Wednesday, March 20, 2019

It's Official: Ravi Bhalla Administration submits budget with 2% tax increase

City Council meeting tonight will see details on the official Ravi Bhalla tax increase, a proposed retreat on dynamic parking meter increases and a $54,000,000 bond for an overhaul to the pop-up park

It's here. A twofer on the local Hoboken government side with proposed tax increases and the recently approved dynamic parking increase retreats is official.

As exclusively reported on, the Ravi Bhalla Administration presented its first full-fledged budget to the City Council with an approximate 2% tax increase.

That tax increase annualized is the highest since the Dawn Zimmer Administration took the helm in November 2009. (Previous to her election, Zimmer was Acting Mayor but the State had appointed a fiscal monitor, the late Judy Tripodi who inserted a massive tax increase upon discovering a major deficit running more than $10 million.)

Yesterday, the Bhalla Administration sounded the retreat on recent "dynamic" parking meter increases. The Hoboken City Council is expected to sort through the Administration's latest recommendations prior to tonight's meeting.

The scramble to overturn the recently passed Administration parking meter hikes will further exacerbate the recent budget crunch. It's not uncertain to what degree it will contribute to a budget shortfall., the online lifestyle publication loving all things Mile Square City parking was out first with an article detailing the Bhalla Administration retreat. There's this insight offered by the Hoboken Parking Dude:

Related, two council members City Council VP Ruben Ramos and Councilman Mike DeFusco offered this official statement for release:

Statement from Council Members Ruben Ramos and Mike DeFusco on Bhalla Administration Scaling Back Parking Rate Increases After Massive Resident Opposition
Hoboken Council Vice President Ruben Ramos and First Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco were among four Council members who voted against an ordinance backed by Mayor Ravi Bhalla which massively increased metered parking rates, noting that the rate hikes would create a financial burden for residents and hurt local small businesses. Ramos and DeFusco are releasing the following joint statement on Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s decision to scale back the increased parking fees he proposed, which was announced today after the policy sparked massive community opposition:
“We are happy the Mayor now sees what the numerous residents who opposed this plan and the members of the Council who voted no saw from the beginning -- that raising parking rates up to 260% with no improvements to the overall system and no new parking availability is outrageous. We should be encouraging people to visit, shop and dine in our city and enjoy all it has to offer as opposed to creating even more obstacles for businesses to succeed, which the Bhalla parking rate hikes would have done. Now that Mayor Bhalla has changed course, we are hopeful that the administration will be open to working with the City Council on holistic solutions to improve parking in Hoboken like adding more garage spaces, using new technology to direct more cars to underutilized parking areas and providing more transportation alternatives.”

$54,000,000 Bill?

The days of the Hoboken west side pop up park are ending. Bring back the cranes. If the City Council approves an Administration proposal tonight, one of the biggest spending items in living memory will be tagged on to the Hoboken taxpayers credit card.

The humongous expenditure is largely driven by work underground in water retention. The public may be dismayed to lose the use of the six-acre pop-up park, a highly utilized recreation area on the west side uptown where useful open space is scarce.

More details would be useful but the City of Hoboken website having been overhauled since former mayor Dawn Zimmer's departure has run into some problems. 2019 City Council documents don't appear and worse, members of the public have highlighted there's no preservation of City Council meetings maintained and available as previous on 

The link to the Northwest Resiliency Park:

Talking Ed Note: Is this really a good bang for the buck? $54,000,000? 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The People of NJ vs. Nancy Pincus

In recent days, some members of the public made comment on a criminal complaint not involving this freedom loving horse. The information and details are in the public domain and a court in Kearny, NJ. wrote nothing of it, nor about anyone's family or family members, living or deceased.

The allegation, stating or suggesting any such thing is false and likely defamatory.

In retaliation, Nancy Pincus, under the guise she's a victim of the public's comments about a criminal case allegedly filed against HER, opted to attack my mother, specifically my mother's funeral. This, on top of the typical fare of fabrications, smears and character assassination she doles out regularly against good people serving the Hoboken community. Their crime: they dare to put Hoboken's interests above her political boss.

She has zero interest in the truth and zero interest in any decency. So funny dishing it out, ha ha.

So Nancy Pincus enjoys attacking a dead person's wake. What a nice paid political operative you have there Ravi?

Being smeared as part of a Russo Clan election hit job tag teaming with Nancy Pincus when you spend a 14 hour day overseeing election integrity is one thing. Accused of criminal activities as an election day challenger, that's par for the course too, right Nancy Pincus? Is there any modicum of decency for this or any of the endless lying, reckless fabrications and character assassination against good government Reform members serving the community. Not. A. Question.

