Thursday, February 28, 2019

Grist for the Mill: Dawn Zimmer for council?

Put this one in the "huh?" category but the rumor is out there in the bushes around the rain gardens. Former mayor Dawn Zimmer who departed mid-mayoral race in June of 2017 as she said to fight President Trump's global warming is rumored to be a fourth ward council candidate this November.


After holding reform backing for a third term as mayor and hosting a big fundraiser back in April 2017, Zimmer suddenly went behind closed doors handing the baton to Ravi Bhalla that June and crushing the successful Reform Movement coalition. Bhalla would go on to win with 32% of the vote in an ugly and highly partisan four-way election with the vile Ravi Terror Flyer.

Dawn Zimmer, "So I hope you will vote for me for...
fourth ward city council." Again?

In less than two years after her sudden departure, questions will fly and rumors will abound. What prompted another entry back into Hoboken politics? Are rain garden sales not going well with the Secaucus energy firm where she's been working? Is she going to try to keep a closer eye on Ravi Bhalla who reigns more like a Hudco boss than a reformer?

Did Zimmer already fix global warming after President Trump exited the do nothing US money-grabbing Paris Accords? Or has she already seen enough nationally with America's soaring economy, booming employment and ending of global wars culminating in first-ever successful peace efforts with North Korea?

Maybe she wants to spruce up the Southwest Plaza, the most expensive acre in Hoboken at approximately $10 million re: the southwest park? Or does she want to keep an eye on Ravi Bhalla who was looking to do a big development tower in the fourth ward across her street? People say that wasn't going over too well as Zimmer and her husband were more than a tad unhappy hearing of the proposed tower. Hey Dawn, get NIMBY with it!

Should Zimmer cast her lot vying for the Hoboken fourth ward, expect smiles with Ravi Bhalla publicly. Who knows how such a formula would fare privately. Councilman Ruben Ramos entrenched in the position is the most likely candidate to succeed in November.

In 2013, Ramos went toe to toe with Dawn Zimmer in the fourth ward during the mayoral race. They were almost dead even on the machines in the fourth ward with Zimmer winning citywide in a three-way mayoral race. This time it would be a fourth ward battleground where the edge would go to the incumbent. No, not Dawn Zimm-uh but Ruben Ramos.

Some think the real reason Dawn Zimmer unplugged her bid for a third mayoral term was connected to lawsuits, specifically the Carmelo Garcia ethnic cleansing civil suit. After years of iterations and being thrown out of Hudson Superior Court, it was refiled and then quietly settled for $700,000. The full bill was hoisted on to the Hoboken Housing Authority with the 2017 mayoral race going full blast. It certainly could become an election issue.

MSV broke the story of the shocking lawsuit settlement shortly after the 2017 election. Now it's 2019 and Hoboken could see a repeat of a former mayor in Dawn Zimmer make a bid to return to the City Council. Former Hoboken mayors Steve Capiello and Anthony Russo did the same maneuver. Will it happen again?

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The Great Emancipator honored as Republicans celebrate Lincoln In Hudson County

Official release:

The Hoboken Municipal Republican Committee and the Hudson County Young Republicans hosted a joint Lincoln Dinner in a packed private room at Lola’s Tapas Bar in Hoboken. Joshua Sotomayor Einstein, the NJ GOP State Committeeman representing Hudson County, said “President Lincoln, Reconstruction, Civil Rights legislation, the fact that the first African American, Hispanic American, and Indian American political leaders were all Republicans, and the diversity of the modern-day GOP, all show that Republicans have much to celebrate.” Einstein continued, “the party of Lincoln, liberty, less government, and lower taxes is growing in Hudson.”

The Lincoln Dinner, which was spearheaded by Hoboken GOP Committee Chair Chris Carbine, Treasurer Kathy DeRose, Joshua Sotomayor Einstein, and Hudson County Young Republican Chair Matt Garofalo was well attended by long-time volunteers, officials, and newcomers. Speaking about the dinner, Garofalo said, “we were honored to have Maureen Sullivan, a former Hoboken School Board Trustee and one of the few Republicans in our county to have held public office, Natalia Ioffe, who ran a great campaign in last year’s Board of Education election, Julian Isidro of the NJ GOP professional team, Jared Pilosio, a former aide to Governor Christie, Evan Lazerowitz of the State Young Republican Board, and all the other Republicans who came out to support the party.” Garofalo continued “it was an evening of great food and great people celebrating the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln.”
Javier Colon, a 23-year-old Hudson County native attended the dinner and observed that “it was great to be together with all types of people. There were Hispanics like myself as well as Jewish, Christian, and atheist Republicans. There were libertarians and conservatives and everything in between. It was amazing to see this diverse group of people all under the same tent celebrating the Republican Party and Abraham Lincoln.”
From left: Chris Carbine, Hoboken Republican Committee Chair; Julian Isidro of the NJGOP, Josh Sotomayor Einstein, State Committeeman; Jared Pilosio, formerly with the NJGOP and Matt Garofalo, Chair of the Hudson County Young Republicans