Sunday, November 3, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Cristin Cricco-Powell & Nora DeBenedetto received $500 contribution from Stronger Foundations PAC underwriter Local 825


As the Hoboken council ward campaign winds down to the polls opening Tuesday, new revelations about big development monies arriving to influence its outcome are coming to the fore.

Two of Mayor Ravi Bhalla's council candidates, Nora DeBenedetto and Cristin Cricco-Powell endorsed last month by the powerful statewide big development PAC Stronger Foundations also received campaign contributions of $500 each from its underwriter, Local 825.

The revelations come behind an exclusive report here last Thursday, the Stronger Foundations PAC was running online ads on Facebook for Cristin Cricco Powell and Nora DeBenedetto along with Ravi Bhalla council candidates Migdalia Pagan-Milano and Phil Cohen.

Both of the $500 contributions are reported received on the exact same date for both Cristin Cricco Powell and Nora DeBenedetto last month, October 10th.

Yesterday, Hudson County View reported the Stronger Foundations PAC ceased its online ads for Cristin Cricco-Powell and Nora DeBenedetto.

Stronger Foundations PAC ads are continuing for its endorsed Ravi Bhalla candidates: Phil Cohen and Migdalia Pagan-Milano.

The Nora DeBenedetto campaign report shows a $500 contribution from Local 825, the underwriter
for the Stronger Foundations PAC. The PAC also sponsored online ads for her council election candidacy.

At the council ward forum, neither Cristin Cricco Powell nor Nora Debenedetto offered an answer if they were in favor of Ravi Bhalla's proposed NJ Transit redevelopment plan ignoring the question if they were a yes or no.

Instead, they commented about their feeling on parameters of the massive development neither indicating they would be a "yes" vote or reject it with a "no" vote. Back in 2017 at an August fundraiser, Ravi Bhalla vowed to protect Hoboken from developers if he was elected mayor.

Last month, he presented for a final vote, his massive NJ Transit Redevelopment with no public notification nor any public meeting prior.

Giattino Re-election Rally in Church Square Park Draws Dozens on Saturday Morning

Official release:

Giattino Re-election Rally in Church Square Park Draws Dozens on Saturday Morning

Early Saturday morning, Church Square Park was overrun with "Vote Jen Again" t-shirts and buttons as Hoboken Council President Jen Giattino held a rally for her reelection campaign. 

Over coffee and donuts, supporters shared stories from the campaign trail and personal experiences of the work Jen has done for them over her eight years on the council. Enthusiasm was high.

Sixth Ward resident Nicole Lee came out to show her support and to volunteer for the campaign. "Jen genuinely cares about everyone in the community and goes above and beyond to make Hoboken the best place to live," she said.

Outgoing councilmember from the Fifth Ward, Peter Cunningham, was also at the rally to support Giattino's reelection. He said, "Jen Giattino is an amazing advocate for Hoboken. The Sixth Ward is lucky to have her, and I hope they reelect her because she plays such a pivotal role in making our city a better place for everyone."

Giattino herself spoke from the gazebo to thank everyone for coming out before volunteers left with clipboards and stacks of literature to knock on voters' doors. "I am truly touched that all of you have given up your Saturday morning for this important election. This is the level of energy and enthusiasm that will bring us victory on election day."

Jen Giattino is the City Council President of Hoboken. She was elected to the City Council in 2011 and reelected in 2015 to represent the Sixth Ward. She is running for reelection on line 1C on Tuesday, November 5th. For more information about Jen, visit

The scene at Church Square Park with HHA Chair and former councilman Dave Mello, Councilwoman Jen Giattino,
Mrs. Stacy Mello, former NJ Senate Majority Leader Bernard Kenny, and Councilman Peter Cunningham

Official "Vote Jen Again" button for the campaign features Jane, campaign mascot