who quietly showed up and went behind the curtain and rejected Boss Stack. Ravibots are trying to spin the failure as a victory. Well, let's give them one.
Ravi Bhalla adapted to HudCo like a fish tossed into water.  HudCo deals were cut so fast and furious in his first few months as mayor, no one among his former Reform allies recognizes him.

In his first few months as mayor, Ravi Bhalla concocted a second job with a NJ Republican land use law firm, cut deals with Michael Russo and then with the HudCo boss of bosses, Brian Stack.

Does Ravi even remember how to spell Reform?

John Allen - one of the two taxpayer paid political aides in the Hoboken mayor's office, he reportedly took the entire week off from working inside City Hall to try to help his boss see political dreams come true. It didn't work out but not because of any lack of effort. Ravi, at least give him a steak knife.

Sybil's Cave - what happens when you combine fanaticism with a cult of personality backing on a scale rivaling Brian Stack's Union City voters who get turkeys at Thanksgiving? It's Syb's dark and dank cave, operating beneath sewer level dishing out the insanity, feeding misinformation and lies swallowed lustily to a small group of rabble, political operatives and Bhalla insiders. The temper tantrum crybaby whining is so bad, the head cave-dweller is blaming the good government Councilwomen Jen Giattino and Tiffanie Fisher for HudCo tax increases. One commenter even voiced a desire to drown Amy DeGise and was met with nothing approaching human decency in response.

Jim Doyle - sat back and watched Hoboken's upper level of government being turned into a HudCo party boss fiefdom without a murmur. Shades of the silence when he watched his former friend Councilwoman Jen Giattino trashed in a vicious Bhalla campaign assault last year. Et tu Jim?

Emily Jabbour - was being fast-tracked to replace Ravi Bhalla's early exit as mayor but that grooming will have to wait as the national candidate mayor will be among us for a while. Mommies against the Second Amendment in Hoboken can cool their jets. In the interim, read some George Orwell.

More to come.