Sunday, September 30, 2018

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher: "The End of Free Parking Starts Monday, 10/1"

Official release:

Dear friends and neighbors:  
The Administration announced Friday evening its plan to roll out new metered parking city-wide for visitors to Hoboken starting Monday, October 1st.  This will convert all four-hour, free parking on non-resident sides of the street to metered, four-hour parking.  Effectively this means an end to free parking in Hoboken between 9am and 9pm, Monday through Saturday.  Visitors, like residents, will now be required to pay for parking.  
  • NOTE: The rollout will begin from 8th – 13th, between Washington and Bloomfield.
  • At this time, this will be the only area affected.
As part of the roll out, the City is piloting the use of virtual meters via mobile payment zones instead of having physical parking meters.  Visitors will be able to pay for parking using the mobile app or by calling the meter provider ParkMobile.  Although as of this writing, no signs have been posted in the area first affected, be on the lookout for a sign that will look something like this:
How will this affect you and your visitors?
  • No changes for those with resident stickers; business, temporary, senior or other permits; or visitor permits or hangtags.
  • For visitors with no hangtag or permit:
  • On the non-resident side only, where there is a "WHITE" sign, will still be able to park for 4 hours, however, will be required to pay the “meter”. 
  • No other changes.
Click HERE for more information on the plan from the City.
Why didn’t you receive a Nixle / Community Alert from the Administration about this important change?
Good question.  I, like the majority of the City Council, when presented by the Administration with voting on any and all changes to our parking laws have insisted on effective communication as part of any roll out.  Our parking situation is chaotic enough without a stealth law change that will potentially cause people to be ticketed and fined.  
This roll out came with no notice as the Administration grapples with reduced parking revenue due to the prolonged timing of and disruption caused by the Washington St. Project.  When I asked for an alert to be sent, and not just postings to social media given the immediacy of the change and the potential risk of penalties for visitors, I was told that “FB and Twitter analytics” suggest “the word is getting out” and that “the biggest impact of this change is for visitors, not residents”.  
Maybe you feel differently and I am more of a Luddite than you, but I just disagree with this across the board.  And I feel that it is residents' visitors who are most impacted so residents are who should be told.  
Nonetheless, the change is happening.  We were also told by the Administration that there will be a short period where warnings will be issued, prior to any ticketing - so if you live in the area of the initial roll out and you didn't tell your friends or contractors about the change, don't worry.  Yet.  
What is my view on charging more for parking?
  • I am personally supportive of visitors paying for parking just like residents do and voted in favor of this in 2016.   However, I am concerned that these changes are just another blow to our businesses on and near Washington St. and the timing of this change couldn’t be worse as the Washington St. Project continues north.
  • I did not vote in favor of the virtual meters as I think this is going to be confusing and difficult for some people / generations who are not as technically sophisticated.  But I do see the benefit of not adding more vertical clutter to our already crowded sidewalks.  These virtual meters have been successful in other cities so I will keep an open mind and remain optimistic.   
  • And when the ordinances with parking rate increases come back for City Council consideration (they were carried at the last meeting), unless there are parallel, pro-business programs like a free “Shop Hop”, a validated parking program and/or holiday advertising program, I do not see myself supporting any meaningful increase in parking rates until the Washington St. Project is completed sometime in 2019. 
I know that the Administration is meeting tomorrow to discuss future communications relating to the continued roll out of this program so I will continue to provide updates as and when I have them.  
As always, feel free to reach out if you want to discuss this further, or anything else, by email or by phone 201/208-1674.  And please forward this to anyone you think would benefit from hearing about this.  IN PARTICULAR TO YOUR NEIGHBORS IN THE AREAS MENTIONED ABOVE THAT WILL BE AFFECTED BEGINNING MONDAY.
Hoboken City Council, 2nd Ward
Engage. Inform. Advocate.
“More Voices are Better”

Councilman Peter Cunningham: "Immediate Meterless Parking and Pop Up Park Meeting Updates"

Official release:

Dear neighbors and friends,

Hope everyone enjoyed the summer and welcome to the fall.  Today is our annual fall Arts and Music Festival so plan accordingly.  I also have two very important updates.