Not from this blackened soul with less self-awareness than a glow worm. You're no victim, stop lying and start apologizing.

Collecting material for my photoshopping attacks is fun! 

The People of NJ vs. Nancy Pincus


Then there's this fishy comment.  

Et tu Catfish?

Monday, March 18, 2019

Why Ravi Bhalla incinerated Jim Doyle's resolution against the North Bergen Power Plant

The untold story how Councilman Jim Doyle's resolution against the North Bergen Power Plant died an ugly death courtesy of Mayor Ravi Bhalla and another backroom HudCo deal.

Nancy Pincus shutters Sybil's Cave spewing limp fabrications while avoiding Ravi's latest HudCo deal

Nancy Pincus shockingly announced she'll stop lying for Ravi Bhalla at Sybil's Cave.
Well, at least until a new batch of her toxic stew can be brewed up.
Update below in the T.E.N - more ugly, vile Sybil fabrications are back!

Story to come - Councilman Jim Doyle and the Hoboken mayor's office are being given adequate time to respond for this upcoming story. It's like the third rail on a subway. Everyone's watching but they're not talking. It's that radioactive. Hey, no FacePunching! 

Once again Nancy Pincus cannot stop herself from lying and smearing, so this is an interim update. Some of her latest reckless lies are addressed in the captioned photo below. 

Last October, Councilman Jim Doyle, a lawyer with the Environmental Protection Agency drew up a resolution against the pending North Bergen natural gas power plant.

The proposed power plant will provide power to New York City.

No one questions why Doyle would put up the symbolic resolution as he's pushed for banning plastic bags in Hoboken back to the Zimmer Administration. What Doyle and the public didn't know is the resolution, which may have passed quietly without comment by his council colleagues was heading to an incinerator of its own.

North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco who doubles as a NJ State Senator holds an annual ball in homage to himself. Mayor Ravi Bhalla, having cut a political deal earlier with his years long rival, Union City Mayor Brian Stack who also holds a seat as NJ Senator elected to deep six Doyle's resolution as part of another political backroom deal with his North Bergen rival.

When Stack enjoined Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop in an attempt to win control over the Hudson County Democratic Committee and by extension Hudson County, he enlisted new Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla to his cause. While the effort would eventually fail in a rowdy public contest, Bhalla extracted political support from Stack in November's upcoming Hoboken council ward races. What that support will mean is anyone's guess. It doesn't preclude other yet unknown pieces in the unspecified deal.

While the mayor's office has repeatedly declined comment on the matter, Ravi Bhalla yanked Doyle's resolution off the October City Council agenda - without telling him. Doyle, who also has declined public comment about his now incinerated resolution to date remains silent on any reintroduction. Members of the public have raised the matter about the North Bergen Power Plant and their opposition in succeeding meetings during public portion.

More recently, word of two secret meetings between Ravi Bhalla and "Uncle Nick" Sacco has leaked out. A reliable source communicated earlier this year of the meetings between Bhalla and Sacco. (Contrary to the endless misinformation/fabrications from Nancy Pincus on her dead Bhalla blog, this story and the source come at the county level and have nothing to do with Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher.) According to this senior source, Bhalla sought to politically extract advantage for at least the upcoming Hoboken council ward elections later this year. The outcome of the discussion and the full details, however, remain outstanding.

Less of a secret across the county and parts of Hoboken in all the power-brokers backroom dealing is Ravi Bhalla angling to get hold of the congressional seat currently held by Albio Sires. It's unknown how much traction Bhalla gained with both Stack and Sacco who would be the critical deciders when the seat comes up. He's selling his money network as an advantage. Did I see selling? Maybe I meant trading?

Sires' congressional seat is the prize Ravi Bhalla currently holds in the twinkle of his eyes. And Councilman Jim Doyle is mere fodder along for the ride. Poor Jim.

Neither Councilman Jim Doyle or the mayor's office responded to questions this morning seeking comment for this exclusive feature.

Nancy Pincus came back yet again from her inert Ravi Bhalla blog to publish false and personal
attacks against this editor even writing about my dead mother. The public learned about action
against her and it does not involve which declined when approached to
do a story months ago
. Comments are solely the responsibility of the commenters subject to the longstanding
comment policy as stated here. You can photoshop and lie about me and others Nancy Pincus but your issues
are due to your endless smears coming back to you. Do you ever tire of lying about others? Ever?

