Tuesday, November 6, 2018

NJ.com: Outsider Ailene McGuirk pulls off upset joining Tom Kleupfel and Malami Cadematori on the BoE

According to tallies posted on NJ.com, the Hoboken BoE will see victories for Ailene McGuirk joining Tom Kleupfel and Malani Cadematori leaving incumbent John Madigan out of a slate win.

The chart tells the story:

Vote-by-mail tallies late are not expected to alter the results.

Related election fare

In the NJ Senate race, New Jersey lived up to its reputation as a national laughingstock or perhaps reached new lows with the re-election of its corrupt Senator Bob Menendez in the midterm election. With higher turnout spurred by the constant post-inauguration warring and in the battle of President Trump campaigning for major US Senate races versus the aligned forces of the media and Democrat Party; Menendez easily bested newcomer pharma exec Bob Hugin. While the result was not as close as some projected, the narrow lead in the US Senate for Republicans widens substantially to the mid-50s.

When the Cook Political Report and others shockingly moved the NJ Senate race into tossup, millions had to be diverted to save Menendez. While those millions proved effective, they cost Senate seats elsewhere as every competitive Democrat Senator who voted against Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh's confirmation went down to defeat.

Senate races deemed "close" by the media and their polling arms failed to see their designed outcomes with Republicans picking up Senate seats in Indiana, North Dakota, Missouri, Florida, Montana and likely retaining Arizona.

Other media hyped races by the Democrat media failed to achieve their objectives in Texas where Ted Cruz saw re-election and Florida where both the governor and senate seat went to the Republicans.

Bob Menendez, corrupt as a skunk and re-elected in the Soprano State.

The Congress, projected to turn in the historical midterm shifts saw nothing by way of the much-hyped self-proclaimed Blue Wave. The Associated Press reported in the middle of the night the House majority is turned by a sliver likely putting Nancy Pelosi into the Speaker's chair.

But it was Fox News, targeted by many as being the sole "opposition" media that called the Congressional races nationally without votes counted in numerous elections and voters at the polls in Arizona, California, Oregon, Montana* and Washington. Shades of media election interference in 2000 with voters having an hour of voting remaining in Florida. Expect that election "interference" to generate major controversy as it may have in fact won the House for the Democrats.

That little Murdoch family globalist play will be a major post-election issue.

You would think it a Deep State plot but like the polling, the "errors" are consistently generated in the same direction. There's going to be significant issues surfacing as the dust clears on the phony Russia Collusion Hoax among other serious criminal matters.

* Montana has since updated its vote totals putting incumbent Jon Tester into first.

Mayor Ravi Bhalla sees utter destruction with runoffs trouncing his desire to avoid them

Many results are not final but what is clear is that Hoboken is voting to bring back runoff elections. This in the face of weak propaganda by Mayor Ravi Bhalla and Ravibots who lamely tried to clear a path for him.

The final tally comes via NJ.com with more than a 2-1 vote in favor of reinstating runoffs. The outcome is a devastating blow to Ravi Bhalla, Ravibots and his paid political operative Nancy Pincus of Sybil's Cave.

Sign of the Times: Is it curtains for the Soprano State's King of Corruption?

Today, New Jersey finds itself in the national spotlight as some note the NJ Senate race
 may be featured as one of the surprising outcomes.

A truck as seen today in the vicinity of Newark proclaims a familiar message. 
This website was founded in response to the corruption of one Peter J. Cammarano who bagged $25,000 in the parking lot of the Malibu Diner. Higher up the Soprano State corruptocrat chain; there's at present an officeholder who's seen a seven-figure kickback with 5-star vacations to foreign destinations and the ugliest corroborated FBI affidavits detailing underage girls forced into prostitution.

Will NJ live up to its moniker as the Soprano State? It's a sign of the times.

Councilman Peter Cunningham: For BoE, vote Ailene McGuirk #4 & Yes on runoff elections

Official release:

Dear friends and neighbors,
In addition to the significant national election, there are also two very important local issues I hope you will seriously consider.
First, there's a local ballot measure stating, "shall runoff elections be held in Hoboken?”   Several years ago, I supported the ballot measure to eliminate the run off and move the elections to November.  It was intended to save costs, increase voter turnout and reduce voter fatigue.  Certainly some of these changes were successful, but they have had their challenges too.  As these initiatives mature over time, it's always good to revisit. 
Achieving 50% plus one is a tough task to accomplish in a first ballot election.  I was fortunate enough to do it once in my second election in 2011.  The way the runoff works is if you don't achieve a majority vote among more than two candidates, then the top two vote getters run again to achieve 50% plus one.  We live in a democracy, and Hoboken deserves leadership elected by majority vote.  Given our election experiences today, we elect leadership not based on important issues but rather misinformation and negative campaigning.  Unfortunately, this has had a divisive effect on Hoboken as our Administration is setting policies misaligned with the majority of the public!
Secondly, tomorrow there is also a school board election.  You can only vote for up to three candidates.  This year, you probably have found that there's been very little campaigning for school board as a deal was made to run a non-competitive slate of three candidates for convenience.  Ailene McGuirk, however, is an independent working hard and campaigning all over Hoboken.  She deserves a good look.  She's very active in the District with two children, one attending Connors.  She regularly attends Board of Ed meetings and is co-chair of the Connor's PTO.  Please learn more of Ailene on her FB page: https://www.facebook.com/allourkidshoboken/ 
Please join me in supporting Ailene McGuirk for School Board #4, and voting YES to run off elections.
Please circulate to your friends and neighbors, and let me know if you have any questions.  
Thanks, Peter

Vote HobokenProud 1-2-3 for School Board

Official release:

Election Day is Tuesday November 6!  Please spread the word to VOTE for 3 candidates for the Hoboken Board of Education in Column I!  Share our posts on Facebook, post on other Hoboken FB groups, text and email your family and friends, and inform all your neighbors next door or in your building.  We appreciate all the help and support!