Effective this Monday, October 1st, metered parking will start in the neighborhood on the visitor's side of the street.  See press release from the Mayor’s Office below.  I support this effort as up until now, visitors parked for free.  We all know parking is a precious resource and is not free to the residents, and should not be free to visitors.  As many of you know, I fiercely objected to large bulky “physical” meters placed in our brownstone neighborhood having cited progressive measures in other cities using smartphones for meterless parking payments.  However, we need to more effectively notice our community as we bridge existing policy with new technologies.
I serve on the parking and transportation subcommittee of the council and we met on Wednesday.  The Director said nothing about this "roll out."  The communication misses an opportunity to inform our residents on what we are to do if your visitor does not have a smart phone.  Yes, hang tags and visitor parking placards will be honored.  It is my guess that they will continue indefinitely.  But, this communication misses that point. 
Secondly, we had a development this past week where BASF (former owners of the NW “pop up” Park property) conducted remediation efforts and distributed a flier to all residents causing environmental concern for the residents in the neighborhood.  No notice from the Administration or oversight on this BASF announcement which had misstated facts.  There's an important community meeting on this matter tomorrow night at the Wallace School. 

BASF/Pop Up Park Community Meeting
Wallace School (1100 Willow) @ 7pm
Monday, October 1, 2018
NB: If you can't make it, calls will be taken at the following number, Ed Vayo @ 215-740-0886.
I urge you all to attend to learn more about BASF’s remediation efforts at the NW "pop up park." 
Please circulate to your friends and neighbors, and let me know if you have any questions.
My next communication will address development and other parking issues in Hoboken.
Thanks, Peter


On Monday, October 1st, the City of Hoboken will restart the rollout out of its visitor side metered parking zone expansion to convert the 4-hour “visitor sides” of permit zones (white sign with green text) into 4-hour metered parking zones. Residents and all others with valid parking permits (including visitor hang tags) will be able to continue to park for free for an unlimited amount of time in the new zones. Vehicles without permits will still be permitted to park for 4 hours (as before) but will now be required to pay a fee. 

As part of the rollout, the City will be piloting the use of mobile payment zones in lieu of having physical parking meters. Mobile payment zones, which will be identified by Parkmobile signage, have been used with great success in other cities and offer many advantages over conventional parking meters. Advantages include: 
  • Parking session expiration reminders via text message, email, or push notification; 
  • Ability to remotely add more time to a parking session without having to walk back to a meter; 
  • Ability to pay for parking from the comfort of your vehicle on a cold, hot, or rainy day; 
  • Ability to store up to five license plates in the Parkmobile app, so you never have to worry about memorizing your license plate again; 
  • A record of your parking session transaction history is kept, which is good for record keeping and also helpful in the event of a parking ticket dispute; 
  • Promo codes for discounted parking can be offered during special events and holiday seasons; 
Mobile payment zones have the potential to save millions of taxpayer dollars by allowing meters originally purchased for the visitor side metered parking zone expansion to instead be used to replace existing meters throughout the city that are nearing the end of their useful lives.  

How Will This Affect Me? 

I have a Resident Permit: No change. You do not need to pay for parking in the visitor side metered parking (4 hour) zones. You must still pay for parking at 2-hour meter parking zones. 
I have a Business, Temporary, Senior, or other parking permit: You do not need to pay for parking in the visitor side metered parking (4 hour) zones. You must still pay for parking at 2-hour meter parking zones. 
I am a visitor and have a visitor permit or hangtag: You do not need to pay for parking in the visitor side metered parking (4 hour) zones. You must still pay for parking at 2 hour meter parking zones. 

I am a visitor and do not have a visitor permit: You may still park for up to 4 hours at all times but now must pay through Parkmobile between 9am and 9pm. You must still pay the meter at 2-hour meter parking zones as well. 

For more information, visit our FAQ page.


