Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Political operation goes sour as John Allen attempts coverup on council hit job

The fur is flying in the revealed series of stories here involving political hit jobs last week in the City Council leading literally back to the doorstep of Mayor Ravi Bhalla's Chief of Staff, John Allen.

Among the distractions, fabrications and silly attempts to attack the messenger, John Allen reportedly claims he was not contacted by MSV.

This as noted below is only one notable problem.

In all the gyrations including John Allen's glaringly obvious limp team effort with Nancy Pincus, head cave dweller at Sybil's Cave; he utterly fails to explain why Anthony Deleonardo dropped an ugly stink bomb apparently teaming up with Patty Waiters at the City Council - then immediately left - running to John Allen's door.

For the moment, here's the the true and actual evidence of MSV efforts since last week to contact John Allen.

On December 6th, this text message was sent to the recently returned Vijay Chaudhuri in the mayor's office:

There's a friendship with Vijay, the former chief of staff to Dawn Zimmer going back years and he called a little before 2:00 pm. The conversation lasted just over 15 minutes. The details of that frank discussion are off the record but on several occasions throughout; it was requested not once, not twice but several times for John Allen to "give me a call."

Vijay was receptive and as usual, professional throughout. There was no response from John Allen in the six days since that conversation.

At 8:10 am this morning, a message was left for John Allen informing him there was another major story going to publication in approximately an hour. Approximately an hour later, the story was published blowing the lid off the emerging scandal. 

John Allen is again invited to discuss the related issues of public concern at his convenience.

Talking Ed Note: MSV can confirm that Nancy Pincus did not seek any information here confirming the facts published since last week including those as stated above. In place of decency is a screed of lies. 

More to come.

EYEWITNESS: Attack dog seen arriving at home of John Allen minutes after departing council meeting


The following exclusive report is an accumulation of MSV's investigative efforts, analysis, and opinion now into the tenth year covering Hoboken government, politics, and corruption. All the opinions as stated below are the sole responsibility and copyright of MSV.

Tag team political/race-baiting attack on Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher revealed:

Anthony Deleonardo a "close friend of John Allen," Mayor Ravi Bhalla's Chief of Staff

Eyewitness: After the staged, scripted political operation in the City Council meeting, Anthony Deleonardo seen visiting Hoboken Chief of Staff John Allen at his home minutes later!

In the latest blockbuster in a series of reveals reported here beginning last Thursday:
  • John Allen is described as a "close friend" of Anthony Deleonardo, the speaker who delivered a back to back one-two punch in personal and race-baiting attacks with Patty Waiters against Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher.
  • Anthony Deleonardo left the council meeting & immediately reported to John Allen's home
  • Anthony Deleonardo exited the City Council chambers with his arm over certified bomb-thrower Patty Waiters as captured on the live City Council feed (see below).
  • Deleonardo is thought the signature on emerging pending political "ethics" complaints
  • A secret meeting was held a week prior at John Allen's home with Mayor Ravi Bhalla in attendance
  • The latest sordid political operation is eerily similar to earlier attacks on City Council members by another confirmed friend of John Allen revealed in an August MSV exclusive report.
  • The political race baiting efforts revealed are not unlike the atrocious smears seen in the 2017 Hoboken mayoral race which saw a Ravi Terror Flyer deployed days before the election.

John Allen, Mayor Ravi Bhalla's current Chief of Staff
has avoided answering to his role in the personal attacks
on Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher at last week's City Council meeting
Anthony Deleonardo, identified as another friend of
John Allen launching scripted political attacks on City Council members
not in lockstep with Mayor Ravi Bhalla in a council meeting.

In ironic if not karmic timing, a Hoboken homeowner witnessed Deleonardo arrive outside his building where John Allen is a resident. He unlocked the door allowing Deleonardo inside where the just departed City Council speaker stated he was seeking entrance to visit John Allen. It's the same John Allen who holds the position of Chief of Staff to Mayor Ravi Bhalla.

The resident was exiting the building to walk his dog but requested anonymity for fear of retaliation. That eyewitness confirmed the person entering the building to visit John Allen is the same person who appeared in the video on MSV last Thursday.

Another witness to the spectacle at last week's council meeting confirmed they were told of the personal relationship between John Allen and his "close friend" Anthony Deleonardo shortly after the meeting.

In yet another odd circumstance, the live City Council feed captured Deleonardo exiting the council chambers with his arm embraced over Patty Waiters. In an unprecedented attack even for her, a rant against Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher alleged she held hatred for black people and she had supported another outsider BoE candidate who won the third seat in the school district election last month.

The official camera of the Hoboken City Council meeting captured this shot of a mostly empty chamber with
Anthony Deleonardo visible exiting (circled in red) after the public portion with his arm around BFF, bomb thrower Patty Waiters. He was seen visiting and admitted to the home of John Allen mere minutes later.

A week prior, at the same location where John Allen resides, Mayor Ravi Bhalla was seen arriving. Some believe the timing and the oddity of that offsite meeting may be tied to the political operation launched during last week's City Council public portion.

The political and race baiting attacks during the public portion of the City Council meeting represents an escalation of political savagery Hoboken was once known for but thought remanded permanently to the past.

MSV can also exclusively report that word of another alleged ethics complaint has been legally prepared for use against council members who've declined fealty to the mayor - again - scripted by Ravi Bhalla's Chief of Staff John Allen.

If all this feels a bit like "deja vu all over again," it is. Previous coordinated attacks last summer alleged to have been constructed out of the Hoboken mayor's office were focused on several council members but lacked the race-baiting one-two punch seen in last week's City Council meeting.

At the August council meeting, Hoboken resident Mike Donnelly claimed "no one sent" him. Not a month later, MSV exclusively reported Donnelly was seen having dinner at a table with John Allen and Ravi Bhalla at Dino and Harry's uptown.

Previously, Councilman Mike DeFusco issued a press release last August about coordinated attacks coming directly out of the mayor's office. From that release:

Repeated invitations to John Allen for this story have seen no response. Anthony Deleonardo is invited to offer his explanation at a suitable time and place.

Talking Ed Note: Welcome to Hoboken's 2019 City Council ward races, Ravi Bhalla & John Allen, master of ceremonies. If you liked the Ravi Terror Flyer last year, you're really going to love the 2019 City Council ward elections. This is a taste of what they have in store.