Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Pupie & me

UPDATE: HobokenHorse can exclusively report the rescheduled sentencing date for Frank "Pupie" Raia in Newark federal court is set for December 3rd at 11:00.

Will this one hold? That's a question for further analysis in premium later Wednesday.


Frank "Pupie" Raia is set to be sentenced.... in December.

This is the fourth change in sentencing for Frank "Pupie" Raia convicted in federal court last July for leading a voter bribery scheme out of his social club on Jefferson St. in the Hoboken 2013 election.

The repeated delays in sentencing are making people nervous.  

A vintage picture of Frank "Pupie" Raia hugging it out on upper Washington St. Parting is such sweet sorrow.
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This however, is a different story. This is a story about Pupie and a Horse.

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Hoboken's Lime e-Scooters are No. 1 - GLOBALLY

The Mile Square City is number one!

According to Lime, the remaining one of two original piloted e-Scooter companies tried in Hoboken; the Mile Square City is atop the list of its client cities globally generating the most ridership.

That's a bold statement for an e-Scooter program in major cities like Miami, Paris and over 100 countries around the world.

The overwhelming majority of Hoboken residents want to preserve the program based on a survey appearing yesterday on the Hudson County View.

With the end of the e-Scooter six month pilot program this month; there's been much noise among some frenzied Hoboken residents seeking the permanent removal of the Lime e-Scooter program.

Pictures of e-Scooters riding or parked a foot or two ajar on the sidewalk and videos of riders slowing making left on red traffic lights among others have become staples on local Twitter and Facebook.

Despite the growing pains and initial problems, however, fully 75% of Hoboken residents surveyed want the e-Scooter program to continue in some fashion with a paltry 25% wanting it permanently ended.

Hoboken recorded over 500,000 trips since late May when the e-Scooter pilot started.

The City Council is examining the issues on the use of Lime e-Scooters targeting a potential relaunch for April 1st next year.

For the complete story, please see the Hudson County View.

This is not a picture in Hoboken of an incorrectly parked Lime e-Scooter. Streets however are for vehicle parking and thoughts of having e-Scooters park there are stupid and should be a non-starter.