Friday, September 28, 2018

US Senate candidate for New Jersey Bob Hugin returns home to Union City

Bob Hugin, the US Senate candidate for New Jersey returned home to Union City speaking to voters at the Four Star Diner.

The Hudson Mile Square View will have the exclusive interview next week.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Pupie goes underground as heat grows hot on FBI Hoboken voter fraud investigation

The Jersey Journal weighs in with more highlights and new details in the FBI investigation uncovering the dark, shadowy world of alleged vote-buying in Hoboken elections.

The report goes further in detailing the connections on the unnamed political committee and the fire brewing on one of its main characters, Frank "Pupie" Raia.

The committee is linked to real-estate developer Frank Raia, who unsuccessfully ran for mayor in 2009 and for a City Council seat in 2013. When the referendum intended to weaken rent control laws first went to voters in 2012, Raia, known as "Pupie," was listed as the Let the People Decide chair in the group's campaign finance reports. Andrew Canonico was named as the treasurer.

Frank "Pupie" Raia as seen in a City Council meeting
several years ago. 
The report goes on to point out that the political committee, "Let the People Decide" is an address that is the home address of Raia and "Pupie" is not returning calls or text message. The Hudson County View yesterday reported on an attempt to speak to Raia and after identifying themselves, the line was promptly hung up.

Raia and Canonico listed their address on Let the People Decide's campaign reports as 450 Seventh St. in Hoboken. On a resident directory in the building's lobby, Raia's name appears next to a third-floor unit and Canonico's next to a fourth-floor unit. Property records show Raia owns both units.

The Jersey Journal report goes on saying the FBI arrest has stunned the Mile Square City.

The arrest has stunned political folks in this city, both because of the length of time between Camis' alleged misdeeds and her arrest and because she is unknown even to some people who are deeply involved in Hoboken's elections.

The MSV exclusive photo and story highlighted the day after the 2013 Hoboken election is also featured in the Jersey Journal report noting the scores of people lined up outside 520 Jefferson St., the Raia social club. 

The report also quotes City Council President Ruben Ramos who ran in 2013 and states a $250 donation was made to the accused's church and that Camis did not work for his campaign. The FBI states she worked for unnamed campaigns. In 2013, Raia ran for Hoboken City Council and along with former Councilwoman Beth Mason, backed a mayoral and council slate eventually losing to former mayor Dawn Zimmer.

Sign of the Times: The Crucible

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

More trouble brewing for The Hub

According to a late story yesterday in the Jersey Journal, more trouble is heading for The Hub. As reported:

Additional charges are expected to be filed by the city's Alcoholic Beverage Control Board against the Hub, the Hoboken bar that has drawn intense media spotlight after video footage emerged of lewd sexual acts being performed in the establishment.

The new charges are expected no later than later next month and other parties may be named in addition to the couple who indulged in "lewd" activities at the scene performed on the woman.

Police Chief Ferrante commented on the investigation:

"There's a lot of finger-pointing among a lot of different people -- there's a lot of lawyers involved representing multiple people -- so we're still sorting it out," he said.
He did not comment on when charges will be filed and against whom. The department has up to a year to file criminal charges, but will likely bring charges well before then, Ferrante said.
An earlier story last week suggests the male participant is a law enforcement officer from Pennsylvania according to a lawyer for The Hub.
The Hub launched an investigation after explicit videos of the incident went viral on social media early last week, prompting the city to close the bar, attorney Jeffrey Garrigan said in a statement.
"It is believed that the male is employed by the State of Pennsylvania as a law enforcement officer and it is our sincere hope that arrests are imminent for their lewd conduct which has seriously harmed our reputation," Garrigan said in the statement.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Councilwoman Jen Giattino: "A thank you to those who quietly help"

Official release:

Dear friends and neighbors,
St. Mary Advocates/Hoboken Thrift Shop at 536 Garden St. provides very inexpensive clothes, toys and other items for citizens of Hoboken who need them. Their proceeds (from sales) are used to support needy organizations and individuals. Items contributed to the Thrift store are tax deductible.
This year they have donated:
  • $7000  to Hoboken American Legion Post 107  to help with their construction of a building for homeless veterans
  • $5000 for the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance  
  • $5000 for HUMC ER privacy screens
  • $10000  for local student  scholarships in healthcare professions
  • $7000 to Shriner’s Children Hospital in Philadelphia
  • $1000 to Fight for Autism and $1000 to Friedrich’s Ataxia Research Alliance
All of these funds were generated by the Thrift Store which is staffed by non-paid volunteers. So, next time you are walking by pop in and say hello, give thanks and shop.
It is so refreshing to have an organization in our town, that with little fanfare, does the right thing.