Talking Ed Note: Personal attacks in the comments section are not permitted against members of the public but that rule did bend of late but only in one ridiculous personal attack against the Horse himself. MSV has not participated nor endorsed any commenting about any family, criminal complaint filed against them or satirical jokes related to same whatsoever. Nancy Pincus once again owes an apology for more of the baseless smears and fabrications she's infamous for in the Mile Square City. Yes, we all know, fat chance.

The last time an apology was requested came after Nancy Pincus falsely accused this editor of criminal activities in a Hoboken polling station. It was met with three choice words, "Go to hell."

The unhinged are more unhinged than ever. The Hoboken Resistance uncovered how Nancy Pincus was a paid political operative for Ravi Bhalla. So you know Ravi, as the December 2017 story aptly stated, you own this Sybil's Cave trainwreck. Oh and you FacePunchers in the mayor's office too. Disgraceful!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Important North End Redevelopment Community Meeting - tonight 7 pm

Official releases:

Dear friends and neighbors:
This is one of those times where I am begging you to attend a community meeting tomorrow (3/14) night at 7pm.
  • Topic – Redevelopment Plan for the North End of Hoboken
  • Location – Wallace School Cafeteria
Why should you attend?  If your answer is “no” to any of the following questions:
  • Do you want longer bus lines in the morning?
  • Do you want a more crowded platform at the PATH station in the morning?
  • Do you want more shuttles dropping off and lining up near the PATH?
  • Do you want more kids on every recreational sports team so each child has less playing time?
  • Do you want more cars leaving Hoboken when you do?
  • Do you want a longer waiting list for Hoboken’s pre-k program?
  • Do you want higher taxes?
The North end is a blank canvas currently zoned low rise (4 story, 80 feet) commercial and industrial.  If the development community had their way, they would see it up-zoned to high-rise residential to maximize their profit and minimize development risk and preliminary ideas from the suggest this and the possibility of a couple thousand residential units.  There is nothing wrong with them wanting to do this or want to make a profit.  
But we need to make sure that whatever is developed in that area works for Hoboken.  And right what we know is that all of our core systems are at capacity:
  • Our schools are in a facilities crisis with record increases in enrollment in lower grades that are working their way to upper grades.
  • Port Authority is at capacity with long lines for the 126, especially uptown.
  • The uptown ferries now are close to capacity with long lines at the 820 and 840 routes.
  • The PATH train is at capacity and we share this capacity with Jersey City who is growing faster than we are (so we may lose capacity).
  • And getting out of Hoboken by car via the north or south end is already nearly impossible, with massive development in each JC, Union City and Weehawken going to restrict us even further.
  • We do not have enough field space to support the needs for the growing number of children.
Additionally, we are a bedroom community and lack a day time population to support our local businesses.
So come out tomorrow night and be the voice for our community.  Provide a necessary balance to the discussion and tell the planners and your representatives that you are concerned that massive residential development will significantly, negatively impact the quality of life of residents today, and in the future.  And that we need to make sure that any development will contribute to our local economy, will address transportation concerns, will contribute to and diversify our tax base, and will support the needs of our community.
For those reading this who have never been to one of these… you are not being represented.  Simply put.  I applaud all of the people who go – but I think we all agree it is often many of the same faces at each meeting and we need more and new faces.  Who is significantly under-represented?  Parents of young children and those of you who complain about long bus lines.  I know you are all busy, but please find the time to come. 
Sorry for rushing this out but there is a lot going on and I am running to a finance subcommittee meeting that I chair right now to review the first draft of our municipal budget that is being introduced next week. 
Please come tomorrow night!    
Please forward this to EVERYONE you think may be interested and feel free to reach out via email, text or phone (201-208-1674) about this or anything else important to you.     
Best wishes, 
Hoboken City Council, 2nd Ward
Engage. Inform. Advocate.
“More Voices are Better”

From the desk of Fifth Ward Council Peter Cunningham:

As many of you know, we are in the planning stages for North End of Hoboken development standards.  This is one of the last frontiers for development, and we have to get it right.  The area in question is northwest Hoboken, north of 14th street to Weehawken, Park Avenue to Palisades.  It's approx 30 acres.   

The Council Committee on Community Development which I Chair is united in legislating a larger percentage of commercial over residential development with community amenities as may be provided depending on what kind of development you like.  Tomorrow night the Committee and Administration will host an important community meeting to gather your input: 

Wallace School at 1100 Willow Ave - 7pm

Since I have a conflict (I'll be at a soccer tourney on the west coast), committee council members in attendance will be councilpersons Fisher, Doyle and Council President Giattino.  The City's Planning firm Wallace Roberts Todd will guide us through the community engagement process.

Please circulate to your friends and neighbors, and hope many of you can attend and offer your opinions through this important developmental process.  Of course, I am as well happy to hear your feedback, questions and/or concerns.

