Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Hoboken Yard Redevelopment Plan passes in 9-0 City Council vote

After much delay and years of haggling and big special interest flexing, the controversial Hoboken Yard Redevelopment Plan passed last night in the City Council in a 9-0 vote.

There's a collective orgasm coming out of the mayor's office. The skinny? They think the bounty of special interest money will go Mayor Ravi Bhalla's way and not land up with his nemesis, Councilman Mike DeFusco in next year's mayoral race.

After trying to slam one rendition of the redevelopment through last year with zero public input, Ravi Bhalla's office put out this statement celebrating.

“I’m pleased that the most updated version of the Hoboken Yard Redevelopment Plan incorporates the extensive community feedback we’ve received over the past several months. This plan is a win for Hoboken as it provides the framework to both revitalize our downtown region with an emphasis on commercial development, while substantially reducing the size of the overall project and residential density."

The plan saw significant changes along the way but the City Council folded after complaining there was no economic or traffic study only months back and relented to Ravi Bhalla.

Well, good luck getting in and out of Hoboken on the southern end of town or what will now be called the "southern traffic region." Surprise!

Let us revel in a sampling of "Crosstown Traffic."

Scenes from the Debate

If you missed the debate last night, some clips may be illuminating. Here's one short clip.
Joe Biden took a moment to speak out about global warming. Was his clip about the global warming "existential threat" his best moment?

Senator Elizabeth Warren took a tomahawk to tattoo Mike Bloomberg in the head, or was it two?

Mike Bloomberg recovered from the blows taking aim at the biggest socialist millionaire mentioning his lovely dacha on the lake. Bernie Sanders, who no longer rails against millionaires only billionaires since he's the former with three homes.