Digging into the mire on questions swirling around Hoboken voter fraud

Today, MSV digs into the archives and pulls out this gem, an exclusive interview with Frank "Pupie" Raia from October 2010.

The interview came in the heat of a highly contested fourth ward special election to fill then-Councilwoman Dawn Zimmer's vacated seat when she became acting mayor in Hoboken. Zimmer by law became acting mayor after the arrest and resignation in July 2009 of Peter Cammarano. He acted in the role for less than a month before his arrest at the hands of the FBI who with an informant taped him accepting $25,000 in bribes for zoning considerations in the Mile Square City.

After the 2010 fourth ward special council election, an investigation would find its way to Trenton with the NJ Attorney General's Office but see no further action. Last week, the US Department of Justice announced an arrest connected to the 2013 Hoboken election for vote buying.

As for this gem of a story, it's simply radiant.

From the The Hudson Mile Square View archive, originally published October 28th, 2010.

MSV can confirm affidavits filed in NJ Superior Court name two well known Hoboken individuals alleging their involvement in a suspected vote-buying scheme on behalf of Tim Occhipinti.

Two individuals are named in the affidavits: Matt Calichio, who was mentioned earlier as possibly having problematic ties to the Occhipinti campaign on vote by mail transactions in the Hudson Reporter debate. 

The other is Frank Raia, the perennial candidate in Hoboken elections, most recently for Mayor last November as a suspect in another signed affidavit. 

Frank Raia denied any wrongdoing earlier today.

In an interview with MSV by phone, Frank Raia categorically denied he was involved in any way in vote by mail fraud.  "I don't know what the hell this is but they are playing with the wrong guy.  I can sue them all for defamation of character and sue them out of the town."

In a ripping tirade, Raia complained, "You haven't seen me knock on one door.  They are sore losers.  They should blame it (the election) on themselves."

Raia continued in a blistering rebuke of the charge in the complaint saying he knew nothing about it, "Whatever I've done, I've done for Dawn Zimmer, whatever they are accusing me of," he stated.  He then added ominously, "I will sue them all and drain all their money until they're homeless.  Go after someone else."

Raia ended by saying, "There will be repercussions if they play with me.  I put them (Mayor Zimmer and Mike Lenz) there. Without me, she wouldn't be in that chair (mayor's office.)  They will pay.  I will wipe them out.  Go and pick on somebody else.  They're desperate because they know they're going to lose."

Related: Over at the Hudson County View, John Heinis picks up on the public portion of the story where MSV left off yesterday and details more of the underwriting for the 2013 Let the People Decide political committee in Hoboken.

Monday, September 24, 2018

'Let the People Decide' on vote buying in Hoboken!


The 2013 Hoboken election is the target of an FBI investigation for alleged massive vote buying that became public with an arrest of an Old Guard foot soldier last week. The question on many lips, "when will the next shoe drop?"

The arrest ends mocking chatter into this year about the lack of any voter fraud arrest in Hoboken with the alleged illicit practice first uncovered by MSV back in 2010. That election saw an investigation find its way to the NJ Attorney General's Office but it quietly ended leaving many scratching their heads.

The scandal of vote buying in Hoboken became more rancid and epidemic after the 2010 voter fraud went unpunished. After the media publicity continued to expand beyond this website's reports, tactics altered to disguise and launder the alleged vote-buying operations typically in the fourth ward and senior buildings.