Thanks, Peter

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Ravi Bhalla sends the FacePunchers out to back HudCo's Power Plant Power Nick Sacco

In this latest Mayor Ravi Bhalla episode of "How I sold out Reform," Hoboken begins to get the picture, literally, how the Mile Square City went from a beacon of reform to a HudCo principality.

Seems like only yesterday when Cavedweller Ravibots deemed HudCo entanglements evil incarnate. 

That was before Mayor Ravi Bhalla incinerated Councilman Jim Doyle's resolution against the upcoming North Bergen Power Plant serving New York City. Doyle's resolution was summarily yanked off the October City Council agenda and hasn't been seen since.

Readers here exclusively learned weeks ago of two backroom meetings between Ravi Bhalla and North Bergen Mayor and State Senator Nick Sacco. The visible results are seen below. It's a FacePuncher HudCo lovefest!

Can you identify the FacePunchers, Ravibots and Joey the Nose in the photo taken at a Nick Sacco rally?

Talking Ed Note: Back with FacePuncher IDs and so much more. Someone get the bottom-feeding cavefish to a toilet. There's a whole lot of hypocrisy to puke up. That's the steady diet for Ravi's paid political operatives and campaign staff talking to each other in Sybil's Cave. Chow down!


Front center in red circle from the mayor's office: Jason Freeman.

Middle red circle head and hair, from the mayor's office: John Allen

Left red circle: Hoboken Democratic Committee: Dan Drobnis

Yellow circle: Nick Sacco senior political aide Joey Muniz who is a highly, highly paid administrator at the Hudson County School of Technology, only one of his government jobs. He collects an estimated $300,000+ annually.

Oh yes, Ravi Bhalla paid homage and joined in because he isn't a Dawn Zimmer reform mayor, he's a HudCo mayor.

HudCo baby, HudCo.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

HudCo announces: "We have assumed control, we have assumed control"

HudCo announces:

Well, it's more like a Soviet Politburo release on its committee members but it amounts to the same thing as the announcement came even prior to petition submission dates for candidates to run in an election.

Who needs elections? It's already decided.

So here's the HudCo official list which actually was released last month (true story). It came prior to the unfortunate incidents related to anti-Semitism the national party had to embarrassingly subsume but tone deaf isn't a HudCo issue anyway, it's a feature.

Of note, the official comment of support lists Ravi Bhalla. Which of course will be highly entertaining to the insiders who know differently.

Hey, Hudco has assumed control and they aren't letting go. Prepare your wallets Hoboken.

Hudson County Democratic Organization Announces Endorsements for June Primary Election
JERSEY CITY, N.J. -- The Hudson County Democratic Organization is announcing its candidate endorsements for the June Primary Election. This diverse group of men and women reflect the core values of the HCDO and have proven themselves as dedicated public servants for the people of Hudson County.
The slate of endorsed candidates has the support of HCDO Chairwoman Amy DeGise, Mayor Nicholas Sacco, Mayor Brian Stack, Mayor Jimmy Davis, Mayor Steve Fulop, Mayor Ravi Bhalla, Mayor Richard Turner, Mayor Wayne Zitt, Mayor Al Santos, Mayor Michael Gonnelli, Mayor James Fife and Mayor Joseph Smith.
“As we continue to see our country divided by hate and intolerance coming from the White House, now more than ever it is critical that we as a Democratic Party work together to rebuild a stronger nation,” said Hudson County Democratic Organization Chairwoman Amy DeGise. “This is why it is crucial for us to have dedicated public servants representing us not just in Washington, but right here in Hudson County and down in Trenton. By working together with this diverse and experienced slate of candidates, I am certain that we will continue to fight for our values as Democrats and Hudson County residents.”
The Hudson County Democratic Organization is endorsing:
Assemblywoman Angela McKnight and Assemblyman Nicholas Chiaravalloti for the 31st District Assembly
Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez and Assemblyman Pedro Mejia for the 32nd District Assembly District
Assemblyman Raj Mukherji and Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro for the 33rd District Assembly
Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise
Hudson County Sheriff Frank X. Schillari
Freeholder Tilo Rivas for Hudson County Surrogate
Hudson County Surrogate Joseph Ryglicki will not be seeking re-election. Ryglicki was elected in 2014 and succeeded long time Surrogate Don De Leo.


Monday, March 11, 2019

Hoboken marches to take Union Dry Dock site now a NY Waterway property...

but to what end?

Several hundred Hoboken residents participated in a peaceful march to Maxwell Place from Pier A against NY Waterway operations at the Union Dry Dock site.

