Monday, December 24, 2018

Epilogue 2018: Look in your heart

As we wind down this year, here are some of the major exclusives MSV delivered in 2018:

Mayor Ravi Bhalla slobbers over NJ Transit Big Development for Hoboken

Look who's kissing up to the Barry Brothers for a development deal

Councilman Jim Doyle savaged in TV commercial for lone dissenting vote by Ravi Bhalla's union construction pals

Hoboken voter fraud Vote-by-Mail soldier arrested 

Random praise in BromarGate for the Bhalla brothers political decepticon on the public

Bid rigging and a $700,000 ethnic cleansing extortion

Ravi Bhalla's Chief of Staff John Allen busted in nefarious political operations against city council

The Ravimobile

For MSV, it was a very good year. For Hoboken, outside of flat municipal taxes (good luck next year) and finally getting Washington St. renovated to 11th Street millions over budget, not so much.

MSV is already lining up major stories blowing the barn lid off in 2019. There's so much trading on the Mile Square City, the arrogance of power, and contract wheeling you can smell it. At least this Horse can. It reeks.

Hit the tip jar if you want to read what real truth to power means. If not, enjoy the holiday and remember, only cannibals elect cannibal kings. You'll only have yourselves to blame for buying into a con job terror flyer. 2019 holds so much more in store.

Look in your heart.


Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher: "NYWW Ferry Docked at Former UDD Site"

Official release:

Image may contain: text
Graphic credit: Hoboken Residents for a Public Waterfront
Dear friends and neighbors:
In case you have not already noticed, there is a NYWW Ferry that is docked at the former UDD site.  I contacted Mayor Bhalla who indicated that NYWW is not yet allowed to conduct any work at the site until they get their local building permits, but the City is reviewing whether they can dock their boats there while they await final permits.  NYWW has taken the position that they can park there given they own the site.  Mayor Bhalla also told me that after the City sent a legal notice regarding local zoning compliance requirements last week, NYWW's attorney said that they will not be conducting any work this year.  Prior to the legal notice being sent, NYWW had said they planned to start operation before the end of the year.