Monday, July 8, 2019

Councilwoman Jen Giattino Announces Re-Election Campaign, Kickoff Event July 22

Official release:

Council President Promises Continued Constituent Accessibility, 
Responsible Leadership for 6th Ward 
City Council President Jen Giattino is announcing that she will run for a new term to continue representing the 6th Ward in November’s City Council election. A longtime public servant, Councilwoman Giattino has cultivated a reputation as an advocate for her neighborhood who prides herself on being accessible to her constituents for problem-solving while providing independent, responsible leadership on the City Council. 

Giattino will host a Campaign Kickoff Event on Monday, July 22 at 6:00 p.m. at Moran’s Pub, 501 Garden Street. 

“Serving the people of Hoboken as a member of the City Council is a responsibility I take very seriously because the people of our community deserve nothing less than a true advocate who will always do whatever she can to deliver for residents,” said Councilwoman Giattino. “My neighbors know me as a leader they can trust and count on to provide assistance whenever it’s needed, and also as someone who can make the tough decisions on what’s best for our city without bowing to political pressure. I look forward to walking door to door and connecting with friends and neighbors and building towards a victory in November.” 

Jen Giattino was elected to the City Council in 2011 and has since been voted City Council President by her peers four times, a reflection of her dedication to public service and willingness to be a consensus builder and leader. She partnered with Mayor Dawn Zimmer on numerous initiatives, from passing the ambitious Rebuild by Design resiliency plan after Hurricane Sandy to instituting a stronger ethics code for city officials to creating new open space like South West Park and Northwest Resiliency Park(BASF).

Aside from providing outstanding constituent service, Councilwoman Giattino has focused on improving quality of life issues and protecting the neighborhood feel that makes Hoboken so special. Recently, she has worked to reduce homelessness in Hoboken, ensure that local nonprofits are able to continue operating and fixing a loophole in the city’s rent control law to protect tenants. Councilwoman Giattino has advocated adding the Union Dry Dock location to the open space plan since 2012, supported zoning changes to preserve the historic character of the community, added loading zones to neighborhoods and brought necessary upgrades to city parks, including $250,000 for dog park upgrades. 

For the Feds, Hoboken is a target rich mile square city

Years in the making, there's years more targets on the backs of politicos in the Mile Square City courtesy of the Boys of Summer, the Feds.

The shutout is over and the innings of zeroes endlessly following Hoboken elections with it. Having unraveled the 2013 election with a string of convictions elevating Frank Raia the poster child, the Feds are drilling into 2015, hitting paydirt and touching 2017.

Councilman Michael Russo may sing the praises of Mayor Ravi Bhalla in a council meeting again but he won't be claiming voter fraud is a myth with zero convictions anymore.

The work of Old Guard soldiers like Matt Calicchio isn't over. Wired for sound in the past means being available to be wired in front of a microphone before more grand juries and jurors for years to come. Cooperation ends when the Feds say it does, not when your lawyer's billing should according to your Uptown Old Guard sponsor hiding in the wine cellar would like.

These are future stories for another day. conducted interviews with numerous parties for the Raia trial including the attorney for Matt Calicchio as premium members already know.

It's called reporting. 

A decade of proven reporting has seen credentials here accepted from Hudson County Superior Court to US Marshalls in federal court. From election day 2013 when the US Department of Justice sent in special investigators to a gnawing growing voter fraud to the conviction in Newark, has broken more stories on the growing epidemic of Hoboken voter fraud than everyone. Combined.

The next phase, the 2015 council ward elections get tricky. There's muckraking and then there's taking dictation and shoveling (redacted).

Here are the complexities facing pending investigation of Hoboken's "tradition" at election time.

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Council President Jen Giattino: 'Lights for Liberty' vigil Friday @ 7:00 in Church Square Park

Official release:

Council President Jen Giattino will join organizations around the world in sponsoring a Lights for Liberty vigil on July 12 to end human detention camps across the United States. Thousands of people are expected to participate in similar events in their communities and outside detention centers to call for an end to human detention. 
“The detention of immigrants, refugees and families is an inhumane practice that strips individuals of their basic rights,” said Council President Jen Giattino. “Together, we as a city will take a stand for democracy and work toward putting an end to these intolerable conditions. I invite all of Hoboken to join us to show their support for those who are detained and suffering behind bars across our country.” 
Candles will be provided at the vigil. 
WHO: Council President Jen Giattino, members of the City Council and community organizers 
WHERE: Church Square Park, 499 Willow Avenue, Hoboken 
WHEN: Friday, July 12 from 7 to 9 p.m.