Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Tales from the Crypt: False attacks on council members leaked out of the mayor's office!

What does a Ravi Bhalla paid campaign political operative, one dead operative, slander and false leaks against multiple Hoboken council members all have in common?

Not a single council meeting in 2018 is underway and their all part of fur flying and mudslinging during last year's campaign. Tora! Tora! Tora! 

First, the mayor's office is allegedly leaking misinformation to Sybil's Cave where the mutt like yapping against good governance City Council members: Peter Cunningham, Tiffanie Fisher and Jen Giattino is a 24-7 affair. Six of the nine council members were falsely accused of not responding to email invitations to the mayoral and council inaugural held on Monday. Departing City Council President Jen Giattino who has scored high marks for two consecutive years of magnanimous leadership is deemed Beth Mason. Tsk, tsk Syb.

The leaks clearly originating out of the mayor's office with wild accusations quickly found their way online at the Cave apparently with nary minimal responsible verification with any of the six council members. Why it's another lame style Hoboken411 hit job, par for the course: reckless and irresponsible!

Can the political operations, propaganda and mudslinging cease and desist already?
How about taking a pause, coming up for air and get your crypt keeper at the Cave under control.
Not exactly the way to get 2018 off on the right foot.

MSV in hardly lifting a hoof learned several council members had responded almost immediately to the office of the mayor confirming attendance weeks ago. Those email response are available in writing. When one council member informed Mayor Bhalla's staff of this fact, he responded denying he was the source of the false allegations at the Cave. Et tu, Jason?

An alteration with no correction (or apology) appeared on the Cave not naming the injured party - you know because "she's" Beth Mason. It wasn't the last victimized council member contacting City Hall saying confirmation of attendance had been made mid-December and requested the mayor's attack mutt stop.

Following this cluster, less than 48 hours after the inauguration another screed from the cave dweller banshee urging all the good government council members be overthrown at the next council elections two years off.

Further wailing points to a dead political operative who may have worked with then Assemblyman Ramos almost a decade ago caught up in Operation Bid Rig III back in 2009. This apparently as part of some last minute desperation bid to stop the council vote electing Ramos council president tonight. Is this also part of the new administration's agenda?

The operative words here is not Bhalla paid political operative at The Cave but dead as in that Jersey City operative died almost a decade ago. The dead guy is not the only person being assailed, there's word of defamatory attacks on someone very much alive. At least one Hoboken resident is hearing of libelous attacks for daring to put in an application for a board position. They are not viewed as a friend of the new mayor and heard an earful of false and defamatory.

Tonight, the City Council will hold its first meeting of 2018. It looked rather sedate but apparently, all-out nuclear war may have been declared on most of the City Council members. Among the positions up for a possible vote tonight are City Council president, Zoning Board seats and the North Hudson Sewerage Authority. Contrary to more misinformation, Jim Doyle never sought, is not and never was a candidate for Hoboken council president. He may not be a candidate for reappointment by the council to the Planning Board either.

Not exactly the start you'd hope to see from the Bhalla Administration.

Talking Ed Note: This farm animal reached out to our four legged striped counterpart for comment at the mayor's office. Zebra! There's been no response but if comment is offered, it will be added.

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher: What are your priorities in 2018?

Official release

Dear friends and neighbors –

I hope that all of you were able to spend time with those close to you during the holidays and that your new year is off to only a great start.  

However, yesterday, I was able to attend the historic inaugurations of our new Mayor Ravi Bhalla – the first Sikh to be elected mayor in the state of NJ - and our new At Large Councilwoman Vanessa Falco – the first African American council member in Hoboken.  Not to be outshined, also the repeat inauguration of At Large Councilman Jim Doyle, and the first time inauguration of At Large Councilwoman Emily Jabbour.  I offer my congratulations to all four and am looking forward to working with them on all things good for Hoboken. 

As we look ahead, we have an opportunity to do so much together for Hoboken.  And YOUR INPUT IS CRITICAL to me so please email me with your thoughts:
  • What is important to you?  
  • What do you think we need to keep doing?  
  • What do you think we need to do differently?  
  • What should be our first priority?  
  • What would you like to see considered that has not already been?
Based upon what I have learned over the last two years, a few of my priorities for the 2nd Ward and all of Hoboken include:
  • Getting Washington St. done and done right – I would like to see the city hire an experienced  engineer / public works professional to manage the completion of this project and the many other infrastructure, municipal and private / public partnership projects that our city faces over the next decade. 
  • Implementing improved traffic calming measures at the many intersections where people feel there is danger – in particular 11th and Hudson, 13th and Park, 15th and Garden, and along Sinatra Drive.
  • Making sure that developments across Hoboken work for Hoboken– in particular the three redevelopment corners of our city:  SE (NJ Transit), SW and NE - and ensuring we do robust economic analyses for all development negotiations. 
  • Finding a way to continue the progress that makes Hoboken so desirable, but making sure we are not displacing our own residents due to affordability.  
  • Establishing better parking rates so that people are not kicked out of town after their meter runs out.
  • Continuing to fight for a public waterfront – Union Dry Dock and Monarch - this is where I started my own community advocacy.
  • Finishing Rebuild By Design and making sure all residents benefit from improved resiliency. 
  • Doing what we can to influence the expansion of transportation alternatives available to Hoboken residents.
I am meeting with Mayor Bhalla along with other council members to discuss our priorities and I want to make sure your voices are heard. 

I am really excited about what the future holds for our city.  I believe 2018 (knock on wood) will be a great year for all of us.  

Wishing you and all those you love only the best in this new year.

Tiffanie Fisher