Many in Hoboken want to see the Union Dry Dock location added as additional park space. The ship repairs at Union Dry Dock are Hoboken's last vestige to its on the waterfront industrial past.

The Hoboken High School Band was summoned to join the march to Maxwell Place.

While NY Waterway has been denied permits to operate as a refueling station serving thousands of its customers who take ferries to Manhattan, there's been no alternative amenable to NJ Transit and NJ Governor Phil Murphy to remove NY Waterway and its proposed operations at the Union Dry Dock location.

NJ Transit holds eminent domain control over Union Dry Dock superseding similar powers and initial action by the Hoboken City Council tabled last year. The Hoboken eminent domain process ruffled feathers in Trenton. Reportedly, the public clash over Union Dry Dock unleashed by Mayor Ravi Bhalla was not well-received in the NJ governor's office.

Hoboken City Hall is pushing for NY Waterway operations to be moved to a site at the downtown train terminal and funded an engineering report pushing the location. NJ Transit, the power behind NY Waterway operations at Union Dry Dock deems it less than viable economically and continues a push for a major development in downtown Hoboken.

How big are you willing to go for NJ Transit towers and development again? Mayor Ravi Bhalla will announce another backroom deal when it's ready?

One sign supports protection for Hoboken uptown fish

NY Waterway wants to complete its move for repair and refueling operations from Weehawken and said it needed Hoboken's Union Dry Dock location as there's no economically feasible alternative. A condo development connected to the NY Waterway owners is reportedly going up at that location.

Approximately two-hundred people gathered in Maxwell Park but heard no solution to see NY Waterway ousted.

NY Waterway put up its flag several months ago but has not begun operations. Permits have not been issued and reportedly negotiations are continuing. Governor Phil Murphy and NJ Transit have not announced any alternative plan to NY Waterway operating at the Union Dry Dock location to date.

How high would you like NJ Transit towers in downtown Hoboken again?

Another non-astroturf sign on behalf of uptown Hoboken fish.

In the interim, NY Waterway and its employees are firmly in possession of the Union Dry Dock site. What is that saying about possession being what part of the law? The analogy is not accurate but symbolic.

NY Waterway wants to start using the site for ferry refueling and maintenance.

Weekend kayak enthusiasts raise their arms in support of the march.

Among those in attendance, Mayor Ravi Bhalla, Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro, City Council President Jen Giattino, council members Tiffanie Fisher and Mike DeFusco who were later joined by Councilman Jim Doyle.

The tenor from the Hoboken mayor's office changed from confrontation last year to "gratitude." Mayor Ravi Bhalla said, "... the governor.... has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that he stands with Hoboken.... I know Governor Murphy will have our back in this battle, believe me."

One man sported a bag saying, "Stop the Diesel Depot at Union Dry Dock."

For the moment, there's nothing anticipated to resolve the current situation in Hoboken's favor and reverse NY Waterway operations at the Union Dry Dock site. Hudson County View reported Ravi Bhalla saying he's not aware of any forthcoming decision, "I really can't speak to that one way or another."

Another man offers an organic weed preference. However, New Jersey has not finalized any plans to legalize marijuana.

Mayor Ravi Bhalla offered another idea in the hopes of changing the course of NY Waterways' plans at Union Dry Dock.

“There is a possibility of decoupling the uses. For example, having a refueling facility at one location and a maintenance repair facility at another location. So we’re looking at all possibilities, but we definitely know for sure that there are other possibilities other than Union Dry Dock,” Bhalla said.

In the interim, many in Hoboken hope for a better resolution than the current situation.

One man adds his homemade sign to the proceedings.
Several groups publicized the event including Hoboken Residents for a Better Waterfront and Fund for a Better Waterfront.

Photos courtesy of Giant Infotainment Incorporated

Friday, March 8, 2019

Coming soon?

Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Official release:

