Friday, June 5, 2020

The BLM Peaceful Protest makes wrong turn and lands up on Washington St.

Protestors who appear to be mostly out of town students have deviated from the official plan by Mayor Ravi Bhalla to go to Pier A Park. They have split off Sinatra Drive and landed up on Washington St.

Some began filtering off Sixth St. and Washington. A main group continues to move north on Washington St.

Don't they want to listen to politicians lecture at Pier A? The protestors now continue from Washington St. and south down Hudson St.

Washington & 6th St. 
courtesy Giant Videos of the Day

Uptown Washington St.

Some video of the peaceful protest earlier today in Hoboken

Here's video from today at Maxwell and Frank Sinatra Drive of a peaceful protest of mostly youths in Hoboken.

The videos comes courtesy of Giant Videos of the Day.

Maxwell Place Park

Sinatra Drive 

Sinatra Field Rotunda 

Mostly youths at the Hoboken Maxwell Park BLM protest

The sight at Maxwell Park is one of mostly white youths numbering around 200 and growing as the Black Lives Matter protest arranged by Rutgers students of allies4justice.

There's not a lot of social distancing going on. On the upside, these youths are in the category of those most statistically safe from acquiring and suffering from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus.

Plenty of Hoboken Police are on the scene and although rain is threatening in the forecast, the rally is now proposed to move down Sinatra Drive to Pier A and away from Washington St. where many storefronts are boarded up.

Another spirited group of two-dozen clad in mostly black is issuing Al Sharpton type sloganeering "No Justice, No Peace" heading down 11th street to join the others at Maxwell Place.

Social distancing or not, you can probably anticipate Mayor Ravi Bhalla to make a speech if the tame youths are the only ones on the scene when the protest arrives at Pier A. He's already talking to press at Maxwell Place.

Mayor Ravi Bhalla (l) speaking to media at Maxwell Park. (Photo courtesy: Giant Photos of the Day)