In the 2013 race, a two-fold pattern emerged. Some voters were being promised they would be paid for their votes only to be angered by a lack of payment as another campaign would see their "campaign worker" names listed far after the election with exact payments listed well into 2014.

Over $18,000 was reportedly spent by the 2013 "Let the People Decide" political committee for "campaign workers."

That NJ ELEC campaign report featuring eight pages of names almost invariably receiving $50 per person for their alleged campaign work but wasn't filed for more than a full year after Hoboken's 2013 election.

A sample of alleged "campaign workers" paid by the "Let the People Decide" political comittee in 2013.

The rest of this exclusive story is MSV Premium and will be sent to members by Tuesday.

Hoboken Proud 1-2-3 Kick Off Event Tonight!

Official release:

Please join Hoboken Proud for their Official Kick Off event tonight.  Grab a friend and meet the team!

Friday, September 21, 2018

Hoboken House of Cards?

Outside of one of the best theme songs in the history of television, the House of Cards series can't be beaten in Hoboken's crashing deck.

Yesterday, years of outright vote buying arrogance came up against the law and as The Clash would say, "the law won." Alright, that might be on the premature side but the first arrest in the rampant abuse of Hoboken Housing Authority residents seeing their votes purchased at election time ran into a major stumbling block.

As Hoboken voter fraud is a delectable Mile Square City delight; (MSV holds a culinary degree since 2010), there's much to consider on this FBI arrest.

Here's a tidbit of what you've been missing if you weren't a regular MSV reader circa February 2014:

The majority of almost 290 ballots not making the final election certification were never mailed - instead the majority of those contested ballots were handled by "bearers" of the Let the People Decide political committee.

The end to the legal election challenge means there will be no undoing of the narrow 122 vote victory among almost 10,000 cast after the legal complaint was voluntarily dismissed by Charles Gormally, Director of Litigation for Brach Eichler.

Renee Steinhagen, Executive Director of New Jersey Appleseed Public Interest Law Center, intervening on behalf of the Hoboken Fair Housing Authority expressed satisfaction the integrity of the election was preserved with the majority respected but added strong reservations on what had transpired leading into the court case saying, "It became apparent inconsistencies with rejected Vote by Mail ballots by the Let the People Decide campaign were mounting where irregularities and unlawful conduct were evident."

Steinhagen described the testimony heard in court as an "unlawful vote by mail scheme... that we all know has been in effect for at least the past four years, primarily in the fourth ward."

Talking Ed Note: There'll be more on all this but Horsey has to muster a gallop before Monday for our fine members of MSV Premium. For the rest, take a look at the link above.

As for fabricating Sybil's latest limp Manchurian Candidate push out of the mayor's office, stop laughing. Hey kid, Hoboken ain't a standup act and your buddy in the mayor's office isn't doing you any favors.

Smarten up!

Thursday, September 20, 2018



Hoboken Old Guard Vote-by-Mail soldier charged in promoting voter bribery scheme!

Official Department of Justice release:


NEWARK, N.J. – A Hudson County, New Jersey woman was arrested and charged today for promoting a voter bribery scheme by use of the U.S. mail, U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito announced. 

Lizaida Camis, 55, of Hoboken, is charged by complaint with a violation of the Travel Act for causing the mails to be used to aid voter bribery contrary to New Jersey state law. She is scheduled to have her initial appearance today before U.S. Magistrate Judge Mark Falk in Newark federal court. 

According to documents filed in this case and statements made in court:
Under New Jersey law, registered voters are permitted to cast a ballot by mail rather than in person. To receive a mail-in ballot, voters must complete and submit to their county clerk’s office an Application for Vote By Mail Ballot (VBM Application). After the application is processed, voters receive a mail-in ballot. 

From October 2013 through November 2013, Camis agreed to pay certain Hoboken voters $50 each if those voters applied for and cast mail-in ballots for the November 2013 Hoboken municipal election. Camis provided these voters with VBM Applications and then delivered the completed applications to the Hudson County Clerk’s office. After the mail-in ballots were delivered to the voters, Camis went to their apartments and, in some cases, instructed the voters to vote for the candidates for whom Camis was working. Camis promised the voters that they would be paid $50 for casting their mail-in ballots and told them that they could pick up their checks after the election at an office on Jefferson Street in Hoboken. Bank records show that voters living in Hoboken received $50 checks from entities associated with the campaigns that employed Camis.