Dear friends and neighbors:
This is a CALL TO ACTION for all of you who want to protect our waterfront from being industrialized or developed.   
  • Join our Save our Waterfront March this Saturday at 10am.
  • Contact your elected officials and tell them how important our waterfront is to you.
  • Stay connected and updated on protecting Hoboken’s waterfront.
Please join me on Saturday, March 9th at 10 am at Pier A (1st and Sinatra) for a March to Save our Waterfront.  We will walk from Pier A to Maxwell Park for a rally to show Governor Murphy that our waterfront is important to Hoboken.  Click HERE for the Fund for a Better Waterfront site for more information.  
I am told that this event is critical to the discussions/negotiations that Mayor Bhalla is having with Governor Murphy and NJ Transit to protect this central piece of our waterfront from being industrialized.  
It is important that we continue to show how important our waterfront is to us, to those who will be making decisions that will have a lasting impact on our community.   It will be a crisp, sunny day, there will be local media there and some speakers and special guests as well so please bring your kids and pets and join us to help us send the message!  You can RSVP on the Facebook Event – and please invite all of your friends to the event.  #MoreVoicesAreAlwaysBetter
Mayor Bhalla has been working with Ironstate/Applied/Shipyard to find a solution that will protect the northern end of waterfront from being commercially developed and limiting access to the waterfront.  
As negotiations continue, this is the time to reach out to the mayor and to City Council members to tell them how important our waterfront is to you, and ask for their support to find a solution that works for our community, protects our waterfront from being commercially developed and keeps it public for everyone.  As a reminder, the proposed Monarch site was actually the open space giveback that was agreed as part of the multiphase development that we now know as Shipyard.  You can copy and paste the following to send your emails to all council members and the mayor:
In 2011, I co-founded Hoboken Residents for a Better Waterfront with some of my neighbors when we started the initial fight against the proposed Monarch Site.  I no longer man that ship but it is run by other Hoboken neighbors who have grown it to be another main source of information for not only protecting our own waterfront - most recently UDD, but for our neighboring waterways as well.  Please join their distribution list by emailing them at and follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay connected.  And when you see their posts, like and share them.  Same goes for Fund for a Better Waterfront (Facebook and Twitter).  As silly as it may seem sometimes, showing that people are following their efforts can make a difference.
Finally, what does Hoboken’s waterfront mean to you?
  • A beautiful, peaceful place to ride, walk, place or rest?
  • A place where our community comes together?
  • The symbol of a longstanding fight for open space and a public waterfront for all?
  • A natural border that allows escape from the hustle and bustle of Hoboken’s urban landscape?
  • A place to go and take in the stunning New York City skyline?
  • All of the above?
  • None of the above?
And how important is it to you?  I ask that you take a minute to think about what you would feel if we didn’t have the end-to-end public park that so many of our neighbors have been fighting decades for all of us.  
If it is as important to you as it is to me, then please join these efforts to protect our waterfront.  It takes the entire urban village that we call home to make a difference.
As always please forward this to anyone you think may be interested and feel free to reach out via email, text or phone (201-208-1674) about this or anything else important to you.      
Best wishes, 
Hoboken City Council, 2nd Ward
Engage. Inform. Advocate.
“More Voices are Better”

City Council: on tap - more regulation on housing and more big raises in the mayor's office?

On the agenda at this evening's City Council meeting, numerous items on housing, marijuana, and talk of more big raises in the mayor's office. The last is unclear as it doesn't appear to be on the agenda per the City website.

On housing, there is this undefined "increase (for) the set-aside percentage of affordable housing units." It sounds like a new regulation beyond the 10% set-aside on new development over 10 units. Was there a study on the economic/tax impact? What has been the impact in the previous set-aside action? The resolution appears below.

Talking Ed Note: Word of big raises once again in the mayor's office, this time for the Business Administrator and office secretary. It's not confirmed just as there's no confirmation or answers from the mayor's office that Hoboken faces a budget deficit and looming tax increase.

The mayor's office takes care of its own but keeps pretty mum these days on certain policy questions.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Sign of the Times: The Hop

The Hop, a local shuttle in Hoboken sees its modest one-dollar cost per ride reduced to zero. 

Monday, March 4, 2019

"The Feds are everywhere"

 On Election Day 2013 in Hoboken, this news website reported another exclusive surrounding alleged voter fraud activities going back to 2010. The Department of Justice oversaw voting activities in the Mile Square City. Much like a third world country with election monitors, inconsistencies would occur.

Flash forward to 2018 and the FBI, under new management in Newark under US Attorney Craig Carpenito did the unthinkable. Well, unthinkable by Hoboken standards where voting fraud is one of its "traditions" making it "special." 

Three arrests and indictments for alleged voter fraud-related crimes are accounted for in the 2013 election: Liz "the Church Lady" Camis who pled guilty and later Dio Braxton and Frank "Pupie" Raia. The criminal case and FBI investigation continue with Pupie's lawyer trying to sever his ties and case to Braxton while demanding all witnesses prematurely before trial.

Another arrest from the uptown senior building Fox Hill Gardens followed, this time for the Hoboken 2015 election. The flood gates are open and this time Hoboken may be rocked harder than Hurricane Sandy.

Frank "Pupie" Raia with his cohort Beth Mason enjoying better days leading into the
Hoboken 2013 election when they managed one of the slates in the mayoral election.
The Pupster was popped for allegedly buying votes using Vote-by-Mail ballots.

