Thursday, August 2, 2018

FBI raid on the hill...

Or a hit is a hit.

Last Thursday's visit from the FBI to an accounting business on Adams St. wasn't the only visit made. MSV can exclusively report confirmation of an earlier unpublished report four black unmarked cars conducted an earlier raid up on Castle Point.

According to an eyewitness account, the cars were filled with FBI agents and allegedly went directly to the home of Louis Picardo, one of the owners of the accounting business on Adams Street.

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Hoboken Council Votes to Cancel Contract for Law Firm Representing Bhalla in Ethics Complaint Appeal

Official release:

Hoboken Council Votes to Cancel Contract for Law Firm Representing Bhalla in Ethics Complaint Appeal

The City Council voted 7-2 last night in favor of a resolution that cancels a contract for a law firm that had been representing Mayor Ravi Bhalla in an appeal of an ethics violation that was upheld by the Local Finance Board in November 2017, just days after Bhalla was elected as Mayor. The ethics complaint was originally filed against Bhalla by a resident in 2010 after the then-Councilman voted for a city contract for an attorney with whom he shared an office lease. Council President Ruben Ramos and Councilman Mike DeFusco issued the following joint statement:

"Last night the City Council voted overwhelmingly to protect Hoboken taxpayers by stopping Mayor Bhalla from continuing to use city resources to defend himself against a personal ethical violation. This has gone on for eight years and it's clear that the Mayor's lack of candor when the situation first developed led the city down a path of being unfairly forced to foot the bill for Bhalla's indiscretion. That misuse of taxpayer funds needs to end and we're glad to see the City Council continue to act as a watchdog on this administration."

Local Finance Board violation is attached as a snapshot below from the State of NJ, Department of Community Affairs.

City Council rejects Ravi Bhalla's massive parking fine increases

Last night, the Hoboken City Council held its August meeting with sparse denizens from the public in attendance.

One Ravibot showed up to perform a summer hit job to no consequence while another Mayor Ravi Bhalla political effort to massively increase parking fines came up empty.

The agenda item failed to obtain any council member's sponsorship. Ravi Bhalla could not even get councilmembers Jim Doyle and Emily Jabour nor backdoor ally Michael Russo to sign on and see discussion.

The Administration item was promptly yanked without a word said.

Talking Ed Note: Other actions in the drawn-out affair last night: the Stevens upzoning (redevelopment) project passed on first reading and will likely see passage on second reading.

A dog run uptown passed and the discussion on the item was hijacked when Councilman Michael Russo decided it was time to see a new park restricted for only disabled children and not another dog run. It provided some summer time grandstanding entertainment.

The City of Hoboken's change to another vendor for live viewing is a disaster. Snippets of the meeting recorded were provided "live" and available only as a recorded portion. Facebook had a live feed working and the audio and video of the meeting crashed multiple times.

Is there an online recording of the meeting available for viewing? Doesn't appear to be and the entire change makes both live and recorded viewing a fiasco.