Camis faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. 

U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito credited special agents of the FBI, under the direction of Special Agent in Charge Gregory W. Ehrie in Newark, and special agents of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of the Inspector General, under the direction of Special Agent in Charge Christina Scaringi, with the investigation leading to today’s arrest. 

The government is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorney Sean Farrell of the U.S. Attorney’s Office’s Special Prosecutions Division and Assistant U.S. Attorney Rahul Agarwal, Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division. 

The charge and allegations in the complaint are merely accusations, and the defendant is considered innocent unless and until proven guilty.

This story is breaking hard!

The scene the night after the election at 520 Jefferson Street back on November 6th, 2013; the fulcrum of an alleged voter bribery scheme operation exclusively reported on MSV.

The following complaint filed against Liz "the Church Lady" Camis involving allegations of a voter bribery scheme using Vote by Mail ballots.

On November 6th, 2013, MSV exclusively filed this report on the alleged vote by mail bribery operation a day after the Hoboken election:

520 Jefferson St - payoffs for votes?

Another related MSV Exclusive from the same 2013 Hoboken election:

Hudson County homeless initiative

The following report comes courtesy of the Hudson County View:

For the complete story, please see the Hudson County View.

Councilwoman Jen Giattino offered this official release: "Reducing Homelessness Together"

Dear friends and neighbors,
Yesterday, New Jersey Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver, Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise and Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla announced important steps to reducing homelessness across Hudson County.  This first-of-its-kind initiative brings together state, county and municipal teams and for-profit and non-profit organizations that will focus on: finding homes and supportive care for those currently homeless, expanding training and support services for those who are at risk of becoming homeless, and expanding local resources in ways that better allow communities to show their own compassion for their neighbors most in need.  The highlights of the initiatives, including those which our own Hoboken Homeless Task force helped secure, include:
  • $200,000 donated by Jersey City Medical University and $50,000 by Hoboken University Medical Center to fund housing and supportive care provided by Garden State Episcopal for those who have suffered chronic homelessness.  
  • 25 housing vouchers provided by the NJ Department of Community Affairs to be given to those who have suffered chronic homelessness – 20 to be identified by JCMU and 5 to be identified by HUMC 
  • $10,000 secured by MBS Housing, the owners of the building formerly known as the YMCA, to renovate space and open a food pantry open to all residents of Hoboken.
  • 8 donation meters to be located across Hoboken, similar to parking meters, as a vehicle for people to contribute towards efforts to help those who are homeless.  These meters are sponsored by Hudson Pride Center and donated by IPS Group.  These will be managed by United Way of Hudson County and funds raised will be given to Hoboken Homeless Shelter and other agencies providing supportive services.
  • A 10-year lease with EasterSeals NJ for their new Hudson County operations in Hoboken.  EasterSeals providing supportive employment and training will serve two of our area’s communities that are statistically at greater risk of becoming homeless – disabled adults and seniors.
I have been working with the Hoboken Homeless Shelter for over a decade and I am so proud to be a part of this effort as both the City Council liaison to the Hoboken Homeless Shelter and a new member of the Hoboken Homeless Task Force.  I am thankful to all those who have made this happen and am hopeful that through these initiatives we will be able to bring homes to those without, keep people in their homes, and save lives.
Please feel to call or email me if you would like to hear more about this or anything else.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Introducing Hoboken Proud 1-2-3 for School Board!

