Friday, February 23, 2018

Lucrative Mayor Ravi Bhalla "side hustle" law firm contract REVEALED!

BUSTED: Oddly dated Ravi Bhalla law firm contract appears; valuation potentially worth far more than originally stated!

The full Ravi Bhalla contract will be published on Monday.

Mayor Ravi Bhalla appears in the role of Rain Man in a game of PAC man as details of his law firm contract
were leaked in a late Friday news dump.
In a breaking revelation to the Mayor Ravi Bhalla "side hustle" law firm gig discovered over the holiday weekend, newly released details show the potential actual value is far greater than originally stated by Bhalla campaign spokesman Rob Horowitz.

Only days earlier, the contract for work beyond Hoboken mayor was stated as far below $100,000.

Excerpts of the contract between Mayor Ravi Bhalla and Lavery, Selvaggi, Abromitis & Cohen were reported late Friday in a breaking news story on the Hudson County View.

An obviously hasty redone agreement dated yesterday, (February 22nd) from the law firm lays out some fat potential paydays to Mayor Ravi Bhalla for delivering clients to the firm.

For starters, Mayor Ravi Bhalla is paid $60,000 plus a generous commission structure as stated in the law firm contract PLUS:

  • The law firm contract will pay out "additional compensation" at 20% of all gross revenues for (new) clients in excess of $60,000 up to $750,000."
  • The law firm contract additionally pays Ravi Bhalla "15% of all gross revenues in excess of $750,000" in revenues paid by the new client(s).
  • Payments from the law firm to Ravi Bhalla are specified as calculated and paid out quarterly.

Last Saturday, Ravi Bhalla's campaign spokesman stated Ravi Bhalla's salary would be well south of $100,000 and failed to disclose any aspect of the rich commission structure in directing clients to the Republican leaning law firm.

The law firm contract with Mayor Bhalla is dated February 22nd although it's apparently back dated, oddly to February 1st of this year. (The dates are conflicted on page one and the rest of the letter.)

Another oddity, the law firm contract emphasizes Ravi Bhalla will not be "available to engage in the day to day practice of law" before continuing with its rich details highlighted in a commission structure to make it rain clients for the firm.

Yet another odd phrasing, the law firm contract attempts to focus Mayor Bhalla's availability outside of Hoboken to "advisory services" and "mentoring" although the payment structure with commissions has absolutely nothing to do with either.

A clause about the law firm coordinating with the Hoboken Corporation Counsel on potential conflicts.
How such a scheme is enforceable let alone qualified before a deal is cut is not clear. 

The Republican leaning law firm and their lucrative client commission structured
contract with Mayor Ravi Bhalla surfaced.
It'a a rain man deal not "advisory" or "mentoring" as MSV originally theorized.

Talking Ed Note: Mayor Ravi Bhalla is caught red-handed in another big PHAT LIE!
This law firm contract has nothing to do with being "advisory" or "mentoring;" -

it's a client-sales agreement.

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Lepercons at risk: 'How dry I am' as 11 liquor licenses in suspension impact

Official release:


The City of Hoboken Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) Board held their regular bi-weekly meeting on Thursday, February 22nd to consider various charges against 11 Hoboken liquor licensees.  All of the ABC charges scheduled were adjudicated and include the complete shutdown of five establishments on the privately-organized LepreCon event.  They are as follows:

·         1 Republik: Closed on March 3, 2018 and shall close on May 21, 2018 for a 30-day suspension. After the 30-day suspension, the establishment shall permanently close pending transfer/sale of the license to new ownership.
·         Hoboken Bar and Grill: 30-day suspension to begin immediately (February 23, 2018).
·         Green Rock Tap and Grill: 20-day suspension, one day of which is March 3, 2018.
·         Mill’s Tavern: 24-day suspension which includes being closed March 3, 2018.
·         The Shannon: two-day suspension to be served March 3 and March 4, 2018.

Six other establishments agreed to settlements as well, but received lesser penalties.

“This represents a major accomplishment in fulfilling my commitment on Inauguration Day to address this public safety nuisance,” said Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla. “The vast majority of bar owners are responsible license holders, but a very small number of establishments have failed to adequately control their patrons and the activities within their premises, leading to severe public safety issues. The discipline agreed to by the owners is appropriate and I hope will lead to an understanding that public safety is a top priority and that the ABC board will not hesitate to enforce the liquor license regulations.”

Additionally, the State of New Jersey Attorney General’s Division of Alcohol Beverage Control has agreed to send 12 to 14 State ABC detectives to Hoboken on March 3, 2018. Along with Hoboken Police ABC detectives, they will be monitoring establishments to ensure compliance with all ABC regulations, including not admitting underage guests, not overserving patrons, not exceeding capacity, and other health and security regulations.

“I am extremely thankful to New Jersey Office of the Attorney General and its ABC Division Director David P. Rible for his partnership in protecting the public safety and quality of life of our community,” added Mayor Bhalla.

Related: H-mag published its story on the action relaying both sides of the story. Meanwhile, the staff of these establishments, many of whom live tip jar to tip jar, are at a complete loss. "Employees have no direct way to challenge the loss of income caused by the shutdowns."

Councilman Peter Cunningham: 'Will do right by Hoboken even as Mayor Ravi Bhalla doesn't'

Official release:

Hi folks, 

I am circulating the below press release to you - a small subset of my constituent list - which I sent to the media on Tuesday after having learned that Mayor Bhalla announced on his personal facebook page that he's accepted a position with a law firm in Morristown.

He's accepted a position with a law firm in Morristown?  He's the Mayor of Hoboken.

I'm sorry, but I'm not OK with this and the manner in which it was introduced was not transparent as our Mayor.  It was released late Friday of a long weekend, and I'm finding that to this day, many folks are still unaware.

Without wanting to come across as a whiner, the last couple of weeks have been challenging with our new Mayor, Mayor Bhalla.  I've also attached a couple of copies of text messages that were sent and accidently received by me that are unnecessarily politically charged against me and my colleagues.  They are arrogant and unnecessary and do not lend themselves to a collaborative relationship with the council.  

While I consider these circumstances to be problematic, please don't be concerned with my actions on city council.  I will always do what's right, and what's practical for you and the City of Hoboken.  Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions or concerns. 

Thanks, Peter