The rest of this exclusive feature is MSV Premium and will be released via email to members Tuesday.
Sign up for 2019 to obtain this and future special features, no Paypal account required:


Thursday, February 28, 2019

Grist for the Mill: Dawn Zimmer for council?

Put this one in the "huh?" category but the rumor is out there in the bushes around the rain gardens. Former mayor Dawn Zimmer who departed mid-mayoral race in June of 2017 as she said to fight President Trump's global warming is rumored to be a fourth ward council candidate this November.


After holding reform backing for a third term as mayor and hosting a big fundraiser back in April 2017, Zimmer suddenly went behind closed doors handing the baton to Ravi Bhalla that June and crushing the successful Reform Movement coalition. Bhalla would go on to win with 32% of the vote in an ugly and highly partisan four-way election with the vile Ravi Terror Flyer.

Dawn Zimmer, "So I hope you will vote for me for...
fourth ward city council." Again?

In less than two years after her sudden departure, questions will fly and rumors will abound. What prompted another entry back into Hoboken politics? Are rain garden sales not going well with the Secaucus energy firm where she's been working? Is she going to try to keep a closer eye on Ravi Bhalla who reigns more like a Hudco boss than a reformer?

Did Zimmer already fix global warming after President Trump exited the do nothing US money-grabbing Paris Accords? Or has she already seen enough nationally with America's soaring economy, booming employment and ending of global wars culminating in first-ever successful peace efforts with North Korea?

Maybe she wants to spruce up the Southwest Plaza, the most expensive acre in Hoboken at approximately $10 million re: the southwest park? Or does she want to keep an eye on Ravi Bhalla who was looking to do a big development tower in the fourth ward across her street? People say that wasn't going over too well as Zimmer and her husband were more than a tad unhappy hearing of the proposed tower. Hey Dawn, get NIMBY with it!

Should Zimmer cast her lot vying for the Hoboken fourth ward, expect smiles with Ravi Bhalla publicly. Who knows how such a formula would fare privately. Councilman Ruben Ramos entrenched in the position is the most likely candidate to succeed in November.

In 2013, Ramos went toe to toe with Dawn Zimmer in the fourth ward during the mayoral race. They were almost dead even on the machines in the fourth ward with Zimmer winning citywide in a three-way mayoral race. This time it would be a fourth ward battleground where the edge would go to the incumbent. No, not Dawn Zimm-uh but Ruben Ramos.

Some think the real reason Dawn Zimmer unplugged her bid for a third mayoral term was connected to lawsuits, specifically the Carmelo Garcia ethnic cleansing civil suit. After years of iterations and being thrown out of Hudson Superior Court, it was refiled and then quietly settled for $700,000. The full bill was hoisted on to the Hoboken Housing Authority with the 2017 mayoral race going full blast. It certainly could become an election issue.

MSV broke the story of the shocking lawsuit settlement shortly after the 2017 election. Now it's 2019 and Hoboken could see a repeat of a former mayor in Dawn Zimmer make a bid to return to the City Council. Former Hoboken mayors Steve Capiello and Anthony Russo did the same maneuver. Will it happen again?

Grist for the Mill is MSV's rumor column but its success makes it the most popular column in all the Mile Square City. Have a tasty carrot for Horsey? Send it to and be assured your confidentiality is protected with MSV's State of NJ Shield Law protections upheld repeatedly in Hudson County Superior Court.

The Great Emancipator honored as Republicans celebrate Lincoln In Hudson County

Official release:

The Hoboken Municipal Republican Committee and the Hudson County Young Republicans hosted a joint Lincoln Dinner in a packed private room at Lola’s Tapas Bar in Hoboken. Joshua Sotomayor Einstein, the NJ GOP State Committeeman representing Hudson County, said “President Lincoln, Reconstruction, Civil Rights legislation, the fact that the first African American, Hispanic American, and Indian American political leaders were all Republicans, and the diversity of the modern-day GOP, all show that Republicans have much to celebrate.” Einstein continued, “the party of Lincoln, liberty, less government, and lower taxes is growing in Hudson.”