Official release:

Meet Hoboken Proud 1-2-3!
Incumbents Tom Kluepfel and John Madigan have joined with district parent Malani Cademartori to form a three-member slate seeking election to the Hoboken Board of Education in November.
"This team will raise some eyebrows," says Tom.  Tom and John ran on opposing slates in 2015, but they’ve found common cause in strong support of the superintendent and forged a solid working relationship on behalf of the district.  Malani, an active advocate for the children of the district, will continue to protect and support the district and its recent achievements and is familiar with the issues facing the board.  John hopes this apolitical alliance will help unite the Hoboken community.  They believe this is an opportunity for all of Hoboken to come together and focus on what's best for all district kids.
Tom was elected to the Hoboken Board of Education in 2012 and reelected in 2015. In that time, he has served as chair of the Finance Committee and as president of the board for the past two-and-a-half years. Tom is a retired creative director. His wife is a special education teacher; they have two grown children.
John has served on the HBOE since 2015. He is a clerk in the William J. Brennan Courthouse in Jersey City. John's wife is an ICU nurse at Hoboken University Medical Center; they have two grown sons.
Malani is an active district parent, serves as the Calabro school’s PTO president for a second term, and was a main organizer of last year’s first ever district-wide PTO Harlem Wizards fundraising event.  She is an attorney and partner with a N.Y.C. law firm where she focuses on corporate reorganization and restructuring. She and her husband have two young daughters in the district.
Please join Hoboken Proud for their official Kick-Off event Monday, September 24.  Grab a friend and come meet the team!

What's new at the Hoboken Historical Museum

New Art Exhibit Opens Sunday, 2-5 pm, in the Upper Gallery: 
"Hoboken Halloween: Portraits by Gary Spector (2011-2017)" 
The Hoboken Museum is pleased to present our latest Upper Gallery art exhibit: “Hoboken Halloween: Portraits by Gary Spector (2011-2017).” Spector started the project on Halloween in 2011, when he set up a drape and some lights for a temporary photo studio in front of his Hoboken home. As trick-or-treaters walked by, he asked if he could take their portrait. Over the years, he has photographed hundreds of people, and it’s become a Hoboken tradition, with lines extending around the block! Come to the free opening event on Sunday, Sept. 23, between 2 - 5 pm. The photographer will give a talk at 4 pm. The show is on view through Nov. 4. Learn More >
Hoboken's Masked Ball, Oct. 26
Tickets are on sale now! 
Join us Friday, October 26, for the best party of the year: 
“Then & Now” Masked Ball to benefit the Hoboken Historical Museum! 
Click on the image above, and share this link with your friends:
Join us on Sunday, Oct. 21,
for the Annual Hoboken House Tour!
Fall fun at the Museum...
Tai Chi classes on Wednesdays at 10 am - Sign up or drop in!
Pieter Sommen leads a one-hour session of Tai Chi, a Chinese exercise tradition comprising a series of low-impact movements practiced in a slow and focused manner, coordinated with breathing. Each posture flows into the next one without pausing, creating a constant motion in the body. Benefits may include decreased stress and anxiety, improved mood, improved flexibility, balance and agility. Next class is today, Wednesday, Sept. 19, from 10 – 11 am. Class costs $10 per person. Drop-ins welcome, or click here to reserve a spot.

Lunchtime Yoga & Meditation class returns on Tuesdays at noon
Restore your bliss with our weekly hour-long Basic Yoga class focusing on building blocks of yoga, ending with a 10-min. guided meditation. Experienced local yoga teacher Kate DeCock coaches students of all levels through a series of basic poses, with emphasis on fluid breathing and form. Bring your own mat and towel, and wear comfortable clothing. (Adults only). Next class is Tuesday, Sept. 25, from 12 – 1 pm. Class costs $10 per person. Classes tend to fill up, so click here to reserve a spot.
Sponsor message: Visit
Penny's Storytime on Thursdays, at 10 & 11 am. Reserve ahead!
Penny's storytime, Thursdays at the Museum, 10 & 11 am
Penny's Storytime offers a fun half hour of reading and singalongs for children ages 2 - 5 years every Thursday. Reserve in advance for one of 2 half-hour sessions, at 10 am and 11 am. Booking links are posted on our website on Wednesdays at 10 am, and fill up fast.
Children must be accompanied by an adult, and behavior supervised. Donations are welcome.  Learn more >

This program is supported in part by our Family Sponsor, Macy's.