Friday, January 25, 2019

Ravi Bhalla in alleged $70,000 Pay-to-Play scheme tied to his Republican law firm deal

Mayor Ravi Bhalla saw an atomic bomb drop with details of $70,000 municipal law contracts out of Union City heading to the Republican law firm where he's being paid in a second job.

The breaking atomic-level alleged pay-to-play scheme was reported in a news story on the Hudson County View.

From that breaking story on the Republican law firm: Lavry, Selvaggi, Abromitis & Cohen where Ravi Bhalla holds a second job with a base salary of $60,000 annually:

Back in February when Bhalla revealed that he would be serving as of counsel for LSAC, he released a copy of his contract, which said, in part, that he would receive “20 percent of all gross revenue paid by clients in excess of $60,000 up to $750,000.”
Then in June, Bhalla released a memo indicating that he had not earned any money in commissions since joining the new firm. He has not released a public update since then and his critics on the city council haven’t pressed him much on the subject, either.
Several Union City and Hoboken officials declined to comment, but Hoboken 2nd Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher questioned if politics were in play here.
“A coincidence? Or maybe something as ‘apolitical’ as the Mayor needing to generate revenues by year end to justify his $60K base salary at his second job and Union City helped him out. It’s why we ask questions,” she said in an email.
The Jersey Journal's senior reporter Terence Mcdonald added this Twitter nugget on the political ties between Ravi Bhalla & Brian Stack:

Coming up: Nixle abuse

There's more coming in the NixleGate affair or whatever you want to call the abuse of service in the Bhalla Administration.

There's a brewing legal and vendor problem as members of the Hoboken public don't find it endearing to be contacted with political propaganda paid at taxpayer expense reaching out and touching them.

They are none too happy, nor is the Hoboken City Council with the political messaging, re: lying to the public using the Nixle system.
Hoboken residents are angry with the abuse of the Nixle notification service
coming out of the mayor's office and his highly paid face punchers. 

Once again, the Corporation Counsel who donated $600 to the Bhalla for mayor campaign, also known as the "I'd like to keep my job Ravi program" finds himself in the midst of controversy.

Does Mr. Brian Aloia ever come up with a legal opinion based on the law and not just siding with his boss who keeps him on the payroll?

There's more coming on all this as Nixle discovers that Hoboken residents are none too pleased with the work of the mayor's political face punchers.

As for the legal opinion coming from the Corporation Counsel Office, it's being mocked as wet and limp.

More to come.