The Lincoln Dinner, which was spearheaded by Hoboken GOP Committee Chair Chris Carbine, Treasurer Kathy DeRose, Joshua Sotomayor Einstein, and Hudson County Young Republican Chair Matt Garofalo was well attended by long-time volunteers, officials, and newcomers. Speaking about the dinner, Garofalo said, “we were honored to have Maureen Sullivan, a former Hoboken School Board Trustee and one of the few Republicans in our county to have held public office, Natalia Ioffe, who ran a great campaign in last year’s Board of Education election, Julian Isidro of the NJ GOP professional team, Jared Pilosio, a former aide to Governor Christie, Evan Lazerowitz of the State Young Republican Board, and all the other Republicans who came out to support the party.” Garofalo continued “it was an evening of great food and great people celebrating the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln.”
Javier Colon, a 23-year-old Hudson County native attended the dinner and observed that “it was great to be together with all types of people. There were Hispanics like myself as well as Jewish, Christian, and atheist Republicans. There were libertarians and conservatives and everything in between. It was amazing to see this diverse group of people all under the same tent celebrating the Republican Party and Abraham Lincoln.”
From left: Chris Carbine, Hoboken Republican Committee Chair; Julian Isidro of the NJGOP, Josh Sotomayor Einstein, State Committeeman; Jared Pilosio, formerly with the NJGOP and Matt Garofalo, Chair of the Hudson County Young Republicans

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Let's go to the Hop?

Next month a number of changes to local parking rules are set to take place. A new visitor pass will be easier to obtain online, a nod to common sense taking a 21st-century hold in Hoboken City Hall with what's being called a "virtual" visitor system.

Then there's the City Hop bus system. The one-dollar fare will drop to zero beginning March 4th. What impact this has on a beefed-up system remains to be seen. There are 55,000 people in Hoboken so one can only imagine how this supply-demand equation turns out.

The Hudson County View published more of the details.

Talking Ed Note: Meanwhile, the MSV exclusive of a major budget deficit and tax increase dilemma is seeing nothing but radio silence out of the mayor's office. There's nothing by way of official comment, pushback, trolling or a restart with a fresh round of face punching. Doesn't John Allen have any more friends who can sign on to one of his specious "ethics" complaints?

Also dead quiet, any response to Hoboken residents asking what Ravi Bhalla will do about the proposed gas burning North Bergen Power Plant. An APB was issued on Councilman Jim Doyle's resolution in opposition after Ravi Bhalla killed it.  It looks more and more like a cash deal was brokered in a HudCo back room between HudCo's Uncle Nick and Ravi Bhalla. Fundraiser! Fundraiser! Follow the cash.

Even Shadowstan numberscruncher is as silent as a zombie wandering aimlessly among the Ravibot Walking Dead. His Lindastan trans persona brayed incessantly about the Jim Doyle resolution and how the City Council must pass it. Now they are quiet on that and the Hoboken budget deficit as they wipe the egg off their political operative zombie faces. Guess that shadow numberscruncher ain't so good at crunching numbers.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

HudCo power, taxes and a power plant for you

Hey, anyone see Ravi Bhalla? Has he gotten back from his latest fundraiser with Uncle Nick?

Mayor Ravi Bhalla hailed the release of his mini Sandy Ocasio-Cortez-Castro green plan last week. Intended to appeal to the crunchy granola crowd, it lacked the pizzaz some among the Hoboken public expected.

In the Facebook release it states:
"our municipal operations no longer depend on fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum that produce substantial greenhouse gas emissions and wreak havoc on our environment."

So what is Mayor Ravi Bhalla doing about the North Bergen Power Plant?





As MSV exclusively reported, Councilman Jim Doyle prepared a resolution for the City Council last October against the North Bergen Power Plant. Ravi Bhalla yanked the resolution off the agenda and then attended a ball for North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco.

One Hoboken resident inquired about Councilman Jim Doyle's resolution against the North Bergen Power Plant slated to provide electricity to New York City writing:

"And we need the Hoboken City Council to vote against this Plant as well. They were supposed to multiple times, but each time removed it from the agenda. What's the hold up???"

No one's seen or heard a peep out of Jim Doyle's resolution since. One can assume Emily Jabbour will not be promoting or sponsoring that resolution now either.

On Ravi Bhalla's facebook page, the issue has been raised several times. He must be to busy counting the money from a fundraiser where Uncle Nick's top political operative, Joey "the Nose" Munoz aided the effort by having the Bhalla fundraiser sent out near and far to Uncle Nick's Hudco pals.

CBS covered the issue after the Jim Doyle resolution disappeared into the ether of another HudCo - Ravi Bhalla deal.

Talking Ed Note: Hudson County which has rocketed in recent years to the highest portion of Hoboken taxpayers' annual bill is sure to hit the Mile Square City again this year. Don't expect Ravi Bhalla to do anything about that as he has his own budget deficit to contend with as exclusively reported yesterday.

There's not been any "political action" on any of this by Ravi Bhalla. Back room deals are too good!